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Monday, January 21, 2013

Barrack Just Broke the Declaration of Independence in Two

"We believe that we are all created equal," is what he said.

That is far different from the words of Thomas Jefferson's.

"All MEN are created equal."

Thomas Jefferson was using it to refute the Divine right of Kings.

Thomas Jefferson did not use the world ALL because he knew it wasn't true.  He used the word MEN why?  Because it implies that you have to develop yourself to be a man and then you are as good as all other men and the equivalent of Kings.  Thomas Jefferson believed that men were better than Kings.  I believe in Thomas Jefferson.  Had Barrack Obama been around during the Revolutionary war we would be part of England and blacks would still be being whipped as slaves, no matter whether they were men or not.
Do MEN commit horrific acts on innocent people?  No, but Kings do!  You need to learn that difference quickly.

Has Barrack just declared himself to be King of the United States?  You won't like that no matter who you are.

I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat but I believe in peoples rights, freedoms and liberty more than Barrack Obama does.

There were a few other statements made today that were indicative of Tyranny.

And with regard to gays rights.  Does it come down to this?  You cannot discern who you hire as baby sitter?  You have to hire one from an Insurance sponsored company like health care is.  And indeed your 17 old son who was never gay ....  Does anyone understand me??

I am not a homophobic either.  I like all people.  I have had better conversations with homosexuals than a lot of other people combined.  I am just pointing out a reality.  Those who abuse others tend to seek positions whereby their identity can remain hidden and their abuse free from scrutiny.  But that is what Barrack Obama believes in whether he knows what he did or not.

And who was that Italian from New York that spoke today? His voice sounded like an evil clown to me.  And I wanted to make a point regarding Como of New York; he said no one hunts with a AR-15.  He is dead wrong, that is the lightest gun there is.  It has enough charge in the cartridge to brain a deer.  And honest to good one more point regarding the AR-15 they want to or did ban, A SIKH was hit seven times in the head with bullets from one and he is starting to do fine today- he did not die!!!  And this is what we gave our military?  Is the only way you kill someone with that to stick it in your mouth like in that Richard Gere movie?  Lets see Barracks Muslim brethren in the middle east gather round'yee poor American soldier and he offs himself and it is called suicide.  Or how about the gay chain of command torments the Good Apple Pie American to have sex with them and they kill themselves with the AR-15 about the only way it does.  That is the danger of having an army in times of peace.

There is a different race among us and it is neither explicitly black nor white nor tan nor red nor gay; it has the soul sucking mind of Satan.

And who is speaking now?  John Boehner.  Let me be clear about this, a ten year old could open a beer bottle cap and serve it to bar customers.  That is a cash cow business that feeds on and creates human misery.  And now he is talking about making products, what better beer bottle openers?  Better cigarette production lines.

You ever hear the phrase, "I told you so?"  Remember it when you read my writing.

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