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Thomas Paul Murphy

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Question for Scott Walker "Why do you believe you should be entitled to receive $10 million dollars?" 11 23 2014

Question for Scott Walker "Why do you believe you should be entitled to receive $10 million dollars?" 11 23 2014

Anyone notice how when I started on that tune he changed his wording to Government Dependency?  Scott why don't you tell us all how we can get a gift of $10 million dollars just like you did?  What is your secret Scott?  Scott what is the secret to getting a $10 million dollar gift?

I have already made the point that those who gave him that money should have had to put it in the general pot instead. 

Aha!!  There we go!  So and so put that much money into political action, perhaps that person wants to give the rest of us fast times people a tax break by compensating with a larger funding of the Government!  Get it?  They didn't have the money to fund the Government!  Instead they would just put all that money in one person who is worth it?  One person who didn't even graduate from college.  What does that make Scott?  Someone who isn't as qualified to get a job and hence will do what the money tells him to!  How many drunks son's and daughters in the beer state are just like him?

He has yet to ferry Wisconsin to the other side of the river and the tenderfoots want him to have the responsibility to ferry the United States across the seas?  We aren't supposed to pay the ferrymen with coin or credit until they get us to the other side?  All this talk of him being President is sickening.  It is about the sycophant equivalent translated to pseudo media work of asking him if he will play golf with you next week!  These suckling mouth adult males don't belong here!

When I was in college I asked a person why they voted for a Republican and I kept at that person for a concrete answer.  He hemmed and hawed and started to get nervous like I was onto something personal about his cognitive state, you know something he didn't want to talk about because he was ashamed!  Try it out!  Keep asking them why they like a certain candidate until you reach that level of personal shame for not wanting to really say why!  You will have a humorous memory for a lifetime!  His father might have been a German American Dentist?

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Anyone ever curse someone 11 23 2014 updated

Anyone ever curse someone 11 23 2014
Anyone here ever curse someone? I don't believe you should feel an ounce of guilt for it if that person incited it! And I am not talking about a false rationalization or subjective determination of that; I mean that they might have physically hurt you; and that is what incited you to curse them!

I often feel that some of us who are diagnosed feel guilty ourselves because we cursed someone and a coven or group of whatever that is is cursing us in an odd justice? Don't get hung up on that concept and here is why. Because they are cursing you later in life it means that they never liked anything about you, they never liked your thinking whatsoever, or they never developed their own ability to think for themselves! That same person or group of people that is cursing you later in life it means that they are still inciting evil! It means that they for some reason were always inciting you to be angry at them and curse them! I call that process inverse imprinting and believe that it is a sign of a mentally defective person or group of people for two reasons. 1. It is indicative of their inability to think for themselves. 2. It is criminally minded behavior whose goal is to violate the thinking and ability to think of men. 3. It is a mean thing to do for no reason! And perhaps there reason is that they never had their own conscious mind it was based on reactive thinking to yours? The truly criminally minded person is a very mean person, and that is a sign of a mental defect. In fact there is no greater sign than that!

The point here is that person you cursed is going to use active denial systems to create voices and prevent you from using your own higher mind capability in life! Not only were you initially justified in cursing them; they never belonged living in a civilization! They incited it initially and will be bad to the bone their whole life! You did nothing wrong if it was incited. In fact when it is incited it is because they want to hear your anger. They feed upon it! And yes that is a blood sucker! One race less than the human species! Aha I like that! “One race less than the human species!”

Now lets assume that you are a psychiatrist on the ward of a criminally insane ward. The only people who will save you from getting beat to death are other patients that have been diagnosed as psychotic. It means that they have had a break from reality for some reason as justification for their horrible crime and therefore they do not serve time in a regular prison! Okay what all of these laws and our current judicial code has never addressed is, what incited that person to commit the crime? You watch a bull in a rodeo pen and he has a rope tied around his hind quarters constricting his penis in pain and he is being electric shocked. Do you ever ask yourself why is that bull trying to kill the rider on its back? No you don't! What is the human breaking point? What type of human being would incite someone to reach that point? I believe that if some criminals could articulate how they were incited to violence and we could walk in their shoes we might not find them guilty. But in a court of law it is something different. The lawyers and the judge are very clear on the issue aren't they!! It doesn't matter why they did it all that matters if you believe they did it. Our Founding Fathers knew very well how evil people incite others to criminal behavior! That is why they put it in there that inciting Civil Unrest is an Impeachable Offense. However that Inciting a crime never works its way into our general legal code and it should! It should follow directly from that Constitutional provision! Lets say you have an older brother or stepfather that is raping you every day and you kill them? I don't see how any human being can rationally say that you should serve time for that! In fact my personal opinion is that the defendant in that case is a great hero! No one has ever said anything like that or been of that opinion before. But that is how I think. Now lets say that a bunch of mentally defective people find a way to electronically harass a human being to make them here electronically generated voices that cause pain in their heads. That is real technology and the effects are real. I could tinker around in my basement and easily make something like that, but I wouldn't! But that is real technology so how can you prove it wasn't used against a person to incite them to commit acts of violence? It has not been recognized but it should, and particularly where people hear voices and then commit crimes. It is completely negligent of our Democracy to let this snake slither by and among us like this!

