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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

On Foreign Threats to the United States 09 30 2014

China is dangerous too! I read they have a bigger brain size and when you combine that with smaller eye slits it means they are not basing their thinking on a natural interaction with the planet. There is a reason the Great Wall of China was put in place to contain the Magog. Likely a great many of them are inbreeds and therefore mentally retarded with that larger brain size because Genghis Khan(?) raped so many women! We have heard far too many times of how biological and technical secrets were sent to China. A China-man I knew in college told me all the Chinese in America knew each other! You get a good sense of who they are by their human rights violations. And I would have to say that any and all human rights violations committed by the United States are not committed by those who believe in our Constitution! What will likely happen is that after they pollute their country they will set sail to conquer unpolluted countries. India is a danger to us too! There have been far too many cases where multimillion s of dollars were embezzled in Milwaukee. The Sikh religion of attempting to join with a higher consciousness is indeed a source of the mental illness schizophrenia as well as a form of Communism (one mind for all!) American media has an economic interest in covering the secret that schizophrenia is medical fraud; the symptoms are real and horrific however the cause of them makes it medical fraud! There was also an India Indian woman out east who forged the forensic police report test for what was it 10,000 to 30,000 police cases. Communist think in terms of a one mind tribal pack mentality rather than in terms of human rights. Any foreigner in the United States should expect it to be a privilege and therefore they are model citizen, but just the opposite is true; Americans are easy meat for them! And what sect of Judaism do they have aiding and abetting them? Those countries have different Constitutions because they could never obey ours because their people are different. The melting pot concept isn't valid cases where the person born does not have their own human reason and human conscience. Sure you liked cheap goods from China! But you won't like it when they attempt to concur us; they too are also Kamikaze fighters. One thing that many people do not understand about the mentally retarded is that they are not even smart enough to know or care when they are hurting a human being. George Bush whose family money came from a bank transfer from a Nazi German steel producer was ambassador to China. He was chosen to be put in place by Reagan under the advise of a Fortune teller that attended Vassar University (a Jewish woman's school?) Do you also know a community that has also publicly admitted they are a very tight knit community; the autism community! That too is mental retardation as well as dyslexia is. The dictionary definition of RETARDATION is to slow the growth or development of. Alcohol poisoning is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere. What are the odds of a woman who is pregnant going to Sunday mass and taking a drink of wine that she will have a mentally retarded baby? Scientists know advise them not to take even one drop! So she goes to Catholic mass for 9 months 4 times a month that is 36 opportunities to create a mentally retarded baby. Not to mention drinking wine when she didn't know she was pregnant, on her wedding night after champagne or on a one night stand of beer guzzling.

If Putin had the capability he would use his own mind in order to help his Russian people instead of waging acts of aggression. With 9 homes he is not a communist but a dictator who enslaves.

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