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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

What does 2000 years of Christianity amount to? 04 17 2019

What does 2000 years of Christianity amount to? 04 17 2019

"The Institution of the archetype of Procula being able to persecute and kill men because she doesn't like what she see's in the mind eye of her acorn sized brain."

It's an abomination of man!

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Were there people in Ancient Times that knew that Alcohol was Bad for You 04 14 2019

Were there people in Ancient Times that knew that Alcohol was Bad for You  04 14 2019

But why do I ask?  In United States history we had people called Snake Oil Salesmen.  They would mix chemicals together and go from town to town and sell it from the back of their wagons.  And what types of sales pitches did they use?  "The elixir of life."  "The cure for everything!"  Some of what was in those bottles we know today isn't a lot different than what is classified as poisoness.

But look at the gestalt of what Jesus Christ said at the last supper something like this,"This (wine) is my blood drink from it and you will have everlasting life."

Just think about that in abstract terms.  It is like a snake oil salesmen pitch isn't it?  So was Jesus Christ really working for a Vineyard Operation?  Was that who had all the money in those days?  Alcohol has the highest profit margin at the grocery store today, without those sales they would not be in business.

So Allah of the Muslim religion knew it was bad.  What time frame was that?  Also I think that I remember reading that they excavated ancient Israel and... can't remember.

The Muslim religion was founded some ~600 years after Christ.

Wine was always fermented wine in Israel and they were making it there at least 2000 years before Christ.

Started to read this and I liked it.

You would think that there were some people throughout history that saw how harmful alcohol was a societies of those people formed?  I wasn't able to find anything like that in a quick google search.

How come they couldn't figure out that if a woman drank while pregnant that her child would irreversibly be mentally retarded?  Have there been family members who are mentally retarded that inherited thrones and great power?  Do you get it?

Did anyone ever ask the question back then, why doesn't that baby look like the rest of us?  Still don't get it?  How come this person doesn't understand anything that I say to them?

So someone with an adult family member offers you room and board on your travel in ancient times.  How does a family like that think?  Do they all look at the mentally defective member and ask themselves, "Should we kill our guests yet or not?"  Or do they just wait until the guests become uncomfortable by the mentally defective one leering at them?  Or perhaps the mentally defective family member blurts out, "What are you looking at?" And then became psychotically violent.

Or maybe a smart mouth guest said to him,"The reason you are so ugly is so that people know not to marry you?"  And that sets it off.

© 2019 Thomas Paul Murphy

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Humor 04 13 2019

Humor 04 13 2019

Did you ever go somewhere, like a luncheon, and when you come home your mother says to you,

"What did you do, go there, sit there and act like a dope?"

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Snooty Business Humor 04 11 2019

Snooty Business Humor 04 11 2019

How come you never hear this?

"How come you bought that garment that was made in China rather than a garment that was made at the sewing factory my mother works at in the United States?"

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The Problem with the United States Republic Today 04 10 2019

The Problem with the United States Republic Today 04 10 2019

Is that we have a growing faction of the mentally defective in this country coming into power that consider the natural beliefs systems of man to really be Sovereign belief systems.

The mentally defective consider the following inalienable rights to be Sovereign beliefs when in fact they are exactly what secured our democracy, freedom and republic.

1.  Your right to free speech.
2.  Your right to understand and believe things in a logical and scientific manner rather than as per a crafted "Sales Pitch"
3.  Your right to keep and bear arms that cannot be infringed upon.  This one scares them because images of their retarded children picking up a handgun and naturally sucking it like a lollipop and blowing their brains out comes front and center with them.  In other words they don't understand what a responsible adult is because they were not raised to think and act like one.

A Republic means ruled by the people and not a Divine Right Monarchy ruler.  A Republic in the case of the U.S. means ruled by the people through a President.

Again the mentally defective believe the natural and inalienable rights of man really represent a Sovereign belief system.

In fact the only way that the mentally defective can be happy in life is if they believe they own people!  Is if they believe they control people, like in their doll house.

So last night there was a Democratic Woman Candidate for President being interviewed on television.  And what I immediately noticed about here was something very odd.  Her voice would get sing songy like a little girl.  But also something that a nun described to me when I was a boy.  That ethereal sound....perhaps it is long vowels?  Indicative of mental retardation.

Now let me articulate a little bit better if I can.  She had many good ideas.  But how they were presented was illegitimate.

