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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Deep Holes in River Project 04 28 2016

Deep Holes in River Project  04 28 2016

It would seem to me that a device could be placed upstream in a county in a river and it could map out the deep holes in the river.  As it drifts downstream it could under power check out all the eddies to see if there are some deep ones.

I would like to see this done with the Milwaukee River!!!  I have never seen a highly detailed bottom contour map of the river.  If there are 10 foot holes in it I want to know about them and where they are and if there is a deep stretch then a boat ramp should be put in there and perhaps two boat ramps one upstream and one downstream on the navigable stretch with the holes in it.

And that river will not be clean per the Clean Water Act until you can pick up a hand full of soil or bottom muck and it doesn't smell horrific!  Basically it is ruined and a lost cause?  Great leadership we have had in this country; not!

It could have a GPS transmitter in it that transmits the depth at the current coordinate!  It could also have a sight video tower on it, so that it doesn't get stuck?

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Isn't this a misnomer? The Peoples Liberation Army didn't free the People but instead enslaved them in Communism 04 27 2016

Isn't this a misnomer?  The Peoples Liberation Army didn't free the People but instead enslaved them in Communism  04 27 2016

Perhaps I don't know my history and what was there before Communism was worse?

But if the Peoples Liberation Army is the Communist Army then why don't all the Chinese have guns?

What is worse a populous that isn't working or a populous that is polluting so greatly that they destroy all human life in that country from toxicity?

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If you knew where they were getting their ideas for product development from their would be a worldwide genocide?

The Board of Health needs to be testing open pictures of tap water at Wisconsin Restaurants and closing them if contaminents are found. 04 27 2016

The Board of Health needs to be testing open pictures of tap water at Wisconsin Restaurants and closing them if contaminants are found.  04 27 2016

The closing procedure is relatively simple every food item the place is put in the back of a small truck and removed, the doors are locked.

You can set up your restaurant in your original country of national origin; you are not of the United States standard!

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Why do inner city kids want to be placed in the Suburb School (busing) program? 04 27 2016

Why do inner city kids want to be placed in the Suburb School (busing) program?  04 27 2016

It has nothing to do with a better opportunity for academic achievement does it!  It is all about advancing through that athletic program and those connections into professional sports isn't it!

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Building United States Prisons in Foreign Countries for United States Criminals of that National Origin 04 27 2016

Building United States Prisons in Foreign Countries for United States Criminals of that National Origin 04 27 2016

Is that black person on a bicycle in the median of the road waiting to hijack a car coming by happy in the United States?  No!  Will he ever be happy in the United States?  No.  Was there ever a black teacher who stood up like a man and was a good father figure to these young men?  More likely than not that man and a whole lot of black woman are seeing the black kid who wants to hijack a car in their minds eye and being complacent with it?  They want to will it to happen because it is those white people who are smarter who will be victimized!  Now that last sentence there can indeed be more broadly applied, perhaps in another article as that isn't the general focus of this one.

How about a Polish religious leader who was complement with the sexual molestation of white children?

Should we put Mexican drug lords operating in the United States in United States Prisons?  No!  Again we never want that criminal stock to gain a foothold here.  Also they have committed a crime and should not just be deported; the white boy knows or used to know that when you committed a crime you go to jail so you don't do that!

Does this end the recidivism rate in the United States?  Absolutely!

Aside from the initial reason it also makes sense when it comes to telemarketing fraud conducted from foreign nations on United States Citizens!  We never want them serving time in the United States because we would never want that criminal stock to get a foothold here.  This time of crime just adds to our national debt.  For example if it is credit card fraud and the banks just write it off.  Then they end up declaring bankruptcy and socking it to the taxpayer/citizen in a .Gov bailout!

So how do you handle the drug problem?  The Foreign based United States Prison in the only way you end that freakish wired psychotic nightmare!

What about high crimes by the wealthy in foreign nations that have their arms reach into the United States?  Same great place to put them in right!  A prison in their own country.  And perhaps we can have a much higher standard of sentencing and justice for people like that in this framework.

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For some reason we are not allowed to say you aren't one of us; however you didn't cognitively develop to be of our national standard for whatever reason?  Likely you are one of the 5% with fetal alcohol syndrome with no visible signs?

Every Prison should also have a Sodomy Gallows.  Prison isn't the place for you to meet your gay husband or wife at!  And if Prison faculty are engaging in Sodomy then somehow that noose will be for them too!  That keeps the prison system CLEAN!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Why Competitive Sports Involving Violence Should be Banned 04 25 2016

Why Competitive Sports Involving Violence Should be Banned 04 25 2016

I have never considered this before in my entire life, in fact I always believed just the opposite, but hear me out on this.

