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Thomas Paul Murphy

Friday, October 24, 2014

No-one wants to shop where they other people have no class 10 24 2014

No-one wants to shop where the other people have no class! I think of this as a I read an article in the paper about how a downtown department store building was just sold. It didn't say who bought it. So immediately I wondered if it was the same people as the Chinese who bought North Ridge Mall and never developed it!

Then what did I realize? The situation of people not wanting to shop where the clients and staff have no class is epitomized by the Republican Party! It was Cathy McMorris Rodgers who declared that the Republican Party is the party for those with Down's Syndrome!!!! Have you never read Shakespeare or other classic literature? The image of a Down's Syndrome person is not that of class but of BEGGAR STATUS! So we indeed have a real problem with those of BEGGAR STATUS somehow gypsying the money away from the rest of us?

You can't charge high end prices when your own child can't read! You can't charge high end prices when your child has a genetic defect that most normal mothers would look at and think that one doesn't look or sound human and responsibly say, “Stay away from that one,” or “Don't make friends with them.” You can't charge high end prices and support a retail mall when the customers dress like that same Republican Beggar status! You can't charge high end prices when you can't even teach your child how to wipe its own butt and not be a menace to the normal human being population.

So what is next what happens when 2 of these genetically defective get married and want to have children of their own? It is like their parents experimented on them isn't it! You and I didn't become rich by evading the pollution standards. That same chemical profile causing the very defects of the children of the wealthy. THAT IS NOT CLASS! That is an insurgency!

Oh sure they will reopen the mall and on the first day when all the television crews are there they will use that footage to propagandize what a great decision they made and how popular it will become. However the problem will be the exact same one, You don't have class!

So how do we right the situation? Redistribute the wealth of those without CLASS to those who have it! Redistribute the wealth to those who are ACTIVELY DENIED from using their own HUMAN skills to make money.

Some of us with class do not even like to frequent establishments where alcohol is served!

Class isn't something you can fake by being snotty to those who have it!

But none of this is going to change. You are going to continue to lend money to those who do not have class until you bankrupt the United States and blame it on the Constitution you never have the comprehension to interpret or were extremely reluctant to elect those who did; in fact you ostracized and black listed them! Even though they are not the ones who have the black halo-type gene?

Nor will you ever be able to pretend to create new images of class that are not true! It never works!

In fact no one wants to purchase anything from a clerk that isn't up to standard. No one likes to see a truckload of foreigners chewing the cud while they sit on the back of a truck doing landscaping either. And I know exactly what you intend to put this country through, the next series of Doctors for your guarantied health care that Obama gave us are going to be those with Down's Syndrome that dramatically overcame it? Then you are going to keep the propaganda up and make movies about how great and handsome those with Down's Syndrome are? Some of us couldn't stand to listen to the Italian Boxer with the wax dripping face or the Frenchmen of the same pale face in the movies that talked like a personified Dachshund.

You can't project an image of class because you don't have it and won't hire anyone who does at the level of work they are qualified for! You loathe what class means just like the Devil loathed Jesus Christ!
Someone with class would never want to keep a child with birth defects!  And when you don't want to recognize class then we are one step away from Communism aren't we!  Was that Barrack Obama's mission for America?

You don't belong in my neighborhood!  You don't belong on my television set!  Nor should you ever manage another person in your life!  That is right lets just broadly define it this way, those who had learning disabilities or retardation due to genetic defects should never manage another person in any capacity!  Nor should their parents!!!  The parent managed to have a child like that and you want to allow that person to manage human beings?  What planet are you from?  Zoo planet!  You are from ZOO PLANET aren't you!

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Mentally Defective Media making life time victims 10 23 2014

The Mentally Defective Media 10 23 2014

I watched today as a lawyer was so concerned for one of two young 12 year old girls that stabbed another little girl 19 times!  It is unbelievable!

