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Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Gospel of Judas said Jesus was sweating blood? Come on it really means he was poisoned with a blood thinner? 12 26 2015

The Gospel of Judas said Jesus was sweating blood? Come on it really means he was poisoned with a blood thinner?  12 26 2015

Nobody sweats blood!

What is the mechanism by which rat poison kills?  It is a blood thinner!  Actually your commercially available blood thinners like Warfarin are the exact same chemical in a highly monitored low dose.

This is per the CNN Religious segment last night.

But the Gospel of Mathew is the only one that said Judas hanged himself.

Also Jesus calls Judas the 13th DEMON!  Per the Gospel of Judas.

If you have read any of my research on this before you know what Jesus told us about a Demon.  Once it loses a battle to you it wanders around and finds 6 more demons to help it.  That forms what the Bible calls the Seven Headed Hydra.

There was also a Rabbi named Mathew who could heal demonic possession.  The only way you can do that is if you or your Jewish Tribe were causing it!

What did we also learn about this from Mathew?  How is that cursing occult formed?  It is kind of little sh1t cute but here it is.  "Only the father knows who the son is and the son who the father is; unless the son decides to tell a friend."

The Demons believe the person they are demonizing is their father.

The Gospel of Judas also tells that the disciples of Jesus behaved like barbarous cretins.  In other words Demons.

Jesus likely served as the only human mind for all of them?  Why?  Because they were mentally retarded demons who could not form their own soul.

Also Jesus own family rejected him when he returned home with a lot of money he made! He made it from gypsie fraud healing ceremonies!  They disowned him!

"Look children don't chant to this human being anymore.  When he comes the ceremony and you stop he will believe himself to be healed."  That is really extortion.  Just as the medical fraud of Schizophrenia is today!

How did John the Baptist cure cases of demonic possession?  By dunking people in the water below their heads.

So what really happened to the thirty bars of silver given to Judas for selling out Jesus?

1.  It was a scheme to make money from the beginning.  The evil Roman leadership putting Jesus on a cross with a seat and then letting him go when the solar eclipse happened?  The really sad part is that these evil men sold out the people of Israel.  But what we already know from the Bible about them is that they could not learn for themselves!  Jesus tells how he tried to get them to come out in the courtyard so that he could teach them but they did not come.

2.  The Romans took it right back from Judas.  How is Judas going to keep from being robbed back by them?

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