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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Where does the Schroeder Family Money come from 12 06 2015

Where does the Schroeder Family Money come from  12 06 2015

I asked myself that question as I was driving in Downtown Milwaukee and saw the Schroeder Library that was part of the WMSE campus.  Then I remembered the Schroeder Aquatic Center that is part of the YMCA in Brown Deer.

So I had to ask myself that question.

And it comes from Schroeder Brewery?  Established 1865 in Germany?

What role did the Breweries have in WWII?

There was indeed the temperance movement in Nazi Germany that was started by women school teachers who realized that alcohol caused the birth defect of mental retardation and those children couldn't learn; means very hard to teach.  Very frustrating.

Then in the U.S. there was the end of Prohibition in 1932 when FDR was elected.  It was ended by the 21st Amendment which was an illegal amendment.

So I made a connection here?  The neighbor before that was the heir to the Weber Brewery.
And this odd device is what is mounted in his garage facing my house.

Another neighbors father named Miller own a bar in Milwaukee. 

I really wouldn't care one bit if I didn't hear voices.

But what do we know about mental retardation today?  The have called it something else and it has two components?  1.  Inability to listen.  2. Hyperactivity disorder.

And that latter item there is the full brunt a human being who hears voices experiences the horror of!

I am just betting that when the United States bombed Germany that those breweries were not touched?

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