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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The People of the Voice 12 16 2015

The People of the Voice 12 16 2015

Want there to be only one way to make money.  And it has to be something they know how to do;  and it can never be anything you know how to do.

Where do they actually believe money comes from?  They believe it can only come from something they know how to do.  And they can never believe that someone knows how to do that to or better than one of them.

And that is where the value of the United State Dollar is going to!  Zero!

How does someone like that believe that they learned something?  Do they actually believe that they were born knowing it?  Can they actually point out a time in their life when someone taught them something?

Jesus knew them too!  "Yeah shall know them by their fruits."  And "They know not what they do!"

One more Biblical reference.  I kind of like Ben Carson.  But the other night on television he was coughing and sneezing.  Do you know how Jesus Christ would chastise someone like that?  "Doctor heal thyself." 

The other night on television they asked each Republican Candidate for President what the biggest problem facing the nation is.  Practically every single one of them was a War Monger!

Not one of them thought a non educated population not making a good workforce was a threat to this nation.  That tells you where their money came from; they didn't earn it.

The value of our nations money comes from an educated workforce!  It doesn't come from some punk kid making a face or acting like he saw someone do in a movie!

I have to add one more point.  Every time I hear that CNN moderator who is gay speak and ask questions I feel like homosexuality is being propagandized as normality.  I just don't find any integrity in someone who would commit sodomy with another man or oral sex with them.

And one more point about Donald Trump.  He has one of the worst personality flaws a human being can ever have.  He is aggressive while at the same time being fickle.  First he didn't like Cruz but now he does.  Is he going to run on a third party ticket?  He answers no but then said something that meant yes, then tried to wiggle out of it.  Then ended the conversation quickly.  He does that on every single issue!  He is aggressive and then fickle.  That is the sign of a disorganized human mind to me.  That is not the type of person who has a planned out vision for America.   And then said he had fun.

So illegal aliens are supposed to be being deported under current United States law but they are not.  Trump say's they are taking our jobs.  Then he becomes friends with Cruz who states they come in an act of love.  And now he says' he doesn't want to fight with Cruz.  Aggressive and then fickle.  Do you know what that leads to?  Pushing our nation into a lot more problems.  False promises.  Not delivering on what you promised.

And what about Jeb Bush?  Good God look at those eyes?  George looked like he had AHDH to me!  They have a family member that is retarded to, a woman.  Jeb's eyes indicate to me that he might have a genetic abnormality like many forms of mental retardation are.

How many Police Officers ask and answer this question about themselves accurately?  "What kind of example is my behavior setting for young people?"

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
Originally published on 12 16 2015:

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