The criminal mind thinks this way, “It feels good to get away with something because it never faced valid patriarchal accountability!” In that essence it is a very spoiled person! So who is that? Someone of a child of family money, someone who is of the organized crime mindset and also someone that was born mentally defective!

So lets say a man is a psychiatrist in a criminally insane ward. Lets say a person born mentally defective is killing them and lets say another patient who was made insane via the use of nonlethal weaponry (again I could make something like that! I haven't and wouldn't.) You as a psychiatrist are making a great deal of money treating these people but one of them saved your life! They didn't have to! Also the money grubbers who own or fund the place were not going to put you in a position where you would be safe. Do you question their sanity and mental state? They put money ahead of the public good and human life didn't they! But you don't have the authority to release that person. And can you really release them if indeed that coven who drove them insane is out there some where and their fur ears perk up upon hearing that person think again and they go after them again? And that person commits another crime because of it? But again that person saved your life! They didn't have to do so! They did not have to put themselves in harms way! You see that they know right from wrong which means they are not psychotic even though that is what they are imprisoned for.

An HONEST and Trusting man comes home and kills a man that is sleeping with his wife in the bedroom. I say that he is not guilty! A man's son is sexually molested by a Catholic Priest and he kills that priest. I say he is not guilty! The priest had it coming didn't he! Ask yourself this, in this instance, what kind of a creep hides behind that shield to believe they will not have it coming if they do something like that? It is an evil coward. So here again we have a loophole in our legal code that favors- the devil! Evil people like that believe that the world revolves around conflict! You can't get more mentally defective than that can you? It is really a projection of your own weak mind? What am I getting at? The mentally defective are not at peace with themselves and they project that onto the world! Without them would we have conflict? Not in the same manner! Why not? Because I believe that a world full of rational minded who believe in freedom and the rights of other people do not live in conflict with one another! So what does that justify? Euthenization of the mentally defective so that the rest of us can live in peace!

But lets say that you are that lead psychiatrist and a man that you diagnosed as having a break from reality psychotic saved your very own life! We are getting at the boy who cried wolf scenario here. But off topic, can you imagine what the fate of the human race would be if there were those among who took credit for the intellectual property of those that they were dependent minded to? Sooner or later it reaches a point whereby they are the only ones left and all that there is are problems they created through lack of giving credit where credit is due, and their inability to find solutions to those problems because they never truly had that ability. In effect you have a situation where the person stated they knew everything and that was their own horrific undoing! Now if you have ever watched a yuppie arguing with his father as they attempt to fix a sliding screen door you get some sense of how wealthy people are truly incompetent. And that is another topic about how a man should learn and develop to be a man through a series of common real world learning steps, rather than just graduating from college not being able to type and getting an investment banking job controlling capital allocation!

But here is that last point I was building up to.

“When you deny the validity of your own personal experience have you not beared false witness against yourself and your credentials?” You are making money via medicating someone or not and yet you would not be alive if it was not for that person. How can you medicate someone like that? How can you ever take a side against someone and medicate them when they saved your life? Perhaps the next time the violence starts between that person and another would you just take their side in it even if they were winning? Aha! Now lets say that they were released from the criminally insane ward and killed someone who taunted them. How can you say a person that saved your life is guilty of the crime of murder. They did not kill you did they, no they saved your life, so in your eyes they are not a murderer but someone that saves a good persons life? Now lets generalize the whole issue and give everyone blank faces and assume just one crime is involved. Do you now feel qualified to judge anyone's mental state when indeed one person who was judged insane wasn't because they saved you? Now perhaps it is a game whereby you put people to the test in this manner? And if they save you; you fraudulently justify freeing them? Now that could lead to a high level of corruption couldn't it! So we are again getting into who is an actor and who isn't? Those that get networked into high paying jobs are acting the part and not fulfilling the function! It is more than common today isn't it!

Now every time I am about to make a very good point an humming noise that is vocally attenuated beams straight at my head and that point is immediately erased from my memory. So these articles tend to get wordy and worded down! So again who is it that is jealous of my verbal intellect? The Bible calls them, “The miserable ones that are still with us!” In the future we are going to have to be very vigilant so that they are aborted upon the first sign of mental defect such as sexual molestation of children, bullying, inability to learn. That is where the worlds conflict comes from and it isn't normal; that isn't natural! It is spoiled, resentful and willful!

