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Thursday, December 24, 2015

30,000 Cases of Sexual Assault in the Military, That is Domestic Violence??? And you CAN"T OWN A GUN 12 24 2015

30,000 Cases of Sexual Assault in the Military,  That is Domestic Violence???  And you CAN"T OWN A GUN  12 24 2015

So the obvious irony is, "If you can't own a gun what the h3LL are you doing in our Military."  (If convicted?)  (And if it qualifies for Domestic Violence like I assert it does.)

So the question becomes, "If you can't own a gun because of Domestic Violence, and therefore cannot be in our military because it would be a prerequisite, what the h3ll are you doing on our payroll?"

And do we really want to support people guilty of domestic violence with Social Security or would it be cheaper to send them somewhere else like Australia?

And the question they never ask themselves is, "What if I am deported from the United States and NO other foreign country wants me?"  Did you ever once stop to think about that?

Lets say you are found guilty of participating in a Criminal Organization and are deported and NO foreign country wants you?  It is a death sentence isn't it!  When you don't  behave in the U.S. it could indeed amount to a death sentence?  But that isn't our fault if you screw up it is yours.  And that death sentence isn't really adjudicated by the United States or the foreign country it is adjudicated by you, because you should have realized that NO other foreign country would want you.  How come you didn't realize that?

As a person who has heard voices for over 24 years I am one to say this country would be better off without the above!  (And so would the world!)

Did you think you were going to rob, pimp, drug deal and commit other crimes and still be allowed to have a gun to protect protect yourself from what?  Being prosecuted for committing those crimes?  Protect yourself so that you are allowed to continue those crimes?  What were you thinking?  You don't know how lucky you are!  I believe that you should get the death penalty already for drug dealing and pimping and even white collar crime above a certain level of money.

But in my humble opinion you are either in jail, executed or free and free to own a gun.  That protects the United States Constitution.  Why do you think we have that right?  To protect ourselves from you (the above!) 

The reason we have the Gun Control issue is because wealthy Liberal Republicans didn't want the Death Penalty!

Hey;  Merry Christmas!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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