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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Impromptu Speaking on Important matters of the Nation 09 25 2014

Impromptu Speaking on Important matters of the Nation 09 25 2014

That might be a contradictory skill to have in terms of effective leadership. If problems were that easy to answer we wouldn't have any of them by this time!

But that is what the national media has propagandized to be good leadership!  Perhaps it is the principle from the Bible were a lesser master puts the words in your mouth for you?

They really haven't been able to find solutions to any of our problems in spite of how quickly they answer questions and dismiss them!

That makes it a government about protecting wealth that didn't earn it?

But perhaps the best thing about the quick answer is that it consistently reveals the lack of integrity and character of our candidates for government leadership!

And Barrack Obama admitted to using Cocaine and Marijuana in High School.  I haven't heard of him having part time jobs like the rest of us did at that age?  So where did he get the money for it?

1.  His mother gave it to him?  (Do we even know Exactly what his father did for a living?)  Didn't his mother ever ask him, "How did you spend the money I gave you the other day?" 

2.  He made the money to buy the pot by selling the pot?  That would make him a drug dealer President?

So some of us hear voices?  What is the best defense against them?  REALITY!  Professing your vision of reality on very important matters!  Reality always wins!  Reality is the best form of attrition that there is!  Reality is a better form of convincing that money is! 

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