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Friday, June 22, 2018

And now the most important post of the day

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Wait a minute.  You won't because you don't like my ratings.

I think most people who read my stuff just read it looking for that "Aha!" moment!  That SOB just crossed the line!  Barney Pife (intentional obliteration of spelling) get in your car and bring him to justice right now!  Right now!  You do this one thing for me Barney!  Don't you love me Barney!  You need to do this one thing for me Barney!  Prove your love to me Barney."

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So and so died of alcohol related cancer 06 22 2018

So and so died of alcohol related cancer  06 22 2018

"So and so died of alcohol related cancer."
"Too bad!  I would have liked to have known you and maybe even been your friend.  But you would have shoved that drink in my face.  The same one that just killed you."

What do you think the Bible meant when it told you to be righteous?  To some people it means being on the side that aggravates?  And look at how they motivate to aggravate people?  What are they selling?  Or better yet!  What are they attempting to get you believe and how does that concur with what they are trying to sell you?  The gestalt image of a snake appears to me.

This is what they said.  They made you feel like your belief system put you on the weak side, didn't they.  Then what was that commercial they put on just about?  Or what was a big funder or advertiser of the event they were covering.  Say on a radio program.  Get it yet?

It is indeed a sales tactic to get a human being to deny some belief that they have in themselves.  Part of formulaic lying too?

More on formulaic lying.  You question their premise and what do they then revert to?  There then defense relies on this concept, "I have a Doctorate degree in that and you don't."  Kind of reminds me of W.C. Fields saying, "Get away from me kid you are bothering me"  ~"You better believe I am!  Don't like that snake oil here!"

And I will step back and ask you to look at the gestalt of the above and tell me what place it really has in our Democracy!  What place does that illegitimacy, deception and  waste have in our democracy?  It erodes the standard of humanity doesn't it?  "Hey look there goes Sally Sue, she has a tongue stud."

Ratings, ratings ratings?  Do they really mean anything?  That jack hole talk radio show host is being paid whether he has ratings or not!  He can screw up all he wants!  Who is paying his salary?  He is really a salesmen for something isn't he!  He is an indirect salesmen and all he needs to do is show up and talk with his nervous banter.  And he makes his audience nervous.  He arouses feelings of insecurity and angst in anyone that tunes into him.  And good God that person with egg on their face then needs a drink.  He will not be fired.  And if he is fired a new mole head with pop up in a different hole in that carnival game to quickly take his place!  And he is not righteous, but he wants you to believe he is what that means!  Pied Piper of the Synagogue of Satan.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

They ain't come for me yet!  :)

Which Is Worse "A Communist Government that..." 06 22 2018

Which Is Worse "A Communist Government that..." 06 22 2018

Which Is Worse "A Communist Government that assassinated a United States President or a United States Government that fails to tell us that a Communist Government assassinated a United States President?"

Do you see the equivalency?

And what is Communism?  It is really a religion isn't it?  But what is its belief system?  It is one of those hidden belief systems isn't it?  Like that place of worship you can't go in unless you have been a member for three years?

But you know it really isn't Communism when it has an elite in power.  Can you believe the propaganda machines that must be churning in countries like that?  Convincing the public in those countries of the "greatness" and Superiority of its leaders?  We saw some of that in the United States with that former Gov of California?  Likely has cretinism or a learning disorder, a vodka fetal alcohol syndrome lisp?  Part of the Russian Religion.

Does an alcoholic really believe in work?  What do they really believe in?  Escapism?  Escapism from mental defect?  What is it really?  It is a retard numbing its own mind.  The other day from research of mine you learned that alcohol causes loss of intelligence.  So what is at work here?  What contributes to the addiction?  Pier pressure or the influence of a concept of mass psychology on the human mind that resists?  The born retard wanting others to drink and indeed truly lose their intelligence over time?  I hate that.   "Wee hee!  I don't have to go to school anymore!  I can drink and drink and drink!  I can have as many mentally defective babies as I want!  Wee hee!"

A little more!  "Ust idiots have it so good!  Look how happy we are.  You have some too!"  And do you see how once that latter person becomes an idiot he has the same motive as the ones who made him an idiot?  So what is addiction?  It really involves more than one person doesn't it?  What I am getting at is a pier group supporting addiction.  And it is linked to cause more than 60 different types of cancer.  "He knows more than we do, give him some booze!"

So indeed there is a scientific principle that has been proven of one mind being entrained or imprinted from another.  The best example is a father showing his son how to some work.  Their brain waves become one as the son loves (not sex you fking retard) the father and listens and works with him.

But what happens when you have a bunch of drunks around a person that doesn't drink?  Do you see from the above they are attempting to imprint that persons mind with what?  Do you get it?  But what conclusion can you draw from it?  The drunks can stand the normal human mind created from natural family love (not sex you fking retard.)  They are in effect allergic to it?  A cerebral allergy to a human being?  Sounds like I am defining an entirely different species doesn't it?

"Look at him!  He is thinking while he is doing that!  We got to interrupt that somehow!  That bothers me in some way....Hey I know what I will do!  I will cause trouble with him...Hey!  Hey you!  You think you are better than me don't you!"

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

"You G@d damned right I do, take it to your grave."

You see that latter one is built of strong moral character and he doesn't back down!  Nor should he!

Interesting Research Would Be 06 22 2018

Interesting Research Would Be 06 22 2018

Which United States Presidents didn't drink and what else they specifically believed in.

There was indeed a movement to make the White House Alcohol Free!

Also what would be interesting to know is if FDR's Family money had an Investment Interest in any way in the Michelin Rubber Company.

