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Monday, September 15, 2014

Only person you can legally hit is your child 09 15 2014

“Only person you can legally hit is your child,” that is what a woman on television just declared!

A woman on television is piping an argument about parents punishing their children. She stated, “The only person you can legally hit is your child!”

That isn't true, you can legally kill someone in self defense! So she is phrasing the argument from a false premise! And that is dangerous.

The issue is really the mentality of parent in comparison the mentality of the child. It isn't a black and white meaning all or none law that needs to be legislated!

So it isn't okay to beat a kid because they are exhibiting mental potential you didn't have! I agree with that wholeheartedly!

So when should you give your child a smack across the mouth? Very simply you do so when they just put your life and the rest of your family in imminent danger for your lives! You might also smack them if they run out into the street in front of a moving car for the same exact reason! Any dingbat who has a problem with that should never have children or get married!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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A man with the vocal and facial intonations of a woman or homosexual is propagandizing mental illness intervention as I type! They are going to diagnose you as being mentally ill if you find people like that obscene and publicly express it as I just did!

I actually also believe it would be okay to smack your boy across the mouth if he developed sexual interest in other boys; such as the desire to fondle them (it really means sexually molest)! In fact it could get to the level where that child should be euthanized!
The desire to want an argument to prove true by starting out with a false premise is:
1. A sign of a mental defect.
2. Media fraud.

Do you know what it is like?  It is like she put in her smart chewing gum brand labeled "kitty" and decided to talk on television today.

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