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Thomas Paul Murphy

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Tom's Cooking Show Humor 04 18 2018

Tom's Cooking Show Humor  04 18 2018

"Take a fork of macaroni and a fork of cabbage on the same fork."

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

$735 dollars to insure one car for a year 04 08 2018

$735 dollars to insure one car for a year  04 08 2018

And the Police Enforce that business profit to the insurer?  The Police will fine or take action against you if you have not paid the insurer?  For the Police to Enforce you pay a business reads like institutionalized corruption.  Would not have happened if it were not for FDR's New Deal to those with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Spectrum disorders.

We need to completely nationalize that business.  And the best drivers perhaps get the best bonus from that nationalized insurance business.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

We need to transition to a Favorable Citizen type of Economy.

Television Type Humor 04 18 2018

Television Type Humor 04 18 2018

When someones name is Rose Ann this is how her husband really talks to her,

"You just better get that water boiling for the macaroni and cheese."

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Did I see what I think I just saw? 04 17 2018

Did I see what I think I just saw?  04 17 2018

A man with two chocolate doughnuts on his forehead singing on television?

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

A Robot on the loose? 04 17 2018

A Robot on the loose?  04 17 2018

If that thing ever reached out and grabbed some kid hiding behind the can playing capture the flag, that would be the end that program.

You clearly didn't grow up like I did or in the same neighborhood.

Played mostly free, knew about wino creeps but didn't worry about them because they were a lot fewer than today.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

I see a little Egyptian Motif in the Celtic double sided Battle Axe 04 17 2018

Monday, April 16, 2018

The United States should not be 04 16 2018

The United States should not be 04 16 2018

Crooks with a monopoly on business.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy