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Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Kicking at the Legs 04 14 2016

The Kicking at the Legs 04 14 2016

Was kicking at the legs, so a person can't walk without pain used to enslave people in Communist China?

Because the legs were injured they couldn't get away and were enslaved?

Was an Opiate then used to give them and therefore later generations genetic based mental retardation?  FDR's family wealth is stated to have come from the opiate trade with China.

How many of the "orients" have a satanic mind as the three Kings of the Orient from the Bible did?  To know where a normal human (AKA a prophet) is going to be born you have to have a Satanic mind???

After they were done profiting from him they gave him a choice of either drinking a drug Myrrh (spiked with something else in it too?  Perhaps memory destroying Bella Donna?) and/or crucifixion?

Russia (Communist?) put the name Myrrh on a  Space Station and sent it out into space, for what reason?

1.  May the world be governed by Myrrh (as the Roman (Italian) Empire Governed with Drugs?)


2.  Drugs have no place on earth.  The Symbolism of the choice Jesus Christ was given being sent out into space orbit?

Russia too devalued the rights of the individual in Communism so the answer is number 1!!!!

There ought to be a very effective way that we can propagandize foreign countries to be more appealing to their immigrants here in the United States.

So there is highly radioactive Radium in Waukesha Water, (per a Milwaukee Journal Article some time ago)  How do we know that Russia didn't do that?

If you spend your lifetime practicing disabling human beings so that they can not work then you are the Devil!

The kicking of the legs and the drugs to the head.  Very symbolic isn't it, putting a single nail through a human beings ankles to signify this person will never again have freedom and mobility.  That race hasn't changed in over 2000 years!

PS. Would it be more effective to give learning disabled children Myrrh than it is a stimulant like Ritalin?  A person is born mentally retarded become of alcohol, part of the brain matter missing is naturally filled with cerebral spinal fluid,  no matter what your rational is why would you ever want someone like that to be given a stimulant?  Only if you knew that they would never be in direct conflict with you but rather other people!  So it is the two cats in one room argument.  You put the mentally retarded in the same room with the people who made the stimulant to give to them and see how it settles out over time?

You give a Roman a stimulant and he just figures out how to get everyone else hooked on it, ie mafia.

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Perhaps the greatest threat the United States has ever faced are immigrants from a foreign nation that doped its people and then sent them our way?


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