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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Invention Needed: A DSLR aiming peep hole sight that attaches to the hot shoe of your DSLR Camera 11 22 2017

Invention Needed: A DSLR aiming peep hole sight that attaches to the hot shoe of your DSLR Camera 11 22 2017

This would allow you to take pictures of birds flying in the sky and not fall down while doing so.  Because you would not have to hold the camera up to your eye to aim, you could hold it away from your face and align the peep hole with the bird and push the shutter button.

The hot shoe of the camera is on top of the camera and can be used to attach accessories.  But I have never seen a remote aiming peep hole or rod hole on the top of one.

I would patent this if my mind was distraction free of voices and I was therefore able to.

© 2017 Thomas Paul Murphy

Friday, September 8, 2017

Monkey Verbiage 09 08 2017

 Monkey Verbiage 09 08 2017

Compare these two sentences.

1.  Where my food at?
2.  Does not promote tooth decay.

"Where my food at?"  A linguist could probably analyze that sentence and find a commonality to monkey behavior in some way?

But what about "Does not promote tooth decay?"  That one is a far worse monkey isn't it?  The common context of the word promote is that it is something that a person does.  As in "We are using money to promote a candidate for public office."  "I am promoting that you use this product."

How many instances can you think of of that word  being used as a non person is doing the promoting?  It is indeed promoting a false authority isn't it?  Or a denial of responsibility?  It is a nasty lie isn't it.  But by someone very clever.  Someone that wants to make a monkey out of you?  Someone that wants to make a monkey out of a human being is no better than a monkey themselves.  That phrase always bothered me.  That and the person who wrote it can get on the next train out of here.  It is a weak phrase made to look strong?  "We are promoting that this product will not cause tooth decay?"  They didn't want to say that did they.  So instead they attempt to put the authority inherent into the product.  It is a lot like a Corporation is a person.  No it isn't.  A corporation is a collection of rotten people, who do not want to be held accountable for their actions and the liabilities that they create in order to "change American money"  A few standards less than that of men.

© 2017 Thomas Murphy

On Immigration 09 08 2017 Subtitled "Horses Head Wants a Drink"

On Immigration 09 08 2017 Subtitled "Horses Head Wants a Drink"

You never want to participate in anything so horrific that no other foreign country on earth would accept you as an immigrant.

Conceptualize a country that would accept all those who committed horrific acts if they paid large sums of money to get into it?

When you hear someone very wealthy and connected saying that we should send immigrants back to their own country do you consider it to be posturing so that they pay more money to come into that country in some way? "Buy in now before it is too late." Marketing principle.

I don't believe in Communism but I wonder if we can credit communism countries with any medical breakthroughs because those countries were not subject to corruption based on money?

So lets say you wanted to create a criminal world order? You would need to defile the strongest country on earth in some way? You would need to defile a country where the men think like men should. How would you do that?

First you would need to make their currency the equivalent of your own so that you could buy your way into it. You might even create a Communist country out of your own so that you could accumulate great wealth from slavery operations like mining or manufacturing.

This would be your way of saying all countries are equivalent and all people are capable of living in a standard of equality; when in reality you are creating a criminal empire.

After too long it wouldn't matter if your currency was convertible or not because you would already control ALL countries on earth.

Per our Constitution Congress has the power to declare foreign currencies worthless.

Are there wealthy that live in democracies who want to declare the currency of the normal individual worthless? Actively create the symptoms of mental illness in the normal individual? Could such individuals be said to have all come from one foreign country?

Should Congress also have the power to declare the currency of the individual, who is a member of the corrupt faction above and is a United States Citizen, should Congress have the power to declare that criminal minded persons currency worthless?

What about a new family member that is born into corruption and can learn nothing else? Is there a genetic component to corruption? Should Congress have the power to declare the value of that family lines currency worthless? In other words you participated in something so horrific that we declare your money is worthless here and everyone else in the world?

Is that really the equivalent of Genocide? Does it really justify genocide? How are you to root out a criminal element from your country, a nation that fought and died for freedom, a nation that believed wholeheartedly in equality, how to you bring that criminal element to justice other than genocide?

© 2017 Thomas Murphy

What if somehow the drugs coming into this country are part of a scheme to build wealth in foreign nations and in this nation? Lets say you had something called organized crime in the United States. Would that organization develop a way or scheme to profit from bringing drugs into the United States while at the same time evading our labor laws to pay people less than they would have to pay a white citizen? Could it all be done through blind trusts of the non working wealth class? They have to keep the money in the family some way don't they? Do I mind someone that is capable as a boy or young man of doing everything a man should be able to do such as mechanical work, applied reading writing and math having what is termed unearned income? Do I mind someone like that winning the lottery? No. Do I mind someone that can and never will attain the right of passage to manhood having unearned income? You give him a wrench or hammer to work with and as you watch him try and use it it would be like watching one queer touch another? What I really mind is being taunted with voices of the by definition ineffectual.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Humor: 08 30 2017

Humor: 08 30 2017

"That little piece of eggshell in your scrambled eggs; that's your lucky charm!"

© 2017 Thomas Murphy

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Humor 08 29 2017

Humor 08 29 2017

About as dumb as a "Tattoo Typo."

© 2017 Thomas Murphy

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Direct Injection Motorcycle 08 05 2017

Direct Injection Motorcycle 08 05 2017

Direct Injection Motorcycle 08 05 2017

I always heard the saying loud pipes save lives which is in favor of loud traditional motorcycles.  The Police used to ticket people who drove cars that had an exhaust leak and were very loud, they likely still do.

My outboard motor is a Direct Injection 25 horsepower and it is very fast.  It is also very quiet!!!  It weighs about 160 pounds.  I have to wonder how fast it would be in a motorcycle?

But one of the reasons I like it is because it is quiet.  I for the life of me don't understand how riding a motorcycle would be any different.  To get off of one of those things after it being that loud all day?  You have to have a certain degree of deafness.  Now tell me this, HOW IS OPERATING A MOTORCYCLE WITH A CERTAIN DEGREE OF DEAFNESS GOOD FOR YOUR LONGEVITY?  It doesn't make sense does it.  If you need the cars to hear you then you are not operating it defensively as you should.

The real reason you like it loud is because you like to cause trouble?  I have to wonder how many motorcycle riders were known to be that type of trouble in their lives?

Also ever go out to the country and someone has put a glass pack loud muffler system on their truck?  To me that is terrorizing the neighborhood.

Is a direct oil injection motorcycle even made?  It would be less polluting and more energy efficient.

You would have to compare motorcycle accidents on loud bikes versus motorcycle accidents on more quiet bikes.  I'll bet you a buck the quiet ones have fewer accidents.


What if every small town in the United States had to have a breakfast house were everyone had to try a hand at working at at some point in their lives?  I think that would bring back what America is supposed to be.  This would have to occur is a post alcohol world though.

Is a German American really even a German?  Are they really an American?


So does anyone make a direct injection motorcycle?


How many car accidents do loud motorcycles cause?
How many shop accidents as the person working on the machine tool is distracted by the noise of one?
How many kids in school are distracted from learning when they hear one going through their neighborhood?  Do you want to know something?  There is nothing the mentally deficient like better than a distraction in a learning environment!

Main point?  How can you get off of a loud motorcycle after a day of riding and not have a pounding headache from the noise of it? Irritable when someone asks you something because you can't hear?

Do you know why loud motorcycles are around?  Because it is a kiss the butt of anyone who has money economy.

©  2017 Thomas Murphy