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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Invention Needed: Bubble Pen 12 07 2016

Invention Needed: Bubble Pen  12 07 2016

A common disposable type of pen whereby on the end opposite the writing end is a simple air valve bubble that can be depressed once or more to pressurize the ink in the pen and make it flow immediately.

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Monday, December 5, 2016

"You can't write like that only General Mattis is allowed to." 12 05 2016

“You can't write that way; General Mattis is the only one allowed to think that way!”

The reasons they use to put someone on psychiatric drugs in the United States are probably different and opposite of the reasons they would in a Communist Nation?

In fact I talked to a man from China once and I know that assertion is true!

So what does it mean? It means when you believe what you want to, such as freedom and individuality rather than what a Government, Church or wealthy individual does you are placed on them! It means that psychiatric drugs are a universal demonic tool of political censorship!

It means that you are the normal one and the odd bird with the hateful stare desiring to restrain and poison you is the abnormal one!

But in that first sentence there is a picture of a defiant or petulant hyperactivity type of person?

Who came to mind when you read it? A spoiled wealthy black person? Barack Obama?


The human race needs to milestone and move far past the great impostors and eliminate the drugs that create them and foster their ill fated control over humanity!

That is the only brave new world that results in peace and survival of the human species; instead of a mentally retarded child on a box of cereal label or shirt brand icon/label. There should be obscenity laws to prevent that.

Images like that should be banned on obscenity charges rather than the human being who thinks they are obscene being dragged away from their homes and poisoned by what amounts to be genetic homosexuals; a defect to the gene that regulates what one experiences happiness from (serotonin.)


“Doctor I realized that I am living someone else's life and I don't want to stop! Can you put them on psychiatric drugs for me?”


“How about if I give you a Mercedes?”



Pride in personal achievement versus hatred, envy and resentment of those who have the natural ability to achieve by their own developed means, “MAN!”; born and raised in a loving family that didn't use or consume controlled substances!

If the substance is controlled how come there is no control over the people who are born ill/ mentally defective from the use of it during conception and pregnancy? Do you see who doesn't think like “Man?”

“Voice; you believe there is absolutely no one that could like or believe in someone like me don't you!”

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More on Teams 12 05 2016

More on Teams  12 05 2016

You are in an Army Troup.  You look around the room right away and you know who is going to get all of you killed.

The team should decide who is not on the team.  But what happens when the "Army" team decides you should not be on the "Army" team because you said someone else should not be on the "Army" team?

Then you get kicked out of that!  Either.

1.  You go home and are freed from service for asserting your Constitutional right to Free Speech, what everyone is fighting for in this country as part of the Supreme Law.

2.  You end up being allocated to a new Army team.  And what happens?  That first Army team you were on will not have your back in war.  In fact they might even be shooting at it; because of what you said about "Tilly?"


Let's say that I am the coach of your Football team and I call you a derivation of the word Negro (whether you are black or white) because you tried to poke an opposing team members eyes' out.

Now you become mentally ill from depression because I asserted my free speech and said it to you.  Did I cause your mental illness?  No!  You were already predisposed to it because you were the type or person that doesn't know how to play a simple game without poking someone's eye out.  You were screwed up long before we crossed paths!

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In a true team the team members decide who is and who isn't on the team 12 05 2016

In a true team the team members decide who is and who isn't on the team  12 05 2016

Hence there are really no team sports today.

I believe a true team would have a winning record.  But right there what did I hear the Devils Advocate of teams sports complain about?  You can't do it that way because certain people would be excluded from being on the team and that would be unfair.

So what the team player really fears is the team or team members saying they cannot be on the team because they are not a team player?


I wonder how many coaches who won a Superbowl invite all the team players who won it to an annual feast?  I doubt it!  Why not?  Because to do that you would have to have really been a team and you weren't.  You were a collection of "me" individuals with a defect to the gene that regulates personal happiness just as the homosexual is.

Vince Lombardi?  Would he throw an annual feast for players on his team?  Who would ever want to come when a diminutive monster like that is allowed to berate you for money?

So a Priest named Father Tim came to visit Vince Lombardi in his Lambeau field office and not too soon afterwards Vince comes out of the office wearing the priests clothes?  That is the way I read the Wikipedia article on Vince.

So why did Vince Lombardi ever marry a woman?  He verbally abused her!  She developed a drinking problem from it.  To marry a woman and then abuse her; to me that means that you are a homosexual.  Why?  Because you don't love the woman you married.  You married in heterosexual fashion only to be mean to the opposite sex rather than human heterosexual love.

So this is indeed what I find to be the mentally defective origin of Professional Football in Wisconsin.

Lombardi the kind hearted man we are told he was would fire anyone from the team who made fun of a homosexual on the team?   And yet by all accounts above the diminutive Italian Lombardi was one.

So Lionel Aldrich, a black man, goes to play for such a monster and ends up homeless with what we are told is schizophrenia?  Who stole his human soul?  It isn't all to hard to figure out who that was!  A street is named after him in Green Bay Wisconsin!

What I am getting into is people with disabilities who cause disability in other people.... in order for what?

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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Does the United States support the Dictatorship and Police State in North Korea? 12 03 2016

Does the United States support the Dictatorship and Police State in North Korea? 12 03 2016

We don't have a lot of trade with them however they exports raw materials into South Korea and China.  And we are a big buyer from South Korea and China.