It is kind of like this.  Lets say that someone plagiarizes everything that you think and work at.  And then they are attempting to sell it back to you and get you to support them as being the true model.  Do you get it yet?  The consideration is going the wrong way.  I am not accusing anyone of being anything I am just stating that is what it is like.  It was like she drew her answers from a mouth that just got done taking its suck thumb out of it.

And this is the best the Democratic Party has for us?

I really don't like Donald Trump,  But I like many of his ideas.  I like it that he fights for them.  I like it that he brings out the weakness of the Democratic Party.  I am not saying Trump is better, in fact I believe he would zero out your right to free speech if he could.  And he would have you all worshipping a bottle of Trump wine on it with a photograph of Jesus Christ on the cross on the label if he could.

Should you allow people to make the choice to try addictive substances.  Substances that will cause them to lose their intelligence as well as their children to be born without mental potential?  The answer is like this.  Did you ever watch people driving in their motorized buggy carts and odd small busses by manufacturers we don't recognize in the U.S......driving it on those roads on cut into the sides of mountains that are about 3 feet wide sometimes going to 1 foot wide.  Often to make a turn 1 of 4 wheels is hanging over the cliff... and the statistics from actual deaths are a whole lot of fatalities.  I think about legalized drugs, tobacco and alcohol in a similar manner.  It is like building one of those roads on the edge of an active volcano and then getting people to pony up 100 dollars a week for the joy of traveling on that road.  Mind you the fence you built around it melted away a long time ago.

The retard doesn't want you to recognize them as being a retard and be able to say it just like Satan's greatest achievement is hiding its identity among us.

So indeed what is the answer to the above?  It is a responsible one and it isn't one you are going to like.

But indeed factions of both political parties want your form of Government replaced by a Sovereign Monarchy instead of a Republic for the exact reason they don't like you, you represent a Sovereign system to them.  Your natural intelligence.  What people like that want is someone whose authority cannot be questioned, someone who answers to no one, someone that has ultimate power and someone that is completely under their control because they know they are a spoiled dead head just like themselves.  Someone who isn't going to tell them they can't smoke pot all day.  Someone that isn't going to care if they are brain dead and can't read or write or have any semblance of grammar.  Someone that doesn't care that they don't know how to naturally interact with other people.

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

Okay why are business failing today?  We have a generation of potheads abounding.  And they have great vision.  They have great ideas but it all comes from the smoke and the stolen soul.  What happens is that they get together to run a business and eventually they can't manage each other and it therefore sinkholes.  They have an infantile substitute idea for natural human being adult responsibility.  They can't tell each other what to do and be professional in the business because it is like the only answer they have for each other is , "Look dude chill out I want to have a smoke right now."  So indeed as a group they do not rise to the level of successful responsibility.  And it should be a crime that your normal child should ever have to b e forced to work for scum of the earth like that.  "Who is that shithead blowing smoke in my face."  "Who  is that queer that doesn't know to keep his hands to himself."  It is all here and it has no place in a Democracy or Republic.  And there is only one solution.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Bill Gates Humor 04 09 2019

Bill Gates Humor 04 09 2019

"How do I get the Bill Gates vacation photo's off of my opening windows screen?"

© 2019 Thomas Paul Murphy

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Can Donald Trump even prove that he filed Tax Returns for any years? 04 07 2019

Can Donald Trump even prove that he filed Tax Returns for any years? 04 07 2019

Honest to God, with that real estate depreciation offset what would the difference be?  With 9000 lies out of his mouth what is the likelihood people like him file at all?

Perhaps he won't release them because he never ever filed them?  He had the good ole boy network exemption!  Just like how the Federal Reserve Banking System would lend to him even after he bankrupted several companies!

And the reason he won't release them is because the FBI would have to recreate them just like the recreate evidence so that the general public doesn't figure out where their information really comes from, the souls of normal human beings being stole by the mentally defective, displaced in space and time and labeled schizophrenic.

Or would those tax returns reveal connections to criminal organizations?

What could be so personal about them?

Here we elected him because he was highly successful at making money right?  A figure head of that right?  He even started his own business school to that effect didn't he.  And what was the key tenet of that business school?  ~~"Never hire anyone smarter than yourself because something (bad) is going to happen and you're not going to like it!"

But if he really wanted to teach America how to make money he would reveal those tax returns so that we could learn from them.

A complete fraud!  A complete Charlatan!  Something that ought to have been running out of town with Laurel and Hardy a long time ago!

© 2019 Thomas Murphy