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Friday, September 12, 2014

The Spoiled Childs Mother 09 12 2014

The Spoiled Childs Mother 09 12 2014

You will often hear her saying that he is going to be this and this and this.  We run into a problem when he gets into a job that he has no real competency in.  Then it becomes like a new set of monkey rules need to be created in order to accommodate for the ruin and waste created by it?  Some jobs it becomes apparent that person doesn't belong and they are easily weeded out.  But what of the carreers where it is hard to tell that their influence has been detrimental the the fabric of United States freedom?

Often the mother has absolutely no solid plan of how to raise a son to be competent in the positions she wants him to be!  But he strives to be them anyway and again to the detriment of the fabric or our democracy!

Most of us spend one day with such a person in the Corporate environment and ask ourselves how come that person doesn't act like a man?  Followed by how can I compete with someone that doesn't act like a man and does not respect the working rights of men.  Followed by a lifetime of wondering what they are doing walking among us!  What are they doing in a nation of freedom?  Their mother with the 10% smaller brain size than a man raised them and gave them confidence they never deserved to have?  No red blooded American could ever get along with someone like that!  Somehow they need to dis-empowered and removed from those important positions in our society!  Money is power and the mentally defective should not wield it!  And I am indeed making a distinction between the mentally defective born that way and those who were victimized to become mentally disabled for the benefit of the mentally retarded.  Is that really a good worldwide trend to have?

To be so spoiled that it doesn't even recognize when it is hurting human beings!  It's mother won't allow it to will it!

That child will become so spoiled that it will never be able to handle a human being being able to think for itself and it not!  Everyone else's mind belongs to it too, it believes!  That is an institution that should have never been created in the United States!   That is the pinnacle of the spoiled child; someone is doing their own thinking and the spoiled child can't stand it!  And its idea of solving problems in politics is starting a War!  It won't do any good or benefit to the human race with the minds it steals, rather it will rapidly take us back to the dinosaur era!  Their is really no difference between its mind and that of a dinosaur!

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One man wants to have money so that he can buy tools and another man wants to have money so that he can prevent the first from having money!  -So that he deprive men in a Democracy of their rights!

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