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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

So I was at a restaurant looking at the United States Military diagrams of War Planes from WWII 07 01 2015

So I was at a restaurant looking at the United States Military diagrams of War Planes from WWII  07 01 2015

And what did I see?

The Italian WWII symbol was a circle with three ones on it.  However the tips of the ones were pointed to the right.  What does it mean?

It is a symbol of Fascism dating back to the Roman Empire.  A pile of sticks with an AXE.  Someone once told me that homosexuals hate to be called a pile of sticks.  However we know from the Roman Empire that homosexuality was common there and accepted as well as pederasty and pengali naked wrestling.  So was there a faction in Rome that went after all that with a vengeance?  If so it is part of history I have not learned.

Fascists chose one leader who is considered the nations savior!  So Italy had Mussolini, Germany Hitler, Russia Stalin and Japan likely its own that I haven't researched.

That backwards 3 one's symbolism is also on the label of a popular energy drink!

But the Croatians had a Fascist symbol U!  How many Universities in the United States should have their U symbol declared fascist and a disgrace to the American flag?  Because they haze every single one of them is fascist!  Putting two and two together there.

That symbol of Fascism is also seen in the U.S.  Now I would have to research the dates of those buildings and coin imprints to determine when it took hold.

It means a single stick is easily broken whereas a bundle is very hard to break.

It is also the symbolism of many Irish Coat of Arms including mine as Murphy.

The axe represents the power of life and death through the Death Penalty!  Penalty is the key word there!  Meaning you had to have done something very bad!

Fascism is also on the Lincoln Memorial!  It therefore really means unity for a good purpose, in that case freeing the slaves?  Or does it mean 5 actors from the south banded together to assassinate him?

But what is the symbolism of Italian Fascism in WWII? Three Fasces indicating that they are going after the Father, Son and Holy Ghost in Trinity?


But what else did I see about those diagrams of planes?

Both Italy and Germany used the Stuka plane.  They were on the same side; however Hitler did bomb the Vatican.

And both Russia and Germany used the SB2 plane.  Even though Russia eventually defeated Germany?  But they were both indeed fascists?  So who made the SB2 plane? etc etc. etc.

So what was the problem with the AXIS side in WWII?  They were all fascist countries who all believed in their own countries leaders, hence they were doomed to conflict with each other from the beginning!

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I think someone once called me a term paper mill!  Anyone who has aped my stuff for a grade ought to receive an F and not allowed in any college again.  Unless of course they give me full credit!


Epazote Spice and Schizophrenia 07 01 2015

Epazote Spice and Schizophrenia 07 01 2015

It is also called worm seed and Mexican Tea.  And the Mexicans use it a lot.  From my years ago research it has ant parasitic properties.  But what is also very interesting about it is that the Mexicans use it to eliminate intestinal gas from beans.  If you have ever brewed beer you know that Gas is produced in the fermentation process and that the fermentation process is facilitated by yeast (also known as fungus and the leaven of the Pharisees.)  The Pharisees were the Jews that went after Christ, but we know that Jews believe in un-leaven bread.

I also believe that some symptoms of schizophrenia might be due to a parasite traveling along side a nerve in the body.  Hence the grinding noise?  Or background noise?  At which point a person is more susceptible to having their conscious mind intruded upon by those born mentally defective from alcohol. etc.

So what it basically means is that because Epazote eliminates intestinal gas it is by default killing off the fermentation process of fungus, yeast etc.  And indeed some parasites would seem to be a cross between fungus and parasite organism?

What does Epazote mean in Spanish?

It gets its name Wormseed from preventing worms in animals.  And to round out the article it is also know as Jerusalem Parsley!

Per the following sight it,  Helps improve breathing.  Calms hysteria and malaria.  Very helpful for digestive disorders, remember the gut is responsible for 90% of immunity!

But it gets the name Epazote from Smelly Animal!

I bought a bag at Penzey's spices today!

It is toxic in large amounts.

I find it very helpful!

