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Friday, September 26, 2014

Does Smoking Decrease Stomach Acid 09 26 2014

Does Smoking Decrease Stomach Acid 09 26 2014

If one assumes that someone who has the H Pylori Bacteria/Virus which causes ulcers also has increased stomach acid as a result of H. Pylori and one then takes into account that the Nicotine in Tobacco has an anti-parasitic effect.  One can assume that people smoke because they have the H.Pylori bacteria because the nicotine serves to numb the bacteria and therefore keep the stomach acid in check?

How many compounded problems have resulted from this?  Such as the birth defects related primarily to tobacco one would smoke to keep the stomach acid in check.  And what do they say happens when someone quits smoking?  They gain weight!  Is it because they are then also having to feed the H. Pylori bacteria virus with calories?

H. Pylori was common in lesser developed countries and more common in the United States today!  Probably because of the melting pot effect after WWII?

If people are also put on proton pump inhibitors instead of antibiotics to treat the ulcer it also makes it medical fraud!  And this medical fraud supports the tobacco industry and the for profit health care industry!

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