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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Quick Quick Breakfast Potatoes 01 16 2018

Quick Quick Breakfast Potatoes 01 16 2018

1. Cut up two small red potatoes just like in the photograph.
2. Place them in a cup and cover them in hot tap water.
3. Place the cup in the microwave for three minutes.
4. Start heating your frying pan and add perhaps a 1/2 Teaspoon of Ghee to it.
5.  Dump the cup of potatoes in the frying pan.
6.  Stir fry the potatoes in there with a bottom scraping motion of the metal spatula and add a pinch of salt, a pinch of black pepper and a pinch of powdered garlic.  Cook them on high.  When there is a crust on the bottom of your frying pan that you don't want to get any thicker to clean off you are done cooking them. You don't need to cook them too long.

Uncommonly Delicious!

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Thursday, January 11, 2018

An Interesting Concept that might help prevent overeating 01 11 2018

An Interesting Concept that might help prevent overeating 01 11 2018

Water has no Calories.

"How is a Calorie Defined? The energy needed to increase the temperature of a given mass of water by 1 °C depends....."


But what is water? Water is Two Parts Hydrogen to one Part Oxygen.

So if you take a cup of water how much oxygen is in it if you split the Hydrogen and Oxygen?

And if you take a cup of water how much hydrogen is in it if you split the hydrogen and Oxygen?

What is the point? Oxygen is highly flammable if not explosive. So it does indeed contain calories? Because you can burn it to create energy. ( I am wrong about this paragraph even though I am right about it.)

What about hydrogen? Hydrogen is flammable too. So if you split the hydrogen from the oxygen in a cup of water how many calories are in that amount of hydrogen?

Now add those two up and ask yourself how many calories total that is.

You could potentially go 21 days without eating food and only drinking water. Perhaps you could 3 days without water perhaps 8 to 10.

But do the math there.

Now how many calories are there in the hydrogen and oxygen in 8 ounces of water?

But wait calories are defined as the energy released when something combines with oxygen? So is there a loophole that Oxygen the standard of measure capable or producing energy... You get the point don't you? It looks to me like bad basis science in some way? Bad premise science?

So oxygen isn't flammable per the definition of it. But is it really a valid definition? Is that really how one should think of oxygen? Oxygen isn't really present in the world unless it is near something else. So there is a co-factor element to this? Oxygen makes other things burn at a lower temperature, ignite and burn faster. So lets say you have a canister of oxygen in a hospital and it leaks. Even though it say's danger of explosion. You run around and tell everyone that oxygen isn't flammable? Because you are so proud of your chemistry degree? Now that would make a great scene in a movie.

So moving on. If oxygen isn't flammable but hydrogen is? The definition of hydrogen is that it is flammable. Okay see where I am going now? You take hydrogen gas and add oxygen gas which makes it burn hotter and therefore is creating more energy and therefore has more calories because that torch could heat a cup of water.

So lets see where I want to go with this now. Do you urinate the same amount of water as you intake? If not what happened to it? Lets say that is true. What happened to that? It was stored in body tissue? Is there a ratio?

But back to my point. So I really don't know. But if you start burning hydrogen gas and add oxygen to it, what you get.

But back to my point. So I really don't know. But if you start burning hydrogen gas and add oxygen to it, what you get.

When a fuel cell is provided with hydrogen and oxygen it creates electricity and the byproduct is water.

And there is such a thing as a OXYHYDROGEN TORCH (cutting torch) where the gas is H2O2.

And apparently there is such a thing as an HHO torch that burns very hot and produces Water!

What am I getting at? I don't know. Perhaps some metaphysical something. And you have to realize that the person who is writing this has had virtually every thought and memory in their head beaten out of existence for the last 27 years.

But assuming the HHO torch idea and you could somehow make one by converting the gas from the amount of hydrogen and oxygen in a cup of water and the byproduct of that torch would be water....

Somehow I think I made a point here. Might be something that needs to be discovered with regard to it?

What inspired this? I am getting heartburn and think if I eat less it will go away. Perhaps the esophagus expands from overeating, because weaker as it gets thinner just like the skin of a balloon becomes thinner when it expands. And it might shrink if I eat less or don't overeat. And then it might go away. More acid is produced when you overeat and that becomes a constant everyday, and it eats away at the esophagus and causes heartburn?

