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Saturday, December 20, 2014

There isn't anything in the law that say's we can't discriminate by species 12 20 2014

Dontre Hamilton 12 20 2014

Dontre Hamilton 12 20 2014

I seem to remember reading that there was someone who called the police about this man loitering in the park and that it was an employee of the Starbucks.  If that is true I believe the public needs to hear the mandatorily taped 911 conversation of that call.

I am going to create a series of petitions regarding establishments and their management who should never have a Corporate Charter in the United States ever again.

The Catholic Church will be one of them. The evidence is in that they sexually molested a great many United States children.  I also want those priests and those who were responsible for them deported.  But they may not go  back to Ireland!  Perhaps they will be required to stay in Vatican City and share a room with Pope Francis, until he decides to use religious authority.  A business that makes laundry detergent that looks like candy.

Any business making a drug that has led to deaths such as Tylenol or Morphine which is used to kill people in Hospice operations will be another.

An automobile air bag manufacturer or company that uses one in its cars that creates a shrapnel burst will be another.

Any coffee shop chain that I have attended whereby afterwards I have gotten heart palpitations or a sickness from a poorly wiped countertop will be another.

Tobacco and Alcohol companies will indeed be another because they both Cause cancer.

Antipsychotic companies will be another because of the early death from heart failure they have caused.  And there is not going to be any of a trade off of lessened symptoms argument either.

None of the actions of any of the people in the above examples represents the thinking of responsible MEN!  After they lose their corporate charter I would want them deported for the same reason you don't want a sexual victimizer of children living in your neighborhood!  For those reading this from a time capsule there are zoning laws currently in place that state they cannot live in certain neighborhoods.  And it is like the Ireland example above, you wouldn't wish them on people that you love from other countries either, would you!

We don't create employment so that a person who is wearing facial metal attachments and tattoos' all over can prepare and serve us food!  We don't create employment whereby the products alcohol and tobacco can cause children to be born with mental retardation!  That is employment whereby the managers are not earning money because they are creating liabilities to civilization that far exceed any money they ever took from it!  And we don't allow a national coffee chain to serve that same substance, alcohol, that is the leading cause of mental retardation in the western hemisphere!

So if by default you don't allow people who would engage in activities that violate your rights what danger will they pose when they are not working???  If they are up to complete no good while working how bad will they be when they have ample free time because you don't want them near your family? The answer to that means deportation!


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If this is what they do while they are employed how much greater do we need to fear their idle mind after they have so much money they no longer need to work!

The Pope talks about feeding the poor.  Would you ever want a man accused of sexually victimizing children in charge or as part of the operations of a Catholic Church turned into a homeless shelter soup kitchen!  NO!  Bad to the bone is bad to the bone!

So if indeed your dark blackened heart tends to agree with me on some of these issues then you know we need to make positive change happen soon and in a civilized manner; so review and sign my petitions!

And to a much smaller level of sponsorship here:

Did anyone notice that the highway those who were picketing for Dontre Hamilton on was to be closed down for construction at 11pm that same night?  I think I got that fact right, but I will have to check it as the televised news was negligent by not giving us a map.  It is almost as if it was internally organized to snare people into being arrested and violent conflict!  The news did indeed say that there were people there from out of state who might have a different cause that might be in an amongst the supporters of Dontre Hamilton and his family!  Do you know how they do it?  They go to one of those employment places and pay people $10 a crack to participate in machinations!  Temporary employment agencies should be outlawed.  That should be another petition!  They have full time work in China but if you have a college degree in the United States and are more than qualified to work in your field they will smear your face with that temporary employment provision to the hilt!  We need a workplace that is fair that means no managers that have a serotonin receptor genetic defect (reads mean), and that also means one that is fair to employers; no potheads or uncultured dirt grunge!
 No human being should ever be subjected to a voice in their head telling them what to do, what not to do, etc.  That is communist filth that doesn't belong in the United States!

Friday, December 19, 2014

I am going to have to create a Petition to Repeal the Immigration Act of 1990

How to prove that Schizophrenia is Medical Fraud 12 19 2014

How to prove that Schizophrenia is Medical Fraud 12 19 2014

My observational scientific evidence of what decreases the intensity of the voices, which proves they are not originated in your head, such as when you submerse yourself in water the voices are up to % 80 less!!!  And the fact that ionized air breaks up the transmission signal tells me that it is technologically created.