Five Percent of the Population is stated to have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. It is a form of mental retardation. However the vast majority of them have no visible exterior signs! Meaning they have a brain deformation but you can't tell, at least not very easily, by looking at their face!

So per my reading what happens when alcohol causes the brain not to develop as it should in the womb? That part of the brain that is missing instead fills with cerebral spinal fluid.

So lets say that I want to become a Professional Boxer, and I am very fast. Is it fair to me to get in the ring with someone who has the front cavity of their brain filled with cerebral spinal fluid? They have nothing to lose! What do I have to lose? I could end up mentally retarded just like them! They don't have anything to lose because what they would have to lose they were born without.

How many white people have gotten into the ring with someone like that, taken a blow to the head and ended up with a speech defect the rest of their life? Whereas the same blow to the mentally retarded persons head wouldn't make much difference? It is like that pocket of cerebral spinal fluid in their brain makes them bread to be killing machines?

Would a boxing promoter ever inform a young white boy of average or above average inteligence that he is getting in the ring with a retard? Again there are no phsyical signs!

Now this same competitive comparison hold true for all violent sports potentially involving impact to the head, such as but not limited to martial arts and football. What about basketall? It is stated to have the most injuries of all. Do you want to be on the court with a lumbering oxy fellow who is throwing his elbows all around and his knees too? It isn't fair to men and the sons of men! But it is something the retard finds very funny isn't it! I am a pretty rough and tumble guy. But just think about what I am saying. That retard has nothing to lose! So you never see that aspect of it coming!

So World War 2 was indeed a distraction that defeated Prohibition in the United States, the Temperance movement that was gaining ground in Germany and established by teachers, and also Mousalini didn't want Italy to be growing grapes anymore did he! He wanted them to be growing something called food! He vowed to eliminate organized crime from Italy! Call me whatever you want but that is someone, for that very reason, that I respect tremendously!

Did I always think this way? No I love boxing and like to watch it, but again that isn't the point. Also I loved to drink when I was younger, but in retrospect I wish that I never did! I wish that it had been illegal and the reasons for it being illegal as per above were made very clear to everyone at a young age, it causes mental retardation! You might hear voices of the mentally retarded later in life and become disabled by them!!! There is that enough of a reason for you? I can hear the punk kid laughing already.

Who drinks alcohol when they are War? It would seem to me that you would be scared straight and praying to God every minute of it! You would not want to be impaired by alcohol. But the English had beer dropped to them during the War? They weren't going to win it without the United States on their side. How many of your fathers of that greatest Generation would have fought in WW2 if they knew that it meant their children would end up being disabled by the voices heathens as a result of it??? That is something that should have never been allowed to be legitimized in the United States!

So you take Judo in college and the instructor has you take on a black belt. He purposefully falls on your head and you end up bleeding out of your ear, likely because the canal got a little stretched? But who needs that? Who want's to watch two short men beating each other in the head with faggot like punches when they have them down? But what about the argument that kids should take martial arts to defend themselves? Chuck Norris once said that most kids take it because they have been abused already. So it really doesn't prevent something bad from happening it is just a response to it? Now you know where I am going with this, I don't like to say it. But in order to prevent that normal child from being abused by the mentally retarded you cannot allow the mentally retarded to be born or live among them.

So a mentally retarded criminal minded person attacks you. You defend yourself against them with a blow to their head and kill them. Is it the same crime as if you killed a normal person? I don't believe it is! But the point is should you as a human being ever be put in that spot? Should that burden ever be allowed to find you? I say no! As a normal human being you don't have the idea to attack and kill normal people. You respect people. You expect that everyone is normal to. But it isn't true; even though it should be!

So you see a purse of $1,000,000.oo for a boxing match and that is what you want to be because you are fast and strong. Again, is it fair for you to compete with a mentally retarded person who has part of their brain filled with cerebral spinal fluid! Even though you are both in the same weight class can you see why that isn't a fair or “equal” fight? Now lets say the mentally retarded person wants to sue because their competitive rights have been violated? A judge ought to just be able to throw that case out. “You fool, how come you aren't grateful you are alive.”

Now the mentally retarded person wins because they are not fazed by blows to the head. The mentally retarded person then starts a family with that $1,000,000.oo. What is that? Somehow that is bad eugenics isn't it! Is that what we want to promote in a country that established freedom?

So do you give people with mental retardation their own boxing ring to fight in? Some of us would end up being a little squeamish like how our mothers were when they watched boxing? I now understand that. Just step back and ask yourself, “Is that something, as a man, that I should be enjoying?”

I do indeed still like to watch boxing. But I have never thought of it this way before and thought that I should articulate it.