My body is telling me to drink water and eat less.

Copyright 2018 Thomas Murphy

And I don't really want to here some jackhole Highs School professor who bragged about hitting a student with the energy from a Tesla Coil try to explain any of this to me. You have no credibility with me and you never will have.

Not done yet. According to this you could make oxygen just by itself explode if you heated it up in a chamber past its critical pressure point.

Doesn't that mean it is flammable?
Which brings me to what? Redefining how a Calorie is defined?

Just take a good look at who the chemists are in our nation and what their priority is, it isn't human health! It is money.

Now here is my last point. My Whitefish Bay High School Chemistry Teacher was fat and bitchy. She said that she was a finalist candidate to go up on the space shuttle. One student asked her a question I wanted to ask but I didn't feel like getting bitched at. She drank diet soda left and right. He asked her why they put so many chemicals in it. To which she loudly bitched, “Because it is good for you!” She died of, a heart attack?, a few years later. So what is the point? Science really being the opportunity for the mal adjusted to arrogantly lose themselves in academia with little regard or connection to humanity. And a lot of it stems from proposing solutions to problems that they created in the first place? So what is that? Someone that doesn't belong here necessitating themselves? “You need me to solve the last problem that I created for everyone?” I don't need you at all. You could stay in your four walls and not be allowed to have any contact with the outside world at all for all I care! But would you end up reacting with yourself? And I could tell you stories about other people that were like that too.

One final point to consider. You can not burn something without oxygen. And yet oxygen isn't flammable? Perhaps one of two things are going on here. Either the terminology doesn't do justice to the science. Or...

It isn't just a play on words is it.

And oxygen is formed through photosynthesis breaking down carbon dioxide? Is that a fare statement? No. If you think of it that way then you could not have a universe without life creating it. So indeed per my dead skull memory I had the construct that all the elements were just spewed out of the big bang. 

Does science really accurately explain how we can get something from nothing?

The only thing that explains how you can get something from nothing is the concept of the “Holy Spirit?”

And one of my Fathers favorite sayings was, “Am I being or becoming?”

Do you believe that you have a Holy Spirit or do you believe that you don't have your own Holy Spirit?

Copyright 2018 Thomas Murphy

More theory here.  So you take oxygen and you heat it in a container until it reaches a critical pressure and explodes and it comes into contact with other oxygen.  What is flammable the container?  And if you somehow made the container out of oxygen form in some novel way...

And it turns out there is such a thing as solid oxygen.

But you would have to cool it to get it so you could heat oxygen inside of it fast enough to reach the critical pressure?  But what if in some way you could?  If somehow you could do that very fast?  There are indeed thresholds like that in science.  And they seem to defy science? Until science comes up for an explanation of them?  Science is as much bunk as the voices in my head are!  No more legitimate than that!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Per the BIBLE we should not have to pay for Health Care at all 01 10 2018

Per the BIBLE we should not have to pay for Health Care at all 01 10 2018

What did Jesus Christ say about Health Care?  He said, "Doctor heal thyself."  It means, "Get the h3ll away from me!"  or "Doctor get the h3ll away from me!"

It means that Jesus Christ did not believe in Doctors.  Because Jesus Christ didn't believe in Doctors it means that you should never have to pay for the services of one.

"Doctor heal thyself."  Is Jesus Christ way of implying there is something wrong with them and they attempt to heal themselves by treating you?  We should never have to pay for that.

Jesus had it right.  So perhaps Doctors should only be allowed to live on handouts?

But lets take it one step further,  How did Jesus Christ heal?  He healed by driving the demons out of someone didn't he.  Can you put two and two together to determine who Jesus Christ was driving out of people in order to heal them?

"Doctor heal thyself," the equivalent meaning of "Doctor, get the h3ll away from me!"

If Jesus is taking that stance on it it means that you should never have to pay money for it.

And I could articulate it a little better than that but a demon doesn't want me to right now.

But one more point.  Jesus is implying that there is something wrong with a person that they can't change to make themselves better.

What are the odds that they have a defect to the gene that regulates serotonin and therefore personal happiness caused by Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?

Are we expected to pay money to an industry that Jesus Christ our Lord, God and Savior scolded for being eternally bad?