Every United States Citizen who has heard voices and their family members should be given a bed frame of the following shielding architecture.

A sheet metal channel 4" inches thick, surrounding the bed to a height of 16"  Underneath the bed is also a channel.  This frame structure if filled with ionized air, ionized water, or inonized metallic silver or copper water would serve as a faraday cage the voice technology could not percuss through!

Additional elements could include lead plating or coating, grounded capacitor shielding, and perhaps and vent able lid!

A Mr. Landwier of the Whitefish Bay Writing for Publication group once told me that his son was involved in research into how to create sound at a distance!!!  A Lorad is one of those devices!  And that company makes millions of dollars which means that they are deployed throughout the world!

But that is not the only technology that is used, EMF and Microwave transmissions are also used to create synthetic telepathy and drive honest United States Citizens temporarily permanently (like the sticky notes) insane!

Every one of us anywhere in the world who is dunned for their human mind by voices should have this bed frame technology GIVEN to them!

My research tells also tells me that the technology has trouble broadcasting through a moving channel of AIR!!!

Barring all that if you hear voices you should buy one of these!  It has silver particles in it which provide some Faraday shielding and also it is gel based which provides projected acoustic shielding!    You will have a good nights rest if you curl up in one like it is a sleeping bag!  I recommend you purchase the biggest size you can afford Cal King or Queen Size.

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The Cornucopia 12 19 2014

Defeating EB-5

Defeating EB-5

Do how do we defeat the  numerous spying operations that have commenced under George Bush's Immigration Act of 1990 and EB5?

So far in Wisconsin there have been at least two cases of EB-5 Chinese here who have sent technology secrets back to China.  Very simply congress has the power to declare the value of foreign currency.  It is written right there in the Constitution!

An act of economic based spying is all that is warranted to declare the value of Chinese currency is worthless in the United States!

Great Britain based banks laundering Mexican or Columbian drug currency coming into the United States is all the justification we ever need to declare their currency is not translated into United States dollars.  Any country or bank that launders it through a cross currency will have their currency declared worthless too!

Italian Spies infiltrating the United States and sexually molesting 1000's of children here?  Well that Italian currency will be worth nill here!

And what about foreigners who came here and practiced clandestine operations in the United States and demonized our Citizens under EB-4 the practice of torture as religion?  Well they get to go back to their country of surname origin and that countries currency is declared worthless in the United States!

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Automotive Design 12 18 2014 Inventions Needed Updated

Automotive Design 12 18 2014

1. One added safety feature would be that if you got out of the seat with the car in drive it automatically shifts into park.  This prevents someone from coming home putting the foot on the brake and getting out without putting the car in park.  Background; there was a kid who I knew that delivered papers in a van for the Milwaukee Journal.  He got out with the car in drive and got wedged between the door and the jam.  He was an avid pot smoker.

2.  If that much electricity is captured in solar panels it would seem that a similar storage technology based on polysilicon layer technology could store tremendous amounts of electricity at a fraction of the weight of a lead acid or lithium battery.  Background polysilicon is a very lightweight material that in my laymen's understanding has the ability to strip the electron or energy wave form from a ray of light in order to produce electricity.  If it can strip the electron factor then it would seem highly plausible that it would also make the optimum capacitor electron transfer battery system basis.  It would have none of the explosive properties of lithium or the weight of lead or lithium.  In fact that thin layer capacitor could be located in the tubing of a cars frame!  Thereby creating more space inside the car and therefore a less air friction loss of potential energy.  Also the capacitor discharge of that battery to an electric motor would likely break the land speed record!

Not only do I believe that solar panels should be integrated into all the body panels of an automobile to produce electricity, I also believe that they should have a property to capture static electricity and convert it while at the same time reducing air friction on the external signature of the car.

In theory you could create a vacuum effect at the battery/capacitor whereby the efficiency of the solar collector was exponentially exceeded.  And in doing so you could indeed create some very interesting and dangerous time/space astrophysics effects? 

It is a good collector so a transmutation of the technology would also likely be a good "storer."  Can a person collect without storing?  It is almost as if they are part of the same verb.

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