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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Fraudulent Acting Economy

The Fraudulent Acting Economy

What purpose does it serve that we have a large media industry in the World that makes its money through acting and entertainment!  Acting is pretending to be something you are not!  What happens when children view the actor pretending to be something they are not and are imprinting from those minds as if that person is the authority on the skill?  It leads to a nation of half-wits doesn't it!

Perhaps acting as a profession is only valid for a democracy when it involves Satire!

There is nothing worse than an adult of the middle class having to view clown after clown pretending to fulfill responsible roles in our society that are not mentally qualified to!

Let's go back to the Puritans who fled the Kings Religion and founded America.  If a man was pretending to be horse shoe smith and he was accepted as legitimate but it turns out that every one who was presumed to have learned the skill from him put the horse shoe on defectively and riders were disabled because of it.  Wouldn't the Puritans have hung such people as Witches are Warlocks?

You pretended to be a banker and we have $17 trillion in debt because you could not fulfill that role and invest to create a strong economy capable of earning revenue to pay down the debt?

You pretended to be a film maker but you really made your money by filming one person licking another persons butt like an animal?

You were illegitimate since long before birth!

And can we attribute national gun violence from children being imprinted by adults who went into acting early in life in lieu of education?  Isn't that who you see wielding guns on television!  And many of them did not even go to grade school; we are told because the acting took up too much of their time, but what if the real reason is that they could not learn in an environment where they had to respect other people?  A lot of those actors who wield guns on television even have criminal records in addition to not completing High School or higher education.  Again  what does retarded mean?  Slow to develop.  That is a little to optimistic but it is the word that has the most negative connotation!  It is optimistic because we know that fetal alcohol syndrome birth defects are irreversible!  Meaning not slow to develop but not to develop to what it should be!  They aren't going to catch up by the time the mental development cycle is over! 

And I know it is mean for me to write these things!  But what is even meaner is that I hear voices from what I am supposed to believe is a mystery or seventh wonder of the world!  Voices are not created by the wind!  The wind doesn't speak!  The wind isn't a defective brain structure attempting to develop a human conscious; by mocking one!

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