Those two little girls should be executed for a crime against humanity.  It isn't about them!  Criminal justice isn't about the criminal it is about justice for the victim!  The girl that was stabbed 19 times should never have to see the faces of those other two girls again in her lifetime!  For her to see them even once is sum determinant that they made a lifetime victim of her!  What is she supposed to believe?  That she did something wrong that made them want to kill her?  There is no evidence of that!  Is she supposed to forgive and forget attempted murder?

Not fit to stand trial?  What does that really equate to with regard to the cognitive state of one or both of these criminal 12 year old girls?  It really means that they are not fit to live in United States communities doesn't it?

There are motives that people have had for killing other people that a normal human being can understand, such as, "He raped my wife."  I understand when someone kills another for that reason.  If pimps, drug dealers and sexual molesters of children were murdered in rage I get that too!  Why?  Because you wouldn't ever want those people near your family again.  I understand the insanity defense in that case.  But not fit to stand trial?  What does that mean?  What does that equate to?  It is almost as if you are excusing them for their actions because it was so horrific that you find it inconceivable that they actually did it???

I get it when a father knows his son isn't going to be an academic success and contribute to society using his intellect and therefore seeks an athletic career; I mean to say I understand when a parent projects self pity onto their child in that manner and circumstance.  But is society expected to project self pity on those who do such horrific things as these two young girls did at such a young age?  Are we supposed to all get on board as if it is the cool emotion to have and state they are unfit to stand trial?  It is blinding ourselves to ugliness rather than confronting it and eliminating it!

When the mentally defective get away with attempted murder at a young age have they not made a life time victim out of that person?  Should that little girl who was stabbed 19 times be afraid to go out of the house and into public for the rest of her life for fear of seeing those two poor little girls that we should pity because they did such a horrible thing?  Where are the real Americans today besides me?

I have to ask you, considering that there really isn't going to be any other relevant information introduced to the trial; what parent would want to have a little girl capable of that back in their home?  What community openly accepts someone like that back?  What type of fairy tale do you think you are living?  The correct response of the parent is apologizing to the community and over and done?  Do we really want these two girls in a reform system whereby they can influence other little girls?  Do we want them to network and find new friends?  Based on what commonality?  Based on what common interest; stabbing other little girls 19 times in attempted murder?  Go on You Tube and watch adults participating in Satanic Church Rituals and you will know exactly how these two little girls got that way?  Do they have a defect to the gene that regulates serotonin?  Do members of the legal profession today have that same defect; I really do believe the validity of every question that I ask here!

Satan loathed Jesus Christ.  If you go on youtube and do a search you will also see who today admits that they killed Jesus Christ and are glad they did it!

Now here is what Jesus Christ might have said about this stabbing incident:

LUKE 23:31

"...for if these things are done when the wood is green what will happen when it is dry?"

Do you see why they hated Jesus Christ?  He was under no delusion about what his intellect was and he wasn't afraid to speak his mind as a man.  He definitely wasn't the son of a single mother whore!

Incidentally that look of defiance these two little girls had is the same exact facial expression by those in Scott Walker's "cabinet" that were convicted and went to jail!  Simmering rage and hatred covered by an expressionless face!

I question the validity of the Lutheran religion in the United States as being a contradiction to the United States Constitution.  What does our Constitution really say about religion?  Read this very carefully

"Congress can make no law respecting an establishment of Religion,"

What else does that mean? It means religions that were established at the time the Constitution was written?  Establishment means it was already established at the time of the Constitution?  Now there have been far greater and more common  interpretations of the Constitution that are a much longer stretch than that!  It also means that if that religion changes it is no longer an established religion!  Get it?  That means you can't copulate with snakes in bestiality.  That means that if you have women speaking in tongues down at the cafeteria of the school that is attached to the church that Catholic Church no longer deserves charitable status.  In fact no religion deserves charitable status because it respects the religion.  Also Scott Walkers School Voucher program violates the Constitution, because it is validating the sexual molestation of boys by priests at Catholic School?  You can tax a Church up to the reasonable maintenance cost of keeping up the building!  Because you are still allowing it to freely exercise worship!  The innocence of child molester's was not an established religion and nor can it ever be!  That is not what the spirit of the law is all about Marquette Law School tyro's.

