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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Why Property Taxes are Unconstitutional 09 13 2014

 Why Property Taxes are Unconstitutional 09 13 2014

The Founding Fathers would have viewed Corporations as Profit Centers. If you read the Constitution that is what Senators are supposed to amount to; and the profit to be for the benefit of the people (common wealth) and not a miniature monarchy concept.

Per the United States Constitution Taxation is to be Uniform! (Article one Section 8-1.) Which can only mean that the Spirit of the Commonwealth law that taxation continued until all men of the country made the same amount of money. And they would not have considered some people men at all; such as those who were hung in Salem Witch trials for poisoning people or molesting boys (the desire to touch another mans genitalia being designated as gay behavior).

Also Taxation was only done in order for the Public Good! Hence property tax which might make a person lose their property (primary home) (commonly believed to fund education) would not be considered legal because losing ones home does not benefit that benefit the general health and welfare Constitutional provision required by taxation, And the Founding Fathers had the biggest problem ever with illegal search and seizure of their property! Put that into perspective when you see a bank President making a Billion Dollars a year while he is a profit participant to the interest rate home mortgages are based on being fraudulently manipulated. The Founding Father went to War for no less than that and executed those who felt differently as in the Revolutionary War and the Civil War! To you see how the Unconstitutional property tax supports an entire financial industry (labeled themselves Tea Party; a national shame) through churning profits by manipulating (yes it happens; a fact) interest rates?

A Senator was to be a profit center that benefited the people! Corporations would not have existed because they defy Uniform Taxation and do not benefit the General Health and Welfare of the people and are therefore Unconstitutional!

A good point to ask the question for further research as to, “What were the Euthanasia laws and principles in colonial America?”

Back to property taxes. The Founding Fathers hated the principle of polygamy and therefore the concepts of pro-life and bastards put up for adoption! They believed in drinking only in moderation because they wanted everyone to be born with the capacity to read and not have a mental birth defect related to alcohol. So you would not have seen the post tavern night one night stand pregnancy babies put up for adoption! And why also would they not like polygamy? Because it amounts to one man having an unequal amount of children. Off topic: That medicine man secretly siring bastards in the teepee might have been the basis for our Conflict with the Native Americans. Why? The brain defect from interbreeding.

Again they would have loathed the concept of children being born unable to read and learn, why? Because they wanted everyone to be smart enough to obey laws; on their own! Without that it degrades to the subjective rule of dictatorship! And we have a lot of that going on today with high ranking judges unable to accurately interpret the Constitution and the Spirit for which it was created; in a phrase “Human Reason!” Smart enough to obey laws on your own; that is the standard of EQUALITY we must be of!

So how did they euthanize those not born to that standard? Did they stone them to death; as might be alluded to in a story I believe was titled “The lottery” which per my decade's old memory might have been written by William Faulkner? They would not have drawn straws in order to determine who to stone. And nor would they have victimized those who were smarter than the rest; they were to rise to the top as is the symbolism on the Dollar Bill the Pyramid with the “all seeing”- meaning eye of knowledge!

With equality as assumption is made that your cost to be educated in the economy is the same; but because taxation is mandated to be Uniform it means those who cost more to be educated should pay more! Some of us even contribute greatly to the education of others by being in the same class as them and living in the same community with them!

If someone worked for your company and became disabled then your true cost to our economy is much higher than the rest; therefore Uniform Taxation based on the standards of Equality means you are not equal because you don't meet those standards; hence under the provision of Uniform Taxation because you are not equal you should pay more! Equality only works when you are able to meet the standard of being equal! No one DISABLED your child, they were born unequal! So what does the provision of Equality imply; if not elimination of the unequal? The Constitution was not created to grant special privileges to the unequal!!!! The Constitution was created so that all normal born human beings were considered equal and would obey the rights! It is they who were to form the top echelon of American Society!

The spirit of the Constitution is that they would have never wanted those who are unequal to rising to power to jeopardize the rights of the normal; as occurs in a monarchy! Whereby the leadership hated, loathed and resented the people because they were better than the leadership!

A man is born mentally unequal does that mean that he should be unfairly compensated more for playing a game game his entire life? The implication is that the mentally unequal have risen to the level of insurgency? What would the founding fathers say about those born mentally unequal disabling those who were born mentally equal (normal?) Again they were for fairness and would have viewed a movement like that as an insurgency or a great threat to our Democracy and Commonwealth!

Part II

A wealth tax would be a better way to fund the school system than a property tax. Five thousand dollars a year for a family who has one child in a class of 20? It would never cost that much to educate me! You would not have to pay a teacher $100,000.00 a year to do it! So maybe we need segregation based on mental aptitude. And does not the child with a behavior problem cost more to educate? And do they not detract from the education from the other children? Now lets compare that single child family to a family that has 10 children. A ten child family would have to pay, say 6000 dollars a year because they had a little bigger home. That amounts to a cost of $600 a year to educate each child! We already know it costs more to educate a child from a family like that! So that is not uniform as required by the Constitution! And isn't a family adopting more children really a form of tax evasion? (Now it would be an entirely different issue if there had been Prohibition up to this day and age; because you would not have children being born with mental retardation as alcohol is the leading cause of in the Western Hemisphere. But what of parents who chose to drink and have children like that? They chose to create children that are unequal! And you can not argue that a person with some form of mental retardation is not unequal! And the argument that they have at least one good skill is highly invalid; because it does not compare to the cost to society of that skill being attained; if the skill even exists. Skills don't work that way do they! The best skills are by those who have transitional learning; which means they can learn many skills throughout their lifetimes and as they age they grow and develop more from the ones they first learned! So the concept of one skill is invalid! The scene of a man coveting pound of someone elses flesh seems to apply.

Just as a matter of circumstantial evidence I can remember at least two families in my gradeschool class where the third child born was mentally retarded; and in both cases the parents were drinkers! It costs exponentially more to ATTEMPT to educate that child!!!

Property tax is Unconstitutional because when you cannot pay you lose your property (primary home) and that does not the general health and welfare of you an American Citizen as taxation is required to by the Constitution! Article One Section Eight dash One!

Now at this point I might make an example of a College room mate that I had who was a Republican; he didn't make it through to graduate. But here is the important crux which is represented by the Republican Party; his parents were wealthy, he had dyslexia and also hated the Constitutional provision of WELFARE!!! Anyone else get the great contradiction there?

The United States Bank Fraud against the Citizens was bad enough; when they lost their homes! The You shouldn't have to pay property tax and lose your home because you can't pay; in order to educate those birth defective children caused by alcohol, drugs, filth and poor choices that cost our democracy more!

It is like a trap that preserves that wealth class isn't it! You pay a lot more than your fair share in equality to educate their children many of whom can't be truly educated because of a brain birth defect caused by alcohol while they wait for you to lose your home because you pay that much! After about 20 years of that they go on to live wealthy lives from the same constructs of unfairness and you look like the one who couldn't be educated and learn because you lost your house because you had to pay to educate those children! That is why a wealth tax addresses the issue more fairly! Wealth being defined as the total value of assets and money less liability. And to make the proper legislation consistent with the Constitution; in the case of falsely stating liability and understating assets it would be defined as racketeering whereby all assets are forfeited!

And what of the RESIDENT CITIZEN that has no children? In some cases they should be paid, that's right, PAID for living in your community!

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One could also declare that high property taxes have led to a squatting layer of incompetence in local Government!

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