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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Invention Needed A system to bill unwanted callers by the minute 01 03 2013

Invention Needed A system to bill unwanted callers by the minute 01 03 2013

Part 1 of a 2 part concept.

When somebody calls me on the phone that I don't like and don't want to talk to I want to be able to push one button on that phone and have them charged a fee that I collect.

The Half Second button.  They are notified very quickly in a half second that if they don't hang up they will be charged a rate for the first minute and so on.

Also if I push that button and hang up and they dial me back that same day they are charged a fee and I collect the entire fee.  You can get rid of the unwanted caller list entirely.

And it does not matter who they are calling for or from the rate still applies.  Not only that if someone from a bank or credit card company gets snotty or rude with me I can press that button and collect that fee!  They cannot in anyway add it to my banking bill.  What they charge today is already usury.

They can talk to me all they want and I get paid.

There is no valid white pages to find out how to talk to rich people so ust poor people can have this system.  It is not right that rich people can make all that money of the lower classes by marketing to them and not be marketed to themselves!

The Church of Scientology was said to find Tom Cruises woman for him.  Wouldn't it have been nice or better for him if women would have been allowed to call him up?  He might have found one that way that lasted in marriage.  But the way the celebrities are corralled so that only you can reach them through their manager seems to me like an abuse of their rights; because they do not lead happy lives.  It is more of a scheme to protect a profit maker or a golden goose than anything else.  And the celebrities seem to fall right into the vacant life of being happy from being worshiped on the silver screen.

I have commented about the White Pages before.  It seems like there have been a lot of terrible people in our society who are allowed to make decisions for the rest of us that are not good for us.  Tobacco executives should not enjoy the privilege of hidden identities.  Nor should any American.  Every Victim should have nothing to fear in our world today!  We should be able to look everyone up in the phone book and find their name and address like when I was a boy.  You might even say that the reason we can't is because of dangerous trend of fascism!


Don't read this part unless you believe in what the Bible tells us about Satan.

It can be proved that some voices people hear in their heads are caused by synthetic telepathy.  And that it is done with high technology gear.  Nikolas Tesla and Marconi worked on weaponry like this all the way before WWII.  Colonel John Alexander of the United States Military admitted this on talk radio circa 1991.

So, really if a person hears a different voice in their head like the changing of the guard or some Bimbo is a homemade switchboard operator then the person who is a victim of this should also receive the same rate per minute your phone sex whore does!

The last will be first is what the Bible tells us!  The balance of power in terms of who is wealthy and who is poor would have shifted to that which forms a better and more sustainable world a long time ago!  Yeah I do believe you owe me that!

Let's see, I worked at First Analysis in Chicago when it first started to happen to me.  That was circa 1991 and it has been over 20 years.  Lets do the math.  20 years at 365 days per year at 24 hours a day*60 minutes per hour* $ 1.50 a minute equals= $15,769,000.oo dollars.  But I never agreed to it and it was done against my will so that means that I can set my own rate of $10 a minute $105,120,000.oo!!!!!  That reads $105 million dollars!

Now it is said that one percent of the population has been labeled this, but I cannot believe the number to be that high.  But if it is all religions and world governments would be Bankrupted.

Fair is fair!!!!  You live by the sword of money you die by the sword of money.  So who would be in charge of the world?  It would be as the Bible states- the last will be first!!!!!

I know it is true with regard to me.  I cannot speak with regard to everyone else who has been  stigmatized with it.  But if it is true of me then it is true of everyone like me too is the belief I shall profess.  The God of Hosts is indeed mentioned in the Bible, that is what this is indeed written as.  How many people claimed themselves to be a good shepherd of other people, in the Bible.  Only one.  Jesus had his disciples other shepherds could therefore be said to have minions and slaves?

I don't know if I have ever met a rich person that did not have a horrible personality they hid from the public eye.  The feeling is always the same- they should never have earned that money.  Or terrible people do not really have the capacity to fairly earn money- so where do they get it from?  You can put two and two together and readily tell that such as such a person had no basis in experience for the ideas that they profited from.  And when they are asked how they thought of it their responses are vacant or do not fit the idea.

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy
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PS all that would be required to construct he Bimbo Switch board would be a finely tunable FM or AM radio transmitter. And a microphone to hold up the incoming phone call to, either a cell phone or land line.  Both an AM transmitter or an FM transmitter are electromagnetic technologies. Radio technology is the exact same thing as electromagnetic wave technology.   The thoughts that form inside the human brain travel from one brain cell to the next via electrical impulse.  That impulse can be attenuatively canceled. To get real creepy they could also use a voice attenuated microwave weapon.  This all falls into the purview of Williem Reich a Nazi Era scientist who figured out how to transfer illnesses to other people via the use of Electronic weaponry.  Every single shred of his work was confiscated by the United States Government.  It was that dangerous!!!!! It is not an electromagnetic wave threat to every electronic device of the world that we should worry about it is the current horror the electromagnetic weapon has done to the integrity of the United States as it has been used to- steal souls!  Who would do such a thing?  Just read your Bible and suspend your disbelief in what Jesus Christ and the Bible tell us about Satan when you do.

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