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Friday, September 12, 2014

A young man goes out jogging 09 12 2014

A young man goes out jogging.

  1. He does not wear highly visible clothing.
  2. He does not wear a flashing light.
  3. He does not pay attention to his surroundings because he wasn't taught to.
  4. He does not attempt to run where there won't be driveways or cross streets.
When he is run over by a car and becomes a quadriplegic; isn't it partly his fault?

Maybe his High School Cross Country running coach should have taught him runners safety??? But wasn't he too busy taking them out on a Friday night for beers at the local pizza joint as some kind of reward and camaraderie building? Or did he just assume that a young adult would know how to keep his wits about him in a responsible manner? Not likely if he is rewarding them with pitchers of beer late at night.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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You aren't meant to have a free ride through life since the day you were born; you are expected to do some thinking yourself too as a responsible man would and learn to at a young age as part of your development!

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