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Friday, October 19, 2018

The Advertising World 10 19 2018

The Advertising World 10 19 2018

Can you believe it?  They are actually using the names and images of television personalities you might secretly not like to advertise with by getting you to believe that they passed away!!!!

The emails and website boxes start out like this, "______fans are in morning!"  In order to play on your subconscious wishing they weren't around and click through to see what happened?

What does it mean?  It means that they know without a doubt there are certain television personalities the public absolutely can't stand!

So the question becomes, why are they on television in the first place?  Because they get you to REACT to advertising!!!!

How?  Chief asks?

Because subconsciously the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome American watches that show and thinks whatever that person is advertising is what made them so successful and famous!  If it could make someone as dispicable as that famous maybe it would be good for me too!

And look at the sports commentators?  The dumbest block heads ever!  Again,  "If it made that block head so successful it must be good for me too!"

Look at the news anchor opinions and the radio talk show hosts that are vitriolic against the American man!    Horrific.

Good God!  If that isn't Wiccan Coven America!  Needs to go!  Catapult speed.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Thursday, October 18, 2018

A Debate Tool 10 18 2018

A Debate Tool 10 18 2018

"Don't make the question about anything other than the question."


"Don't make the question about the other candidate."

But perhaps it is okay to make it about the history of the other Political Party?  No.  Not really.  Because that is looking backward and not forward and indicative of the same.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

When they make the question asked to them into an attack on the other candidate it really just reveals that they are of the "vicious" nature.   A vicious nature person is not for the people or for the benefit of the people.  They are more or less a squatting bull dog. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

To Position your Religious based Race and empower them in a Country 10 17 2018

To Position your Religious based Race and empower them in a  Country 10 17 2018

So that controversy makes money for you and the victims created by it are never of your own clan.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Milwaukee Brewers Baseball 10 17 2018

Milwaukee Brewers Baseball 10 17 2018

If you have a player on your team that intentionally kicks a Milwaukee Brewer not only should that player be expelled from the game of baseball but it should be an automatic loss of the entire series for your team!

I didn't see the play, went to bed before that.

If the referees and the officiating crews do not see it this way then there needs to be sanctions placed on Professional Baseball.

Think of the message you are sending to young boys (and girls) in Little League and other sports.  Think of how you are transforming that young mind into that of a beast that thinks, "Look at how successful I can be if I compete dirty at just the right time."  That has no place in the United States.  And anyone who doesn't see it that way doesn't belong here either.

Now I am going to attempt to find a video clip of that.

And to think that these are the kinds of people that you promote to great financial success in the United States.  You are a complete disgrace to our nation and our flag.

I just saw what Manny had to say about it.  And he looks like the cat that bites your leg and thinks there is nothing you are going do about it.

(Disclosure: When I wrote what I did last night I had no idea we had a player named Jesus.)

Do you want to know how weak minded the men in Professional Baseball are?  They let a dirty player define how the game is played.  And that is the problem with out entire nation today.

Didn't find that scene at the below link.

I would write what Henry Ford had to say about Professional Baseball but you would have a crying fit.

Do you know how members of a team feel when another team is allowed to get away with this?  "We did everything by the book and didn't win because the other team didn't play like men."  It is depressing because depression is anger that you have to repress.  It breaks the spirit of the other team, the good man team, right in the middle of a playoff series.

Manny has no shame.  He got where he is in life by being that way.  And it should have never been allowed to happen.  So how do you keep people like that out of the sport?  You can't because of the chain of fools around.  But it is enough justification to require that the athletes in professional baseball be subject to salary caps.

Why allow someone to be promoted to great financial success if you wouldn't even want them to be living in your neighborhood as your neighbor?

Why allow the punk attitutude juvenile delinquents to have an avenue of great success in our nation?  Why let them set an example for other young juvenile delinquents.


And you know what?  The scum flows straight down from the top.

"Donald Trump, what did you do with those tax cuts."
"I used them to buy a $130,000.oo hooker for an hour."

You think that is a person who can manage money?  That is a person who completely mocks the United States dollar.

We need to re-legislate the entire landlord tenant law Federal Reserve system so that people can not take giant loans from banks, buy rental properties with them collect the rents and never pay taxes because the depression claimed on the tax form offsets the rental income of the property that they don't really own 100% mortgage free.  That landlord tenant law is what the British used to kick the Irish out of Ireland.  That and they took their potatoes and gave them back rotten ones so that they all got sick and had to leave.  I doubt there are any Irish left there today.  Genetically flawed with that British gene aka Black Irish?  In other words they don't think like men that have patriarchal genetic lineage anymore.