A lot of history there that is relevant that hasn't been focused on in terms of cause and effect, and relates to the Vietnam War.

Also FDR's family money is stated to have come from the opiate trade with the orient.  Is that how heroin got into Vietnam?  Was it also given to workers who resisted being flogged and tortured at Rubber Tree Plantations over there.


What role does heroin usage have in Post Traumatic Disorder?  So heroin was available to soldiers in Vietnam.  So you have an individual cycling up and down on a euphoric narcotic at the same time they are being exposed to the hell of war.  When they are coming down off that drug the next day and there are shells falling all around them and blood splattering, that has to contribute to PTSD.  So indeed a study should be done on those who were in War and had PTSD and what percent of them were exposed to an addictive narcotic.

I could also make a point about the cause of mental illness as it relates to Veterans.  But you wouldn't  believe it.  Even though I have written extensively about it on the internet.


So what was stirring over there in Vietnam?  Vietnamese workers at a rubber plant were being beaten by French Capitalist Colonists.  Many decades before they built up power and political power to start the War?

So let me ask you this.  The United States which fought a bloody war to end control by British of Colonies in America ends up supporting French Colonial Abuse of citizens in Vietnam?  I am not a liberal or meat head.  I just know that is wrong.

Now Russia indeed was helping North Vietnam.  And there were Cubans in the torture (prisons) in Vietnam torturing U.S. soldiers.   Oswald even defected to Russia and worked at the aerospace Co. St. Gobain (?) for a while before returning to the states to kill Kennedy.  And was that part of the aerospace industry that informed the North Vietnam about the bottom air routes U.S. planes were coming in on?

Like I said I am not a liberal.  But we don't support that which we Declared our Freedom and Independence from when they abuse people in other countries.  To me that is an act of Treason.

So you have U.S. Presidents that drank life fish.  What are the odds they really couldn't put everything together in terms consistent to the intent of the United States Constitution as it applies to Foreign Policy?  100%  Clueless!

I wouldn't doubt that Russia would come forward as to their involvement in the Kennedy Assassination.  That would indeed put egg all over the face of those who have infiltrated our Government and kept it all a secret from us.

"Yeah we did it, and for the following reasons."  Russia might say?  Why didn't they ever say?  It would have led to Nuclear War?  And there intent would be better served by infiltrating the U.S. Gov with Communist Principles?  I am not a communist and nor am I a person who believes that human beings should be tortured in order to make them work harder for Capitalist interests in foreign countries.  To me that two faced nature means you are not an American and don't belong here?  Meaning, you are doing the exact opposite of what our Constitution states in businesses that you own outside of the U.S.  I might say that is consistent with a Globalist agenda.

So who didn't drink much if any in the office of President?  Just to give you a headstart on research?

Abraham Lincoln
Rutherford B. Hayes

Benjamin Harrison 

George Bush 2nd Bush President quit b4, likely screwed up enough already from it though.

And here is a treason President.  Warren G. Harding.  President during Prohibition that drank in office!  Should have been tried for treason and faced the most severe punishment for it.

Lincoln, Hayes and to a lesser extent or not Harrison?

We know about Lincoln.  So what about Hayes?  And that would be an interesting topic for research.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy 


Also Wikipedia articles on Vietnam etc. 

A veteran once told me that if a Commanding Officer didn't like you in Vietnam he would send that person on a mission where they wouldn't come back.  Whatever it is that worked its way into military academies in our country to become by default military officers and play God with American lives...that construct needs to end.

So who got the United States in Vietnam?  The British and French that colonist Vietnam and beat the Vietnamese at Corporations and economically enslaved them?  Don't we have to make sure we never support that again?

The Corporation is a legal concept that forms the basis of Governments that are less than our Constitution.  Did our Founding Fathers see it coming?  What did they have to say about the earliest forms of it?  So indeed that is another way to prove the exact intent of our Constitution as it relates to limited liability?  Do you actually believe there is even one justice on our Supreme Court that can comprehend that much less do the research?  Wino drunks with an agenda of deceit is how I see it.   I mean why don't you pass out from drinking to much while you are at an important meeting instead of being the professional you are supposed to be.  Why don't you be in an alcoholic nuerotic stupor in every single thing you do and snap at everyone around you.

Off topic?  Did you ever think that when someone has petty complaint after petty complaint about you that they really just don't want you around anywhere?  It adds up doesn't it.  Did you really do anything bad?  So no.  You accurately judge yourself as good.  Then what conclusion to you come to?  They are jealous because they view you as better.  And what does that mean?  Hateful people do not believe in equality because they view themselves as less.  A Government should never foster the propagation of that through economic means and incentives.  In other words people like that should be denied access to mind altering addictive substances, be forced to confront their personal faults... and join the human race to their true level of ability and appropriate influence.  It is one of those things that they would likely end up thanking you for?

And then what happens?  They can't handle the guilt for their prior actions...and oh it is your fault.  (What then happened.) They always have a way of blaming someone else don't they.  No its not my fault.  You were never taught respect!


Humor 06 22 2018 I can't say anything to you without you

Humor 06 22 2018  I can't say anything to you without you

"I can't say anything to you without you fixating on it like you have a half exposed metal plate in your head."

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

A Jesus Like Parable 06 22 2018

A Jesus Like Parable 06 22 2018

"How do you bring peace to the world when you have mentally defective people that experience hatred as love?"

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

New Scientific Discovery Regarding Abnormal Behavioral 06 22 2018

New Scientific Discovery Regarding Abnormal Behavioral 06 22 2018

"The mentally defective experience hatred as love!"

© 2018 Thomas Murphy