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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Humor Why the Irish Wear Kilts 12 19 2015

Humor Why the Irish Wear Kilts 12 19 2015

Maybe it was because they were so poor from financial fraud that when the English came to take their homes all they had to wear to go out and fight them in was their mothers dress?

The Celtics were known to strip down naked and attack their enemy! 

In fact the Irish battle cry in the Civil War was "Faugh A Ballagh"  It means clear the way.  Although the first word phonetically sounds like Fag to me.  I don't think that they had it wrong either way!  I think I would interpret that really to mean, "Get out of here faggot!"

And what did I read?  20% of the English women are Lesbians?

Who was it that said there was going to be another civil war? Michelle Obama?

It might be harder or easier to shoot you if you attack someone while you are wearing a skirt or naked?

If you are attacking a fag naked he is going to stare at you while you are coming because it is his natural way.  However if a naked man were running straight at me with a cleaved axe I would shoot him right away, so it depends on who is attacking you.  Most likely it is a queer! 

Whoa!  Can you imagine running at a queer while wearing a dress?  The queer would be hopeful, let his guard down and maybe wink at you and you could slaughter him!

Perhaps you stick your naked butt out from behind a tree or some doorway in urban warfare and slaughter the eager queer quickly in ambush!

Gee me and my men are walking around with our skirts on down the center of town, kicking up our legs and playing BAG PIPES?  That would sure draw the queers in?  Good God that is better than the Trojan Horse story!  So the music stops when they gather around and someone yells "Faugh A Ballagh"

Who would ever promote a woman to be President other than a queer?  You would actually take orders to go to war from a woman?  Are you nuts??  Doesn't it make you want to puke when you see an English Faugh on his knees saying "Oh my queen, oh my queen!"

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Something about that German cross being the same as the Irish Cross and the German term Aless Klar?  ~ Everything alright?

PS.  How far would an average looking white boy get without being sexually accosted by a black male, deemed homosexual by their actions, if that white young man were wearing a dress and playing a musical instrument that looked like a phallic symbol?

Do you see my point?  I don't even believe either integration or segregation is the answer to that problem.

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