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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Personal Health Topic 09 14 2014

Personal Health Topic 09 14 2014

I have just started a new health habit!

Every time that I use paint or glue to make something or clean a very dusty area or do laundry and am exposed to the fumes or I better start making a list:

  1. Painting
  2. Gluing
  3. Cleaning dusty
  4. Doing laundry
  5. Am exposed to fumes including those from the oven broiler function

I make it a point to put on my running shoes, my bright colored running jacket so people can see me and jog ¼ to ½ mile to Clear my lungs! It works tremendously well!

If you don't you will find that the compromise to your lungs will just keep you in a de-oxygenated state (even though the oximeter will say you are at 99% oxygen!) There is more to it than that and the jogging helps clear the cells exposed to oxygen REVIVE!

I strongly recommend all my readers do the same. And I will have to say that I find the Saucony running shoe to be the best around!

So it is very important to do that immediately after are finished and done being exposed! That has to also be the cut off point so that you do not expose yourself again after the run!  Which means you have to know when you are done with a project for the day and stick to that discipline!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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