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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Why I am anti-drugs and anti the Regurgitant 09 21 2014

Why I am anti-drugs and Anti the “Regurgitant” 09 21 2014

A “collective” mind would seek to medicate the minds it was “collective” of. The only way to beat it would be if everyone who was medicated would be of the “collective” mind and those who were not refused to be medicated!

Therefore to be collective mind would not be able to profess “There is only one God,” philosophy as a means to patronize its young! The phrase is meant to allow the mentally retarded not to worry that sooner or later the mind they are dependent to will die with that person, and there is ONLY ONE PERSON LIKE THAT (“There is only one God.”)

If the collective mind people are indeed the beast then the beast wins because it will in some way attack the minds it want to render “collection” of.

If the collective mind is Not the beast we would never know it (the collective mind) existed because it would not seek to turn off “medicate” human minds in order to be a “collective” mind.

No pun initially intended with regard to churches taking up money “collections”, not concerning how valid the mandatory “Collection” is; i.e. what deed are they being paid for? i.e. You ever heard a priest sing, do they not have an engulfing bullfrog voice; as if when it chants it has the capacity to completely negate and digest a human beings capacity for independent thought? That bullfrog shouldn't be a reality for human beings to contend with!!! I remember when I was young hearing that the bullfrog type voice was indeed a sign of a birth defect. The collective minded no matter how (Can't read own word), would have to be the genetic anomalous,rather than the people of the normal minds it is collective of!

Stare them down with all your might; “One cannot see the face of God and live.”

What TOOLS would genetic anomalous use to maintain the collective? Anything that impaired the human mind! Predominantly alcohol, they take up a collection for it as a church.

Heroin is even a worse form religion isn't it! It kills the human being who is a victim of the collective!

Do not feel guilty when people die of their own natural causes and the voices you hear become LESS!

In summary a collective mind cannot exist with the vondoon process of psychiatric ally medicating people! That is why I am anti-drugs! Sure you can portend to be smarter because you are part of the collective mind; but we are not going to let you enjoy it or live it down! I am stating that when you are not on medicine those of the collective mind cannot tune out from your mind because they have none of their own! They have been listening to your thoughts since they first had a pacifier in their mouths!

One more point here! Who is more likely to be of the collective mind? The mentally retarded! What does retarded mean? To slow the development of! Therefore dyslexia is a reading inability factor is indeed a from of mental retardation. There are between 14 to 40 million people in the United States today who have dyslexia; mental retardation. 14 to 40 million of about 350 million Americans makes that about 4 to 11 percent and my 350 number might be a little high. Now those that hear voices represent 1 to 2 percent of the population. Okay do you see where the statistic of a person who hears voices 13 times more likely to be a victim of violence than a perpetrator of it? Stack those statistics up and compare it there are about 13 mentally retarded people to every one that hears voices! As big and aggressive as they are they will NEVER have the courage to admit that they are dependent minded to someone whose human rights are victimized for their benefit! That makes them the nations greatest cowards in world history!

Now back to my anti-drugs argument. Alcohol is the leading cause of birth defects related to mental retardation in the western hemisphere! So what we have is a race among us that self propagates themselves and the drug that created them to be mentally retarded! When they become adults they need alcohol for that very same reason. Even Barrack stated that he used drugs in High School to push thoughts about who he was out of his mind. So do we allow people to use drugs for that reason and create children with even worse mental birth defects?

Are there religions today that believe in the collective mind? Communism is one; one mind for all. The India Indian Sikhs are another; they believe in connecting to a higher consciousness than their own. And the Jews themselves like to say that their minds work more easily; as if the correct answers just come to them! The Catholic Church is of the collective mind, what did they say after the sacrificed someone on the cross, “We will live the life he lead for us,” that is evidence of a collective mind. What is the Haitian vondoon religion, poison someone with the nerve toxin from the puffer fish, bury them alive and dig them up oxygen deprivation brain dead; in effect they have created a member of a collective! Now I have been talking about Pavy and Weiss from the 1936 election time frame in the U.S. What did Weiss say about Pavy? His father in law relations? That he had black blood in him. It is stated that all Jews have the black genotype and it was stated that Weiss was born Jewish and I know that some Jewish people suffer from being tormented by voices with not much more of a clue initially than the rest of us who do. But FDR's New Deal adviser from the University of Wisconsin Madison had a key tenet that, “One must surrender their individuality for the sake of Industry.” Not only is that a collective mind it is also communism! So that right there means that the United States and psychiatry, forced drugging, is really communism and a collective mind! Oddly enough the Constitution and its key tenets was created to prevent that from ever happening here! Huey Long who was to be FDR's competitor for President in the 1936 election was assassinated just a few months before the election! His party was of the redistribution of wealth policy! He would have also given us free health care! As Governor of Louisiana he had already created 21 free clinics! Isn't that amazing? If you talked that way today you would hear a litany of reasons why those two things can't happen! When the American public was pulled whether Jews should be repatriated to the United States from WWII 25% of American Jews said no! That number seems high! I would have liked to have hear their reasons for saying no! What faction did they understand and not like themselves?

The members of a collective mind, males included, cannot exist unless they can look up to the sky and roll their eyes like women do. What am I getting at? Assuming there are two races on earth which one has a valid right to be here? The one who will always need the other race who have higher minded capability in order to survive at all or the higher minded race itself. Does it make sense that you would defeat the success and procreation of the hire minded race? No! So what is the motivation for the action? It is envy and hatred of us! Even a dog knows when it is being kicked. For the lesser minded race to be dominant means extinction for all human beings. Why? Because the lesser minded race needs the higher minded race and not vice versa! One is responsible with its own human conscience and human reason and the other is its mothers subjective and bad translation of authority from the first! One is imprinted by the minds of men and the other is imprinted by that which has a mental capacity of 90% of a man at best! That 10% difference is an extreme statistic! So what is the lesser minded race in pejorative terms; "regurgitant" minded!

I am going to make a simple point as to why some peoples minds work better and more efficiently and are therefore envied and in great demand by a "collective"...  very simply their minds were imprinted by their biological parents that loved them!  I find this to be why my mind works better and is therefore in high demand by the voices to the detriment of my Constitutional rights!  I know it is true!

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  1. No one really puts FDR's New Deal policy of "One must surrender their individuality" into context of the massive drinking of the good times before it and the mentally defective children that had to born from the fetal alcohol syndrome!