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The Other Day I saw a late model addition of a once coveted American Sports Car 07 01 2015

The Other Day I saw a late model addition of a once coveted American Sports Car 07 01 2015

And do you know what the aft styling of it reminded me of?  A witches black flapping dress  Good God what have you done to the United States!

Shameless novel promotion

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How many men are going to now marry a wealthy man just for the money! 07 01 2015

How many men are going to now marry a wealthy man just for the money! 07 01 2015

Where I live that is the only reason women marry men!  So now thanks to our first black President a male can now marry another male as a way out of poverty!

Oh boy Barrack them poor black boys with their pants hanging down sod gay in the core really thank you!

How many boy's growing up will now not only idolize the likes of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet but desire to marry men like that too?

Young boys will grow up having sexual fantasies about men and not women!  And it will be considered normal.

Impressionable minds will be warped queer!  And Impressionable minds do indeed have a scientific basis in growth and gene expression during growth!  In other words not all of your potential genes are expressed at birth!  That is a scientific fact!  Do you see what he just did?
And good God when you look at him speaking do you think the exact same thing I do about him?  That he had hyperactivity disorder?  Review the video of him speaking!  The smart aleck nervous head and upper body movements!  His own Grandfather was described by the family as having ants up his anus!

But that is exactly why you and women voted for him!  That ants up the anus nervous aggression sex appeal!  The idea that he would "do you", the ugliest and homeliest woman around!  You found that appealing!  It gave you a false sense of confidence and self esteem in life!

Politicians just keep on doing more and more damage!

Do you know what I believe?  At the first instance of a homosexual married couple keeping a boy locked in their basement and raping and sexually abusing them; you throw the whole lot of them in the gas chambers!  That is my belief!

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Female Parole Officers and the High Prison Recidivism Rate 07 01 2015

Female Parole Officers and the High Prison Recidivism Rate  07 01 2015

I have to wonder if the recidivism rate would be much less if all parole officers were men; not females, homosexuals or the sloth minded.

Do some female parole officers demonically possess their parolees to whatever a goal of their evil will might be?  Hence the criminal is  being used as a tool of the devil?

And is Felons being freed from prison and not being allowed to have guns really a means that ensures that the female parole officer faces no fear?

Granted I believe that some common crimes are so horrific that they are deserving of the death penalty.

When I read that police officers strip search women and in effect touch them in a sexual manner the way I see it is as if the worst type of criminal among the human race has made it legal for them to sexually assault people whereas it is illegal for everyone else to do so.  Hence this breeds the subjective justice system.

And how did the English seize the Scottish guns so quickly in 1472, was it?  Very simply they could not be raised to have their own cognition hence they already had the exact same cognition as the Scottish they took the guns from.  In other words they knew exactly where they were stored.  So what kind of person has satanic cognition like that?  The same type that was raised by a mentally defective/wiccan mother to learn verbal ability from someone who is victimized to hear voices and then labeled mentally ill.  So when they become adults what do these sloth minded become?  They fixate for a lifetime and then consider it a right of passage to be the force of gun control.  It is really a spoiled boy that will never become a man asserting that he is.  Hence gun control is really someone only wanting a gun so that they can use it to take yours from you!  And that is Divine Right Kingdom.

Okay so you want a Kingdom?  There is only on way it works.  Those with first person cognition rule under the guidelines of the Constitution until a stable human genome if fostered whereby Democracy and freedom will never again be jeopardized by the Satanic/mentally defective.  Do you know who that means rules?  Those who have been labeled schizophrenic.  Can we have the death penalty for things like Sloth, (the Seven Deadly Sins?) etc?  We may need to do that to ensure that children and humanity is safe.  Who wants child molesters, pimps and drug dealers living in your neighborhood.

Barrack Obama and Gun Control?  How would you like to be a little black girl living in the core and have 10 n1993r's blitzcraig through the front door and gang rape you?  One is a Police Officer, the other is the Church Minister, there is a school teacher, a drug dealer and two high school football players.  Now lets rephrase that a little bit.  Lets say that wasn't a black girl, lets say it was a poor white girl living in an all black neighborhood?  I say you let that girl have a full auto weapon to prevent that from happening.  Also I say you give her one if it did happen and give her a directive to get that the h3ll out of here!