You I can see that fat faced Republican Farm Woman wanting to dish a load of fat pie mouth out on me already.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

You know how bad you have made this country?  You have made this country so bad that somebody wants to hit someone who thinks and say's things like I do on the head with a bat or club.

And perhaps there is another side to the issue to?  Building a team based on one human mind?  Then humbugging that mind while the team is playing so that they play better or worse?

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

updated How much Immigration can our Environment Support? 10 16 2018 updated

How much Immigration can our Environment Support?  10 16 2018

When you see that the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District can't treat all the waste that we currently "produce" without flushing a lot of it directly into Lake Michigan do you also come to the conclusion that we are "maxed out" already, and could likely use some downsizing to our population?

Is that a legitimate reason to curb immigration?

Or should we just keep adding lanes to the highways to accommodate growth?

I think that we need responsible population control measures in the U.S. because of this.

And forget about how much can we sell as a nation.  Perhaps the waste that we produce that ends up right here in the United States with regard to or attributed to foreign sales isn't worth it!!!

Isolationism?  No.  But I never believed in the global economy hype.  "Oh we have to compete on a global basis."  No we don't.  Some interpretation of this phrase/idea could apply, "We can just be ourselves."  Get it?  Things that shouldn't matter to us shouldn't matter to us.

Global economy?  I view that as a financial based attack on the United States.  Who could honestly see it any other way?  Be competitive in global banking?  Wait a minute those forms of Government are NOT equal to ours and Congress has the right to set the exchange rates of those currencies.  And none of this, "Well they can convert our dollar to their currency through another currency."  The U.S. has the right to set those currency rates.  We pay the countries we pay and we receive currency from the countries we sell to.  How that plays out between the other countries?  Perhaps it is like this.  "Where did you get those dollars?  You never sold anything to the United States because we wouldn't let you.  Therefore it is stolen currency."  And you know what?  That is exactly how I view the foreign currency markets and currency futures.  Really designed to drain the U.S. of currency with the eventual goal of bankrupting us and blaming it on our Constitution.  And thereby attacking the very thing that represents our freedom so beautifully.  Then you all get to hear a froggy toad voice of a birth defective person in your head like I do.

If there are people here who are acting boldly or subversively in offense of the United States Constitution they need to go to a country with a lesser Constitution/gov where by definition they will be happy.

And perhaps it is like this.  On a scale of one to ten, with ten being the most satisfied and one being the least satisfied, "How happy are you with the product of your own mind?"  Can't lie to yourself can you.  See what I am getting at?  Didn't you have every opportunity to develop a life in the United States whereby you were satisfied or happy with the product of your own mind?

Have you been perpetrating mass lies in the United States?  If so why? The only reason could be that you can't compete fairly here.  The only reason being that our standard is far too high for you.  The only reason being is that you desire to destroy the framework of this nation and make it something lesser.  And therefore if you were perpetrating mass lies here you would bre guilty of treason.  Punishment at the very least for that should be deportation.

Politicians read this way to me today.  Either they knowingly misrepresented material facts, that being treason or they unknowingly misrepresented material facts and that being incompetence based negligence.  Either way they are like failing grade people.  So why were they promoted to political candidacy?  Organized crime infiltrating the United States as a religion using that money to promote an unconstitutional agenda.  If in some way you are whittling away at the middle class of the United States doesn't that amount to an unconstitutional agenda?  What do they think of the middle class?  Just a hair above the poor who eat a heal of bread a day with dirty fingers?  Honestly isn't it like they just lumped us altogether like that?  Meanwhile Donald Trump calls a woman he is alleged to pay off $130,000.oo to have sex with and shut up about...he calls her a horse face.  That makes Donald Trump a big fat curled sloppy lip Mrs. Ed Horse kisser?  Oh Christ nothing I didn't ever think of him as being.  Do you think a clown like that can address our nations problems?  Who are you fooling if you believe that?  I mean why don't you buy a jersey of your favorite baseball player or football play and have it say "Arron ____ or Ryan_____ (or whoever it is) Is Really Jesus."  I mean what goes on in your thought process.  A glib this is this way and that is that way without putting any thought to it?  If I were this countries leader I could create a test that could statistically determine if you were an airhead and therefore not a qualified electorate allowed to vote.