It does matter where our stuff comes from and how people are treated there.

So the answer is yes.  The United States does indeed support the Dictatorship and Police State in North Korea.

US trade balance with North Korea:

Who North Korea Trades to:

US trade balance with China:

US trade balance with South Korea:

You will never read or hear any of this on homo media!

It does matter!

Did it ever occur to you that those in our country who make money and profits from this trade might not care about the people of the United States either?  "Oh it is all in his head,"  thee criminal race would say.


Did you ever meet anyone who was giddy mean?  Psychotically mean but in a happy way?  As if they believed that is the way to be?  How did they learn that?  Where they 'funned' by an evil parent or relative?  Where they queer warped to be that way?  That is what the personalities behind the voices that torment human beings are like.  So that can only occur with unaccountability between who is a parent and who is a child.  Ie. the Pro-Life, adoption, foster care network.  An orphanage of thieves in and among our population.

It is the personality of, "I don't care what I do to you and I don't care what happens to you because you are meaningless."  And that is exactly what the secretary of an Investment firm I worked for said about the President of the firm, "He views people as a piece of meat."  That does not belong in the United States.

Someone like that would be more happy in the bed of a mongoloid foreign dictator than they are in the land of the free!

© 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Want to end Schizophrenia and get better Health Care in the United States 12 03 2016

Want to end Schizophrenia and get better Health Care in the United States 12 03 2016

Dispute every single payment that you make to a Doctors office.

You went in for pain.  They were not able to even find the cause or treat it.  Dispute that payment!!!

Every single United States Citizen that ever was FORCED to pay one cent for psychiatric treatment for hearing and being disabled by cursing voices should get a refund of that money plus treble damages for fraud!  No money like this or banking fines should not go into the General pot they should come to the Citizens affected by the crime!

Fine a bank and what happens?  That money just goes right back to the Bank; The Federal Reserve!  What a mockery of our freedom and values!

Do you get your home back?  No!  Monkey mouth gets a new Mercedes!

© 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy
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So a warehouse party fire in Oakland California?  Were they smoking, vaping?  To light that vape you need to use a lighter.  I say you fine the tobacco company in strict product liability for those deaths!  No the taxpayer should not have to pay when a building goes up in smoke because someone was smoking a cigarette the tobacco company should.  The taxpayer pays for that today because Insurance companies foot the bill to us when they are merged with banks and the banks go bankrupt and we the taxpayer bail them out.  It is the business of promising someone money that you don't have in order to take some of the money they are paying you for that promise while at the same time deferring that ultimate balance sheet liability to the taxpayer in the perpetual Ponzi scheme above!  This comes from European expansion into the United States!

"I dispute this psychiatric bill again!  The psychiatrist declared that the voices were of my own brain/mind and I know that isn't true!  I do not hate myself like those voices are intent on me believing!"

So you want to provide that to me for free?  You are not allowed to lay one hand on me!  My Constitutional Rights protect me from that!

Congress Needs to Declare the Value of the Following Foreign Currencies Worthless 12 03 2016

Congress Needs to Declare the Value of the Following Foreign Currencies Worthless 12 03 2016

It is written in our Constitution that Congress has the power to set the value of foreign currencies in the United States.  It is about time we had a man step up to the plate and assert the difference!

Columbia: Being complacent with drug production, profiteering and transfer into the United States where many U.S. deaths have been caused by heroin poisoning.

Mexico: Same as Columbia.  But also pot!  Pot leading to mental retardation and therefore the criminal mind in many young Americans.

England: Spying on United States Citizens and a constant threat to the United States throughout our history.  Gun control propaganda in the United States stemming from the monarchy.  False scientific research in the United States by nationalized English.

Russia:  Russian based organized crime in the United States, including spying and cyberattacks.  Putin threatening to draw and quarter us was enough, it should have happened then.  Russian currency declared to worth absolutely nothing in terms of U.S. dollars.

China: Unfair dealings in the stock market.  A Government that practices a Crime Against Humanity with regard to human rights at home.  ZERO!

Italy: established of Italian organized crime in the United States.  The Roman Catholic Church abusing thousands of United States children.  That money should never be allowed to be converted into U.S. dollars.

Saudi Arabia: launching a terrorist strike against the United States.

Israel: Subversively legitimizing and profiting from the medical fraud of the United States and promoting a religion that is a threat to our national values.  Monetarily rewarding all members of the religion through Federation profits whether they earned them or not thereby creating a economic threat to the hard working and normally developed American.  Promoting homosexuality.  Propagandizing torture (water boarding) in the United States, what a horror you are!

Germany and other profiteers who have pharmaco companies that produce the "antipsychotic" and market schizophrenia as a personal illness and not technology facilitated demonic possession.

Jamaica: Drug profiting into the United States.  "Owned by England."

That is all that I can think of for now.  There are a great many other nations who are not up to snuff but these are the ones that initially stand out in my mind and memory.

Also any country that is in physical possession of United States Dollars should be required to surrender them back to the United States.  It doesn't belong to you and has no place in your country.  It represents something that you have no comprehension of the value of.  For you to possession of it is an act of War.

Also any United States citizen having a communist mindset should be deported back to their country of origin.

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