The United States isn't about protecting the rights of the criminal it is about protecting the rights of the victim and assuring that there are never going to be anymore of them!

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Future Laws 10 23 2014

In the future it will be illegal to sell, market to or give alcohol to a person who has had a case of mental illness in their family lineage. Determination of mental illness will also include criminal convictions in that same family lineage as well as birth defects that are linked to mental retardation; including dyslexia!
We have seen enough of blaming the victim in the United States and it is time for the last to be first.
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Neither Scott Walker or Mary Burke are qualified electors per U.S. Statute 6.03 (2)

Neither Scott Walker or Mary Burke are qualified electors per U.S. Statute 6.03 (2)


(2) No person shall be allowed to vote in any election in which the person has made or become interested, directly or indirectly, in any bet or wager depending upon the result of the election.

My interpretation of this statute is that all the money that pours in to back these candidates amounts to them being participant either directly or indirectly in a bet or wager depending upon the result of the election!

What is the spirit of that law?  so that you cannot buy a candidate into office?  They didn't want one to take a dive?  It looked like Tom Barrett took a dive in the race for Governor against Walker.  It also looks like Walker is taking a dive in this election as he answered the question about whether he would be able to fulfill the four years; he answered that in the vein that his wife had had enough of it!

That law is there to prevent special interests from buying their way into public policy!

At $10,000.oo a Commercial that is in effect indirect participation in a bet or wager!  Walker might have even used the terminology my constituents are betting on me to....

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Flyn did the right thing by firing that Police Officer and there are quite a few that need to be fired too

Flynn did the right thing by firing that Police Officer and there are quite a few that need to be fired too.

I realize that very quickly when I saw the Chief of the Police Union on television today, saying that officer did absolutely nothing wrong!  I have met quite a few young men who want to go into criminal justice and law enforcement and I want that old league of "the code" long gone so that the younger generation doesn't have to deal with it and in turn the City will be cleaned up!  There is no quicker way to clean up crime than to fire Police Officers that do not have the integrity to be there!

And about black people marching because this man who heard voices was killed?  Black women know very well who caused it!  Who are you trying to kid?

I have to wonder if black and their white counterparts aren't the greatest threat to the freedom of the United States?  It would appear to me that they have a very hard time learning and resent real men!  To them a real man is something to mock!

I also wonder if Italians and Jews ever really know what it means to be a normal white person.

I am watching the channel 12 News as I type and I see the woman's eye's go from teary to asking for sympathy from the public as to what the answers should be?  Then the next thing you will hear is a propagandized political commercial.

And what did a woman on Fox television just say?  Young women would be better of going to tinder and match than going to the voting booth.

I get the sense that the women who couldn't be educated in our society want the world to degrade to tribalism.  Whereby they can sit around sewing beads together and wonder what is going on in the chiefs teepee and if she will be the lucky one to go in there next?  That was about the intelligence level of the cheerleading squad at Whitefish Bay High School when I went there.

So now I am going to attempt to find out how to register as a candidate for Governor.  I usually just write myself in.  Two of the candidates on the ballot are for legalizing marijuana (you know it causes mental retardation don't you?) and the other two act like they don't have a clue what it means to be an adult human being.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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The photographs every parent should put in their house if they have a child aspiring to be in media/entertainment 10 23 2014

The photographs every parent should put in their house if they have a child aspiring to be in media/entertainment 10 23 2014

Those of David Hasselhoff and Mickey Rourke's plastic surgery!  If I could find an unlicensed image of those I might even purchase them and put them in my workshop or garage.  Or perhaps where I write?  There are quite a few of them who have had plastic surgery to make themselves look younger that failed.  Why near where I write?  They would make a good muse!  Isn't that horrible?  No what is horrible is that people who have very little personal identity find such great success in the land of the free!

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Originally published on 10 23 2014 at: www.themilwaukeeandwisconsinnews.blogspot.com


How holocausts come into being 10 23 2014

When a pimp beats a woman and that woman declares that she loves him in spite of it we can see how holocausts come into being?
There are many things like this that are indicative of it too!
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