The final point being, look at the gestalt of that, it doesn't seem to be a legitimate industry to me. How do you label something like that? “The best of those who were born into perdition?” How does that benefit the middle class? It promotes violence and injury of the members of the middle class? Do you ever read in the paper that a rich person was victimized? Not too often. So who is left? Soft rules on crime erode the middle class. And that is bad for the standard of freedom we created here, it defies it. Why? I always believed that communism is the equivalent of Slavery in the south. You have a small percentage wealth class and the hard laboring worker. That is what happens when the middle class is eroded. How many of the upper class have the fetal alcohol syndrome without phsycial signs? It has to be the greater majority! Which means what? The middle class is the only legitimate class! The wealthy are drinkers and it causes mental retardation of their children. But how do they adapt to it? The demonize a human mind with voices and create a schizophrenic.

So please, please, lets have that modern brain mapping based inquisition. That is the way the Bible prophecy of the “Last will be first, and the first will be last,” will be fulfilled!

What about reproductive rights? China limited the birth of children for awhile. Should it be done in the United States? Do you have a right to get a woman pregnant and not be a father, then get another ditto, and another etc? At some point shouldn't the bastard maker be sterilized? I will assert that most children put up for adoption likely have fetal alcohol syndrome! A brain defect mental retardation without physical signs? Look at the conditions that lead to them being put up for adoption? The father or mother has a history of drinking and not working at a job doesn't he! So bingo it is right there! The mother picked some man up at a bar (drinking) and got pregnant! Bingo right there! The parents were abusing the children, why? Drinking or mentally retarded, bingo! Now the irony is that some of the adopted children are the best members of their family! The bad parents learn from that kid! It is like a human being is being adopted by curious and needy monkies? Isn't saying much but in ironic humor it is true! To me it seems like a form of slavery. The parents create the economic conditions whereby the good and normal can't make it in this country and have to give up their children. Nothing bothers me more than any instance of that happening! Steam coming out of flaring nostrils from me.

And again I would not write any of this stuff if I wasn't demonized, and disabled from voices. They will not allow me to profit from any of my writing ability or other skills! They turn up the heat extremely loud and deafening! So indeed they look like us but it really means these spoiled sore losers can't fairly compete with us in anything! So they should never be allowed to have a prima dona outlet such as Professional Sports and its high and glorifying payouts! ENOUGH! Schizophrenia is medical fraud, the symptoms are real and horrific however the cause of it makes it fraud!

When some of us are disabled by voices it means that a lot of the others are NOT earning their money and wealth! The truth is that they are dependent minded to us and can't do anything right unless we are being actively denied the use of our own human minds! There is nothing more weak, horrific and cowardly than that!

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"We don't need to read no book's, we just use that white boy's mind for our book."
But let's take a look at the ladder to success that get's today's professional boxer where he is?  They were beating people up all their life weren't they!  How is that good for our education system and our competitiveness with foreign nations?  Foreign policy starts internally doesn't it!

I don't want the mentally retarded kid to have something to look forward to in life as a career that is violent and highly lucrative!  I don't want the mentally retarded child to look forward to selling drugs for profit.  I don't want him to believe that because he is in a wealthy family that he will do well in life and prosper!  I don't want him to be in any career that involves deception of the public in any way shape or form!  I don't believe a normal human being should be subjected to competing with someone like that in the work force, because it isn't fair competition.  I don't want our national resources siphoned away for the needs of the mentally retarded created by irresponsible parents who drank at the expense of our middle class and eventually our democracy and then world freedom!  I don't want the mentally retarded kid to be able to suck on pot smoke!  ~In place of happiness from achievement that is fairly earned!  I don't want that mentally retarded child to end up in corporate management because he is mean and get control of human beings lives who played by all the rules in life!  I don't want him to be that subjective teacher that has a chip on his shoulders for those born normal!  I don't want that kid ever telling someone what they should be in life and what they should not be!  I could never be a teacher like my father.  Do you see that I have a little German temper in me?  I couldn't put up with a classroom full of bad kids or even one of them!  I couldn't be that weak willed man who stands up there and defends bad behavior because that bad kids parents are wealthy community members!  I could never be that!  I don't want that criminal minded person to ever be in the position to deny, distract and molest the thinking of a human being!  I don't think its cute.  To me you have no place in a first world nation.  Did you ever ask yourself what you are doing here?  I don't believe that England qualifies as a First World Nation.  Rather than internal(organic development) they made their money by manipulating foreign countries and War profiting!  To me that is the lowest rung on the ladder!  The United States was established to be independent of bad kids like that!  Bad changes here happened in 1932 by weak and cowardly men among us!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Humor: An Oxymoron is....04 25 2016

Humor: An Oxymoron is....04 25 2016

An oxymoron is a curly haired German?

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