A very interesting question I will ask on this board is, “What types of people make you jealous.” Some of us don't get jealous instead we attempt to achieve to the best of our means. But the voices that talk to us against our will would seem to be highly jealous of us. Let's see the 2000 year question is why? That is what the whole issue centers around and how it is unraveled!

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And here is another crux of the issue, If the jury is adjudicating, why is the Judge doing the sentencing!!!!  It doesn't really make sense!  The judge reverses what they Jury believed?  Or would a Jury be more truthful if they were also doing the sentencing?  Now what if a jury disagreed with a judge on sentencing because of incite or motivation for the crime as stated above?  In a modern justice system whose sentencing then should take precedent?  If you want to say the judge I would state that it has likely been corrupt already otherwise crime would not have festered to the level it has!  If you want to say the jury then you get a racially motivated jury projecting their own lesser standards and self pity on the defendant.  But what about a wealth status quo motivated judge doing the sentencing?  Can't be anything worse than that!  So the Jury should get an initial shake at sentencing!  And the judge then sentences and the jury judges the judges sentencing.  For a jury to convict me I am entitled to a jury of my piers!  Can you find me a jury of members that also hear voices and know without a doubt that those voices are not themselves cursing themselves?  I dare you to attempt to create juries based on that concept as the founders of this country had.  Find me a jury that will state these God awful leeches are "draining my life substance from me," paraphrased as what was written in the Declaration of Independence!  My the United States be the land of freedom and all those who are at a mental conflict with that seek citizenship in other countries!  That is the way the world should be!  If you are dependent minded, or mentally defective, or criminal minded you do not belong in the United States!  This is NOT the melting pot for you and you are not supposed to be here!

Scott Walker buzzholes the Wisconsin public, "Get a job."  Does he ever say, develop yourself so that you can market your products as a business?  No!  He is a patsy for the wealth status and they are going to put him in as President to bring the world to an end!  What else can he do?  The first thing that happens when he is elected Governor is all they do is talk about him being President.  So what will the first thing they talk about if he becomes President, should the United States have aspirations of world conquest and imperialism?  And then the seven trumpets blow in the Book of Revelation and the nuclear missiles are launched and 3/4 of the worlds population dies just like the Jehovah's witnesses that come to your door tell you!  I tell them the exact same thing every time, "The last time you came here I told you never to come here again!"  Scott doesn't say make sure to graduate from College like I didn't so that you can be assured you have the credentials to enter the workforce.  No he states get a job.  Receiving $10 million in political donations he is one of the greatest entitlement beneficiaries that there is! Getting that much money in gifts of money that are allowable for some unfathomable reason he ought to just keep his mouth shut for four years and never come out of his hole!

Quote of the day 11 23 2014

Quote of the day 11 23 2014

If you can't compete and live in fairness in the United States where do you belong?

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Book Review author Steven Seager "Behind the Gates of Gomorrah" 11 23 2014

Book Review author Steven Seager "Behind the Gates of Gomorrah"  11 23 2014

Was watching Book Television tonight and thought I would write about it.

He works as a psychiatrist at a place called Napa.  He stated that there were 10,000 assaults there every year! That is 10 assaults a day.  If you go there you are guarantied to get assaulted.

The ones who commit the assault are sent from the place to prison and then right back to Napa because they are criminally insane and it is a hospital for the criminally insane.

He implied that it is often the same people who commit the assaults in this manner.  And he stated that if a staff member is assaulted they have to rely on the good psychotic patients to save them!

That is against you Constitutional rights to be placed in a place like that!  Why?  It is cruel and unusual punishment!  To put you into a place where you are guarantied to be assaulted is cruel and unusual punishment.

There is only one answer and there has to be capital punishment for the ones who continue to harm others in that place unprovoked!

Now what if a man like a psychiatrist like this killed a patient or conspired to kill one of those that was victimizing everyone in there?  Then he would have committed a crime that is the equivalent of what those in the place wouldn't he have?  Maybe and maybe not.  So the way to handle this is to have strict protocol about who should be executed and who shouldn't and why?

And another issue here is that the person who is committing that crime might be demonically possessed to do so?  So when you kill him, through capital punishment, you have not eliminated the source!

So the key here is to distinguish between those who are doing the demonic possession who could be defined as mentally defective SINCE BIRTH!  Versus the patient that was not mentally defective but instead demonically possessed to be violent.  And I believe a brain scan could be able to determine this!  It has to do with a defective hippocampus and one person not viewing the world like a human being but instead through "inverse imprintation."

I know what the mentally defective who inverse imprint are like.  I know the type or person that stabs you with a pen for no apparent reason!  I know what it is like to fear a beast of a person who wants to assault you; just because you are human and raised by good parents.  I went to Catholic grade school.