Not in a nation that believes in God and Country!

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Monday, January 8, 2018

Funny Money People 01 08 2018

Funny Money People 01 08 2018

Shouldn't the value of your debt fluctuate with the value of the bank that lent it to you?

For example the stock of that bank goes to zero, shouldn't that mean that the value you owe them goes to zero too?


Because they didn't belong in management! And because they didn't belong in management they had no true authority to loan money (UNITED STATES CURRENCY!!!)

(What is implied is that money was taken out of that entity by someone else and you owe because of it.)

Equitized or Secured? Means it is trad-able by them. But because they didn't have the true authority to lend United States CURRENCY how can it be deemed to be trade-able by them so that you owe it to someone else?

If they could run an efficient bank we wouldn't have the high interest rates that we do! So who is charging those high interest rates or why are they charged? It is like that is their cousins family that was born in the Bayou and has inbred heads that is charging those high interest rates; meaning they are the lessers of that family.

Why should you owe a CROOKED LOSER MONEY?

Why should another crooked loser be able to buy your loan from the first?

It isn't their money they are loaning you in the first place!!!!! They are never personally on the hook for it.

However in all cases the high salaries they are paying themselves come from your money! It is portioned out first!


Lets see if I can articulate the point better.

“You as a banker loaned to your loser brother Billy Bob and he squandered it!”


“You hired your three cousins with autism as a Vice Presidents at the bank and they spent the money on pacifiers and wine in the same box.”

How can someone that doesn't think, talk or act like a man say a man owes them money?

“He” enters the make money from debt business and makes a lot of money in it, but he can't pay his debt.”

Do you now see how all of the corruption in our country and our $19 trillion dollars in debt is facilitated by the unconstitutional concept of limited liability?

So why should you John Q. Public Normal have to foot that bill for him?

Once bankrupt he goes in his German Lux car and takes his accomplished resume to the next ugly architectural town to rape it all over again. (Remember he loaned the money to put up the ugly cold treeless lot boilerplate odd architecture homes in the first place!) And sire as many living rat bastards as he can! And the ugly saw toothed bat eared rat bastards love him because he is like a benefactor God to them!

He is like Polio FDR driving around with one arm giving every pre prostate cancer hick a case of whiskey.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Some people think that what I write is PURE GOLD!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

No Stewards of the Worlds Oldest Religion will be allowed in American Communities 01 07 2018

No Stewards of the Worlds Oldest Religion will be allowed in American Communities 01 07 2018

So the other day on the radio I heard them say that putting up the Foxconn Business park will lead to more Prostitution in that area of Wisconsin.  They said that peoples lives are ruined by it and they don't really recover.  But they also said something interesting, that males are forced into it.  Now they know what is true because they talk to these people as they try and help them recover.

So how are men forced into homosexual prostitution?  It might be that they are offered drugs and then can't pay for them so they have to earn the money from homosexual prostitution  But lets think like how the Devil thinks on this one.  Lets say that Scott W is a young High School boy wanting to have sex for the first time.  And he reads a book about how to pick up girls and he does it.  He is a good looking boy  But all along he didn't know that he was being targeted.  The next thing he knows he has thugs at his door threatening him if he doesn't pay them a lot of money!  Perhaps they say she is worth $500 bucks then $2000.  They change it based on whatever it takes to ruin his life.  They force him to be a prostitute in order to pay for the prostitute he had sex with.   That is the living devil!


Make America Great Again?

Any student that rapes a teacher ought to get the mandatory death penalty.  "Oh no, not my boy, he is going to be hung by the state!"  I really don't care!!!!

A black man that rapes a white woman ought to get the mandatory death penalty.  Why? So that we can restore faith in the concept of a patriarchal society.

A homo that rapes a male should also get the mandatory death penalty.

Justice combined with Prohibition, the 18th Amendment is the best form of Eugenics!

A pimp raping or abusing a male or female- mandatory death penalty!

Oh and what are we supposed to say to "THESE" people.  I haven't mentioned them yet.  The man who parades his wife around town all dressed up.  "Dressed to the nines."  They seem to place her wherever you are.  While the hubby kind of disappears for awhile.  And while she is near you she is putting it out big time in a big way, flaxing blacks would call it.  And they look to be of middle class or upper class?  Do you know what they want?  They want to scare the Holy be evoked (to use different language) from those of patriarchal genetic lineage.  What are we supposed to say to this filth,

"How are your wifes sales?"