And after that you will start more b/s.  Like this, "Jesus Christ say's smoke weed."  Someone that believes that should not have been allowed to graduate from Grade School.  And it does bother me when people like that become successful.  It is as if a foreign Government is rigging our Democracy with that type of destructive and lying propaganda.  "To hate anyone around just for being normal."   Do I believe in eugenics program that prevents groups of people with the agenda of, "To hate anyone around just for being normal," from being around?  I mean so what if I do?  Why should I be forced to lie about my beliefs?  You can't get a more rotten and treasonous Government than one that forces Citizens to lie about their own beliefs.  News Flash, "We have the equivalent of Communism right here in the United States today, and have had it here for a very long time, just because of that."  Now a highly paid professional in virtually any field/industry in the U.S. would read this and claim it made absolutely no sense to them.  Rather than uttering those words why don't you go put a lolly pop in your mouth and shut up or something.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

P.S. I am not too far off with that "Jesus Christ say's smoke weed," comment am I.  And that right there is why the current Pope never should have even been allowed in a Catholic Church.  He once pondered if the Church should consider that?  Good God the rich and famous live in their own high fructose corn syrup vat of confident beliefs.  Sickening.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Humor 10 15 2018

Humor 10 15 2018

"Does one of the new teeth your Grandmother's Dentist put in look like it came out of a horses mouth?"

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Saturday, October 13, 2018

A Woman's Right to have an Abortion? 10 14 2018

A Woman's Right to have an Abortion?  10 14 2018

So they nix that and then what do they go after?

1.  A woman's right to divorce her husband.

Then what's next?

2.  A woman's right to who she is going to marry.

And how did we get there with the wealthy Republican Party Members?  It is as if they are trying to normalize what isn't normal in the United States; prearranged marriages for money.

How does it work among the wealthy?  Wealthy mother of hairlip dyslexic son arranges a date with hairlip dyslexic daughter of wealthy woman from her tennis club.

It isn't a marriage based on love it is based on money.  And again we see that with Leah Vukmir holding herself out as a compassionate nurse then somehow her very cold and calculating business side (that all nurses are required to have?) overules that on issues and she opts for money over human health.

And I doubt that these people know what really motivates them to make the decisions they do based on opinions.  Think about it?  A woman wants a dress like the one another one has.  What about being popular because you say you believe what another woman of your political party said?  It is that shallow isn't it.

Do you really want to know what I think about it?  A woman Senator no matter who she is isn't capable of making the best decisions with regard to the lives of women as a whole in this country.

Hunters versus gatherers.  The hunter gets it the gatherer doesn't.  And there are very few true hunting men around anymore.  But the hunter mind of man gets it this way.  If I take this path through these woods, and cross that board that is over the stream, and then take that path going in that direction,  I will likely find the natural deer trail right there!  In other words we see where it goes and what motivates it.  And it has to do with the male brain being wired differently in the hippocampus.  Men have a much better memory of where they are and what is where they are on a trail.  That type of memory.  It is true.

Then I heard Leah say something to the effect of we don't do environmental type controls that aren't proven?  Which means what?  She doesn't have the ability to analyze the science behind how things work?  Know it is a safe answer for her isn't it.  Because what does it mean?   It means that none of the wealthy corporations are going to be fined for environmental polluting and run out of business from the liability.  Doesn't really matter that lives are likely cut short by cancer causing substance in the groundwater in the Green Bay Area.  "We need that revenue?"  Do you know how weak minded that is?  That is like a sissy is dancing around on stage isn't it?

One thing that I noticed about Republicans is that they have very good verbal ability but no actual logical thinking capability.  That part of their brains, those cells, were long ago dried out by alcohol and the gene expression gone.  In other words they base all of their opinions as asserted beliefs and all of that is based on conjecture!

Let me get at it another way.  Analyze whatever problem our country is facing.  What are all the variables that play into that problem.  A Republican will either gloss over 7/10 of them or say that 7/10 are unimportant because the Republican doesn't have the adult comprehension to intelligently analyze problems.  What is really on their minds?  "What am I going to drink tonight?  I will get a gin and tonic here.  I will have a glass of wine with supper."  Men who think like that are not problem solvers.  They begrudge the very life that God gave them.

And that is it right there isn't it!  The substance user does not experience life to the fullest as God intended them to!  Pretty prophetic isn't it?

Them experiencing life to the fullest is to drink, be promiscuous and get a woman pregnant out of wedlock. And you know what?  Every one of their public policies caters to the fatuous bastard to the exact detriment of the middle class.

But you know what I was really proud of today?  The moderators of this debate on Public Television did not let the candidates get away without directly answering the question.  Now would they have done that if somebody didn't get after them?  Would they have done that if Republicans haven't time and again vowed to cut all funding for Public Television?

I will just say that was refreshing.  It was representative of how a Patriarchal Society works.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy