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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Three Inventions 12 12 2015

Three Inventions 12 12 2015
1. Side of table pen holder.
2. Dual sink washing machine drain hose.
3. Two part handgun safety device.  Composed of part 1.  a clip that separates the partially inserted magazine from the gun.  Part 1. is an elastic strap of silicone or other elastic material that readies the magazine to the handgun.  Pull the clip and the magazine is fully inserted and the slide can be cocked.  This allows one to keep the magazine with the gun and partially ready.  Probably only legal for those with concealed carry licenses.  Good for those who have a moral/safety objection to keeping a round in the chamber at all times but still want to be prepared.  Device could indeed be made integral to a semiautomatic/magazine fed handgun.

Instead of Barrack wanting to fine those who talk about guns he should be rewarding those who talk about gun safety.

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