Oh Christ I will say that under my breath to them next time!  I say that stuff all the time under my breath and I still have the balls!

And that is indeed what I mean by stewards of the worlds oldest religion, and they do not belong here no matter how much they propagandize themselves to.

Executing the lifetime embodiment of a crime against humanity right in public so those who can't learn know what they are not supposed to be; and those who were victimized know there is a God Capable of Justice! 

It would sober this nation up very quickly in contrast to Trumps whimpering, "He said this about me...whaa, whaa, whaaa."  Donald Trump cannot be from Patriarchal Genetic lineage!  As you read my writing are you able to learn what the difference is?  Somebody should have been talking to Donald Trump a very long time ago.

Off topic.  Lets pretend that I am a black minister and a black woman in the audience is piping up with her mouth while I am preaching.  She has long vowels that are indicative of mental retardation.  I would have to say to her, "You are speaking out of turn." or "I am giving this sermon, I don't need your interruption or input!"   The black man is helpless as to the black woman like that!

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Post Script:  That pimp is an abomination of MAN!  However the whee little folk of matriarchal genetic lineage don't see it that way.  They see him as a big strong man; in awe of them as if they were the Roman Statue.   There minds are completely different than those of patriarchal genetic lineage.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Any Beast 01 03 2018

Any Beast 01 03 2018

Any beast that reads my writing will immediately turn to its partner and say, "See what I have had to put up with all these years!"

© 2017 Thomas Murphy

Monday, January 1, 2018

Strategy to win a Second Civil War in the United States 01 01 2018

Strategy to win a Second Civil War in the United States 01 01 2018

The heroin death epidemic 59,000 dead in 2017 could rapidly escalate into a Second United States Civil War.  So how do we put that drug problem down?

1.  Destroy all alcohol supply and production.
2.  Destroy ALL opiate supply and production.
3.  Ban all foreign travel and create a Navy blockade that will destroy anything that approaches our nation.
4. Euthenize the mentally defective.
5.  Declare all listed Corporations that have operated under limited liability as being owned by the State, all profits going to the state after a nationalized wage structure, if businesses are deemed to be kept.
6.  Destroy all tobacco production.
7 .  Raise all alcohol serving facilities.
8.  Restrict Government payments to those who have profited from alcohol or opiate production or sale.
9.  Declare Psychiatry illegal and place those who practice it under house arrest.
10.  Institute the Death Penalty for pimping, child pornography production, child molestation, and drug dealing.  Mandatory public executions by firing squad or hanging.
11.  Declare that all residents must surrender any alcohol or drugs that they have to a collection facility or face extreme prosecution for possession.
12. Grant families who have had a member who has been tormented by voices special privileges and domains.
13.  Immediately halt all Government payments to military contractors and current service members.  Military Contractors assets to be considered owned by the state.  Service members can have utilities for their homes and food rations.  But will not have money to buy alcohol or drugs.
14.  First initiate a National Alcohol ID needed to buy alcohol in order to track usage patterns, to know who will be the major violators.
15.  Make all known drug dealers of prior conviction and those who are found to have drugs in their system where an identification necklace or bracelet.  They will likely recitative and end up being a strong threat. With 59,000 deaths it isn't like candy it is like a Wiccan administered poison.
16.  Why target alcohol?  Because not only is it a gateway drug it is the leading cause of mental retardation which I assert is the equivalent or the precursor to the criminal mind and therefore the criminal person.

Now that ought to do it.  Nazi Germany or Confederate South?  You have to be kidding me!  In both of those horrors they had to blindfold the victims before they went into the underground railroads because the beast could see through their eyes and know where they were going.  And that beast does indeed see through the eye's of its victims that are labeled schizophrenic today.  No it is just the opposite of Nazi Germany or the drunken loser mean Slave Master slave beating Confederate South.

It will take an awful lot to break the will of something evil!

Am I bad person?  Is it a bad thing to want to bring peace on earth?  Peace on earth doesn't mean we are subjected to bend over a barrel to the rich or have our minds raped by those who can't form one for themselves.

© 2017 Thomas Murphy