Fair disclosure, I am a person who has heard voices since 1991 and perhaps the best way to say what is going on is what Jesus Christ told us, "Protect your CROWN until I come again."

I am telling you that schizophrenia is medical fraud,  the symptoms are real and horrific however the cause makes it medical fraud.  The cause is inferred in what Jesus Christ told us!

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Can't get a black person to help you at a department store? 11 23 2014

Can't get a black person to help you at a department store?  11 23 2014

Just say under your breath below the threshold of hearing, therefore subliminal, "I've got some weed for you!"  Their ears will perk up and they will come running like the farm dog at dinner time.

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Seriously when you think about the notion of using drugs of escapism, isn't the person really attempting to preserve or beautify or celebrate the memory of something good that happened?  And when they become addicted instead of continuous achievement they just draw on those stale and dusty memories and their cognitive development is stalled.  Perhaps the issue is that some people are demons to work for and were born that way.  The workplace should not be where demons feed on your emotional and therefore physical energy; meaning life!  I also do not like those with strong verbal manipulative ability and low IQ being in management positions!  And examining a person via a non harmful brain scan is not the same as experimenting on them.


Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Soviet Union Divided Itself into pieces so that no one would notice when immigrants from those individual Countries

The Soviet Union Divided Itself into pieces so that no one would notice when immigrants from those individual Countries used non lethal weapons to actively create mental illness in the United States!

Let the bombs fall on them!

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Analysis of False Righteous Right Wing Political Commentators 11 22 2014

Analysis of False Righteous Right Wing Political Commentators 11 22 2014

When you listen to the white ones who have the high castration anxiety voice what conclusion do you come to in psychological analysis?

“He is desperately saying what he thinks should be said in order to make his mother happy.”


“He is desperately saying what he believes could make a woman with a irrational temperamental hormonal mind happy on impulse!”

There is an urgency to the voice as if he doesn't say female minded things like that he will face psychological abuse!!!!

Now as I realized that I remembered a passage from the Bible spoken by a priest in Catholic Church. After the Romans had conquered an Israeli city they drew straws as to a woman there. Now when the Russians rolled through post WWII Germany likely looting gold they gang raped women there! So if those Romans were drawing straws it wasn't for who got to have the woman because if that were the case they all likely would! So were they more or less drawing straws as to who would have to do a deed for that woman? When you draw straws it is usually because no one wants to volunteer! Was it to perform cunnilingus on her? Those who resisted hethenization by the Romans were stated to be Zealots. But what is implied here? It is implied that women sold out Israel for oral sex!

Are some men forced to perform cunnilingus (oral sex) on their mothers? Without a doubt! Do some brothers force their younger brothers to perform fellatio on them? Yes. So when that boy grows older if he is still straight then by comparison he has been indoctrinated to perform cunnilingus in order to erase the memory of oral sex he performed on his brother? Or some type of odd psychological motivation like that.

So who would make a grown normal human being here voices in their head and why? Well it is just that simple as above isn't it. We have found our likely suspects haven't we!

Now when you observe Professional Sports athletes being compensated millions to play a childhood game what do you think? Here is what I think. I was friends with a kid in High School whose father was a coach. All that kid talked about was eating...well I'll just use the term cunnilingus. So if a young man isn't smart enough to get a woman to marry him based on his applicable intelligence that is who he does it? I had another friend in College who had dyslexia. He could talk a blue streak, excellent verbal ability, in fact manipulative. How many kids are just like that today? And he got women that same way. To me that is having to stoop much lower than my class level. And indeed it could be said Michael Douglas got throat cancer from it?

I have many other stories like this involving sex and power.

But somehow we have to weed those who can talk a blue streak but have low applicable IQ out of positions of influence in our entire world! Why? It has to do with fish and cows. You can't eat fish in Wisconsin because there is a health advisory from too much mercury and Pcb. The advisory states that it can cause reproductive harm in you. What everyone on earth has failed to realize is that if it can cause reproductive harm in you how long before it causes reproductive harm in the very fish themselves. Do I have to spell out the word extinct? You granted yourself business rights you didn't deserve and you put the world on the path to extinction because of it. So then I have to give you the trail of questions for you to ask yourself because somehow you aren't able to. After the fish become extinct how long before you and me become extinct too? I can hear your Devils Advocate response already, squirming invalid constructs you want to spit out of your mouth as you attempt to appease the temperamental hormonal unhappy mind of a woman and yourself at the same time! Please don't speak on television or the radio again! Being a man isn't about pleasing the irrational mind of a temperamental and unhappy mentally defective female!

I actually believe white males like that belong in a detention camp; and I am a white male! But I am not like them! In fact they misrepresent the white man race worse than anyone else could!

I almost want to name names so the persons I am speaking about are not able to shift the responsibility for their actions away as if it is really someone else it applies to and not them!

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