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Saturday, September 20, 2014

More on Carl Austin Weiss the man who shot Huey Long the Presidential Candidate who would have given us free health care

More on Carl Austin Wiess the man who shot Huey Long the Presidential Candidate who would have given us free health care and wealth redistribution.

"no one has come up with anything better" as a motive for Weiss to shoot Long?  Come on!  Weiss was a Doctor and Huey  had opened 21 free health care clinics!  Huey wanted free health care for all Americans.  Somewhere in there lies the motive.  Also Weiss was interned in Austria, the same place Adolf Hitler was from.  And if it was not Weiss bullet and instead that of courthouse bodyguards are they not in league with the Judge Pavy who sought political power in competition with Long?  What else do we know about Louisiana?  Isn't that the state were black prisoners were experimented upon and then put in mass graves?  So here is the /bodyguard/police/ court house judge motivation.   And wasn't that experimentation something they could give to people that would make them shuffle their feet and seem completely incompetent? Psychiatric experimentation?  And what about the great American Eugenics movement in the South at that time?  Long would have opposed it?  Long was for share the wealth and free health care; he loved all people!

Carl Weiss also worked at Bellevue Hospital in New York in 1932.  In 1919 a German spy infiltrated the hospital and spent two years there and then escaped???  Fritz Joubert Duquesne. Very interesting there:  He helped Theodore Roosevelt plan his hunting trips between WWI and WWII!

This is the club that Dr. Carl Austin Weiss was a member of:  The name of that club Kiwanis means I cause mischief and make noise.  From my prior research that is how a diablero (bad medicine man)  is also defined.

Another motive for killing Weiss has to do with the Kiwanis club.  They like to travel a lot; as such they would not have had the wealth to do so under a Huey Long presidency.  Yeah I said it!

Carl was shot 62 times!  That is a metaphor for early retirement?

Surprisingly enough there is very little information about Carl Austin Weiss on the internet!  There are many questions that need to be answered regarding him!

According to the following link he was born Jewish.

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