So you are a little white girl that has been indoctrinated into an occult wiccan religion.  You have been taught to demonize a mans mind.  In fact there are 10 in your childhood coven.  What happens when they bring a black man in to rape one of you?  What happens if in private and unbenounced to each other all ten of you are raped by that black man?  So why would they do it to you?  To make you more MEAN!  And in England where this type of behavior is practiced by the wealthy it is called Grooming.  In the core it is called wilding. 

And I know what they want you to think when that happens.  It is your own fault.  That the person who indoctrinated you into that occult really doesn't know it happened to you!  Get real!  They know that just like you know the thoughts of those you demonized to create medical fraud!

But what is a mistress anywho?  Isn't it one of those women who was groomed?  Does she not really serve as a Prostitute to the groomer?  She might even have sex with other men and she never see's the transfer of money from her prostitution services from one to the other?  What has been taken from her is her humanity.  And it has been taken by slavery which is illegal per the Constitution and all the blood of the civil war; that should make it deserving of the death penalty!  What would prevent women from becoming prostitutes?  If after their pimp was executed the prostitute was too!  That would stop it cold dead!  And selling your wife was indeed part of the ancient Jewish religion.

But perhaps it originated out of jealousy of the a man and his well being?  Hence he was ostracized from society and denied employment per his true capability out to envy and jealousy.  You see I get both sides of the issue don't I!

And he say's that his wife is just stupid when the fact really is that she is personally traumatized from every day of life living with him?

These are my beliefs.  No amount of psychiatry is ever going to change that!  Only death ends my belief system.

They need a big brother who is a man and thinks like a man and not someone who will never legitimately transition in right of passage or otherwise to be one.  It is black and white here.  You either give them back their gun or you keep them in prison.  If you never want them to be freed from prison and never have a gun as is guarantied by the Constitution then perhaps they should be executed.  It takes the female mind straight out of the justice system doesn't it!

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Well there it is again.  Stuff that everyone say's isn't true.  Likely the exact same descriptions in the Irish literature that was all burned by the English.

~ And once they are made MEAN, they are demonically possessed for life without a true will of their own.


Tuesday, June 30, 2015

If I have told the truth about someone; what have I done wrong? 06 30 2015

Massive Banking Fraud 06 30 2015

Massive Banking Fraud 06 30 2015

You give your money to one bank/finance company to invest and they lose it.  Meanwhile you owe debt to another bank/finance company on your home.  The first bank lost that money for you!

They never seem to lose your debt balance!  They very easily lose your cash/investment balance but never your debt balance.  How can they be allowed to err one way in their favor and not err another way in your favor?

That system doesn't belong in the United States!

You would never pay an employee to do that; so why do they have jobs?  And jobs that make more money than anyone!

Why should you be liable and not them (self declared professionals?)

What if the par value were guarantied by the U.S. Government to always be worth what you paid for it?  We already know the taxpayer would be on the hook for massive incompetence and negligence!  We have that future liability anyway!  So why not make the impact more present and transparent?  How many Corporations would really receive limited liability status if the U.S. Government were on the hook for the initial principle?  Very few!  So it really is a vote of no Confidence in the Corporation!  Why?  We know without a doubt that the Gov. could never back that liability that would be incurred.  And yet they have granted legal status to create it to those corporations!  Now that is pure schizophrenia!  And I hear voices!  The term is medical fraud; the symptoms are indeed real and horrific however the cause of it makes it fraud.  Put two and two together with this article and do you see where the template of that cause fits directly on top of?  Other people always liable for money they owe you but you never liable for money you owe them.  A Native American would get it right!  "I gave you all this money and I got nothing in return for it; that means you are a criminal.  However when you loaned some to me I was out of house and home when I could not pay it back; and I had no recovery; you were not liable for it."  That is why they called them Two Faced or speaking with forked tongue!  I get those Native American symbolizations of person being a snake best as anyone does!

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