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Monday, December 10, 2018

By Definition a Homosexual...12 10 2018

By Definition a Homosexual...12 10 2018

"By Definition a Homosexual does not have thoughts like any other "man" does."

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

How to Justify a Cluttered House 12 10 2018

How to Justify a Cluttered House   12 10 2018

"Who wants to be a busy body with no artwork, barren walls; all they really value is a bottle or wine or whisky."

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

I view History Differently 12 10 2018

I view History Differently  12 10 2018

The first question I ask is, "Who was likely a crypto retard with high verbal ability from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?"

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

WW2 History 12 10 2018

WW2 History 12 10 2018

I asked the question who was the leader of Poland before WW2.  And the answer is somewhat interesting but not definitive.

Poland fought Russia in 1920 in the Polish Soviet War.  WW2 didn't start until September 1st 1939.

Nazi Germany invaded Poland in September of 1939.ław_Mikołajczyk  It was Stanislaw Mikolajczyk that helped Poland become more Democratic after the War or lead in that direction.

But it was this guy who was in charge of Poland up to and during the War.ózef_Piłsudski

In WW1 the Russian Empire was defeated by the Central Powers and the Central Powers defeated by the Allied Powers (U.S. sided).

In WW1 Jozefs

And why did Communist Russia call Poland- White Poland?  To call a country a white country implies that you are a black country?

It puts Trumps confirmed ties with Russia during the election in a different perspective?

So 85% of the founders of Russia were Jewish per Putin.  And Russia indeed attacked Poland.

But the U.S. had long been allied with Russia?  Why?  Because it was Russian Immigrants with a learning disorder who formed the Purple Gang and attacked a key provision of our Constitution that they elite in this country loathed?  The Eighteenth Amendment!


So when you look at who is for unconstitutional gun control (really big part of how our Freedom was attained and our democracy of the FREE was formed, when you look at who is likely pro drug legalization,  
And the question that begs an answer is, "Do Jews have a natural propensity to want to degrade a Democracy into a lesser form of Government, if not completely destroyed?"  Are there commandments in the Bible to that effect?  Yes, they are commanded to destroy a country that worships idols.  And they are commanded to not rebuild it.  So indeed is that the perception of a country that has a President as a leader?  That President represents an idol to them?  And hence they feel they have a jihad to destroy it?

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Humor 12 08 2018

Humor  12 08 2018

"She say's things like she is getting away with something and you can't figure it out."

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

If we didn't give Any breaks to Corporations somehow wouldn't the Individual achieve a higher standing? 12 08 2018

If we didn't give Any breaks to Corporations somehow wouldn't the Individual achieve a higher standing?  12 08 2018

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

We could make them pass through shells.  Whereby the money from them flows straight to the employees at a standardized national wage.  Any profit goes directly into a distribution system to able mind and bodied Americans?

An attempt to elbow something out of here; something the Bible might term a sloth?

Friday, December 7, 2018



So on the AXIS side you had Italy, Germany and Japan.

On the Allied side you had Great Britain, the U.S. and Russia, plus other European Countries that go their nations back from Hitler.

And this is just a summary.

But the point being is so the U.S. defeats Germany with a big help from Russia.  How then does the United States become the enemy of Russia?

One could say that they were never really allies in the first place?  Not really true because they fought the same enemy.

Then what is true is that the United States fought alongside an enemy of the United States against another enemy of the United States?

You would think that Russia seeing that the U.S. helped them in WW2 might not have targeted our Democracy in the cold war?

And I can hear what the official answers to this question would be.  A long drawn out, it is really this way and really that way.

But even after listening to that, whatever that would be, it would seem that the answer isn't big enough for the question.

And there might indeed be a key to philosophy.

"Is the answer big enough for the question?"

So indeed when you are learning about history and the answer isn't big enough for the question what does it mean?  That part of the answer is being hidden or deemphasized?
I don't like it when important questions are allowed to go unanswered.

And I know the U.S. didn't mind Russian Immigrants but didn't like Eastern Europeans? 
And it was indeed Russian based organized crime immigrants that helped defeat the 18th Amendment in the U.S..

And you had Kennedy wanting to make a joint flight to the moon with Russia.  Does that make sense?  Inter Continental Ballistic Missile Data and science would be shared with them.
 So then you ask yourself.  They are propagandized as our greatest enemy at that time and we are sharing that with them?  But at that time you also had the U.S. in Vietnam.  We were told we went their to stop the spread of Chinese Communism?  
But what is Communism?  You work in that dam factory.  That factory pollutes the living environment.  You pay them slave labor.  They sell into the U.S. cheap goods like a drug dealer first gives away free drugs?  Communism never ended in China?  The threat of it never ended?

So why do you have leaders in the U.S. siding and supporting foreign nations rather than attempting neutrality?


Okay here it comes.  What I wanted to say about George Bush but didn't.  The younger of the two stated his father was the greatest man he ever knew?  Somehow Americans really don't care that the younger advocated torture?  You can't get any more unconstitutional than that.  You can't get any more satanic or horrific than that.  And that right there is what ties in the commonality that all of the above have with one another.  It is the answer big enough to fit the question.

I didn't think he was a great man.  I thought he was part of something that didn't belong here.  Every time one of the above loses an election I get a sense of relief.  But the sad part is that people like that have a cult like following.  So where do they come from.  Estimates are that 17 out of a 100 have some form of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  What type of leader does that cater to?  One that has no concern for the truth.  Because in a true world the lame fool that contradicts themselves left and right doesn't earn any money or maintain wealth.  And we should not even need to have a meritocracy for that principle to hold true.  So what is that cult following?  It is really simple, "I vote for him because I know he is a crooked shyster just like me."  Other than that none of them have ever been able to tell me why they like those individuals as leaders.  It is like the king on the chessboard has a hollow noggin.

"Who are you voting for?"
"I am voting for the guy with the hollow noggin because he is just like me."

And women have confidence in that type of guy to, because some of them have that hollow noggin too.  Same reason as the males that vote for them.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

So Bush is stated to have regretted sending men off to war in the Middle East.  He also always wanted to be a painter and then painted pictures of men who were in the war.  Is it just me or do you see a self serving spirit of alcohol at play there?  Kind of like a hippocampus that isn't connected to any other brain part and is the consistency of a stale doughnut? 

Do you know what the best medicine for the country would be?  To take away the medicine of alcohol from all of the above. 

And I like the book of Leviticus in the Bible where the God tells the people that if you don't obey his commandments you will end up being vomited out of a country he lead you to anew.