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Saturday, February 21, 2015

More on the 21 Club Occult and the Medical Fraud of Schizophrenia 02 21 2015

More on the 21 Club Occult and the Medical Fraud of Schizophrenia 02 21 2015

There is one more symbol for 21 that I have been overlooking!  The Gestalt of the Sickle is a 2 and that of a Hammer is a 1!  Look at the picture in the following link.

This would mean that Russian backed Organized crime in the United States is participant creating the Medical Fraud of Schizophrenia in the United States.  Why?  Because the cost of it would bankrupt our democracy and the profit from it keeps the mentally defective pagans in power until the Democracy falls.  Two One it means the idea of turning back time.  It means back to when Goliath, Ogres and Neanderthals ruled; in effect the criminal minded that can't compete with men; in effect Communism.  And we indeed see some of that with Professional Sports being the highest paid professions. The Luddites (phonetic pejorative lead-ites) of England feared technology.

But this is the type of technology that kills without causing marks.  A man on television stated that the Chinese leave all kinds of clues when they kill someone in the U.S. but the Russians leave no marks.  Per Putin 85% of the founders of Communism were Jewish.

Also the Native Americans might not like progress either.

But I have heard voices for 23 years and it always worse on the 21st of the month.  Odd vibrations, frequencies and emf type weaponry.

And here is a picture of what was mounted in the rafters of my German beer barron's garage.  It looks like it came straight out of the nose of a Russian Hinde Helicopter.  And the Communist Russians were known to have a device just like this mounted in the nose of their Helicopters that could incapacitate a man on the ground.  A friend of mine in College circa 1992, John Wigdale his uncle was Chairmen of M&I Bank told me that his sister Sarah who worked for the FBI told him they also have devices like these that could put a man into a fake seizure!  He said but you have to be doing something wrong like trying to rob Fort Knox or something.

I see WWII a lot differently than most do!  As a multi country, multi wealth faction opportunity to infiltrate and heathenize the United States!  And that is exactly what happened.

Your Ivy League Frats and Sororities likely haze people once out of college too!

Per the Reverend Al Sharpton the Music industry was controlled by Organized crime.

Per a 60 minutes episode organized crime took 10% of profit from all textiles coming into New York from China.

At the Nuremberg trials for Nazi War criminals from WWII one told that they did everything within their power to control a nation of 80 million via the use of radio type technology.  That means that your radio broadcast including television and ham radio are also likely part of the fraud.

One Navy Radio operator after another went insane in WWII I was told by a man (Mr. Landwier)who said his son developed directed sound energy technology.  FDR helped design those Navy Ships!  His family money came from the opiate trade with China.

Italians started organized crime in the U.S. Gambling, Prostitution and Drug Dealing.  And I read an Italian paper that stated all of them in the U.S. were related.  So that is part of it too.  They will never know the harm they cause to families from the birth defects of their drugs; and they will never care!

So too you have the Fraud of religions!  Christianity etc.  The public were I live has already voted on them.  No Sexual Predators are allowed to live here.  Every time I hear a religious figure on the radio or television, who covered up the sexual victimization of children, advertising church I want to tell him, the public has already voted and WE DON'T WANT YOU HERE!  You might not have any interest in believing in God or religion but I will just tell you this; God would never use drugs including alcohol!  He would never hold a golden chalice above his head and chant the words unless you drink of the blood of Christ and eat his flesh you are not one of us.  God would never promote a substance that is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere.  Like I said those Italians will never know the harm they caused families and the United States and never care.  England was founded by Rome and that makes Protestantism, the exact same!  Religious fraud and therefore organized crime!

I want to make one more point.  If our Government really believed in its people not a single private citizen would ever have to pay one red cent to file a patent application!  The Government would indeed be promoting the idea of invention and innovation and there would not be an initial cost to claim it and profit from it.  Hence your entire research and development functions of unconstitutional Corporations are part of that Satanic fraud too!  They are unconstitutional because our Constitution prohibits the granting of a title of nobility.  Giving a group of people limited liability status as management of a Corporation has is indeed the equivalent of the granting of a title of nobility.  In nobility divine right is the rule of law.  It really amounts to unaccountable whimsically thinking that cannot be questioned.

And indeed our Constitution prohibits Torture so George Bush whose family money came from a bank transfer from a Nazi steel company into the U.S. is part of it too!  And again back to Russia.  Joseph Stalin made up his surname Stalin.  It means STEEL!  It would be like someone calling themselves Mr. Oil and then running for President of the United States and succeeding.  But look at the Steel connection there.  And it was also stated that the Rockefellers had means of genocide in the poor areas of towns or a directive to that effect???  I read evidence of that on the internet. 

And you can add the University of Wisconsin system into the mix from the time of its President Charles Van Hise who was a Eugenicist and believed that, "Man should surrender his individuality for the sake of industry (the wealthy)."  He is the one who advised FDR.

In addition to these articles I have written on the 21st of the month occult.

Anyhow Schizophrenia is medical fraud; the symptoms are real and horrific however the cause makes it a medical fraud.

Here is another petition to sign.

For all the Jews interest in prosecuting Nazi War Criminals this is one issue they are never going to touch!  Why?  Because it is an extremely lucrative business.

You can add the CIA into the mix too!  A complete legacy of fraud and treason.

And where has the FBI, BATF,DEA been on eliminating drugs?  You start executing drug dealers, pimps and sexual victimizers of children and you eliminate the problem.  Also the 21st amendment to the Constitution was illegal because it did not have a valid purpose or intent, because FDR's son secured the rights from at least two European countries to sell their brand of hard liquor in the United States in conjunction with the repeal of Prohibition.

If I did not hear voices I would not write any of this.  I am not for any race or faction, I am just for my rights and the rights of people just like me not to hear voices.

I wrote it again, and I don't really care what you want to say it implies about me!  I know who I am and I do not curse myself like the voices do!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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