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Friday, February 13, 2015

Neanderthal DNA and the afflction of hearing voices 02 13 2015 update 2

Neanderthal DNA 02 13 2015

In an article in the Feb 2015 issue of Scientific America it states that those of us of non-African descent have 1 to 2% Neanderthal DNA in us.  From when we migrated up from Africa into Eurasia.  It also states that they were able to piece together 35 to 70% of the complete Neanderthal DNA because not all of us have that 1 to 2% in the same place in the DNA chain.

But what does this mean in terms of those of us who hear voices and swear by Betty Ross's flag it isn't us cursing ourselves??  Could it mean that those who are cursing us are those who have the Neanderthal DNA in brain structures that homo sapiens do not?  I believe that they are going to find out something like that!  Could those Neanderthal DNA brains be the separate lineage sons of Aaron who are stated to have different DNA than the sons of Adam?  The first humans are stated to come from Adam!  But not all humans have Adam DNA lineage some have a separate lineage to Aaron!  Moses ritualistically sacrificed two of Aarons sons by first tormenting them via holocaust rules he said that they didn't follow accurately.  Then per my memory he slit their throats!  Read the book of Leviticus the St. Joseph Bible if you don't believe me!  Indeed he made what would seem to be separate rules for Israelites in favoritism versus the sons of Aaron.

Very interesting article in that magazine.  Another important point is that it stated we have next to nothing in terms of modern cognition based on DNA!  I stated that the reason being is that those who control the knowledge don't want that to be known!  And I am asserting that they are dependent minded to those who hear voices and are labeled schizophrenic in medical fraud!

And DNA does not all express itself at once at the beginning of a persons life!  Some of it kicks in later in life!  And some of it is also influenced or knocked out by sleep deprivation I once read!  It is also a cause of psychosis or schizophrenia isn't it?  The beast got cute didn't it!  But what would prevent your full potential DNA from expressing itself into mature adulthood?  The use of alcohol, tobacco and narcotics!  And once those development stages are missed it is very hard for the individual to recoup it.  Indeed birth defects from alcohol are stated to be permanent! 

Scientists also found that a gene involved in language even though it is exactly the same is expressed differently in Neanderthal DNA versus that of modern homo sapiens. 

Do you know what they didn't want to state in that article?  They didn't want to say that some of that 1 or 2% of DNA they collected was involved in brain function in modern humans.  So indeed it will be a slow matter of public dissemination about who is making us hear voices and the reason???  They are letting you know a little bit at a time that science is proving schizophrenia is medical fraud!  What would be best would be if you came forth before the convicting evidence is in?  Because that indicates you wish to repent and that you know what you have been doing is wrong.  Rather you admit you have been wrong before the world court knows it with certitude.  If you admit it first you can weasel out of it.  The other way it might not be true.

Do you want to submit to cognition studies based on DNA? I have already outlined a few of them that will readily prove schizophrenia is medical fraud!  Remember?

The article also didn't tell if those of African descent had any Neanderthal DNA or not, the assumption is that they didn't?  I will have to check though.

The other day as I was driving in my car I wondered if there were two different cognitive races among the human population how far would the lesser race go in preventing the higher race from being successful on earth?  Is that sour grapes really human nature or Neanderthal nature?  Or perhaps Denisovian!

Aha!  I am going to bet that the bad Neanderthal DNA if there is any in some black people comes from mean slave owners of the Confederate south!  Maybe even some from King David's interbreeding?  Or did the Moors take some back home with them (if they went home or were all hacked off or black jacked, I don't know that history that well.)

From the validity of my personal life experience I might also suggest the premature birth children might have dna from a Neanderthal race that had a shorter than 9 month pregnancy cycle?  And perhaps DNA step down expression to Neanderthal DNA is highly influenced by alcohol, drugs etc.

I also believe you might be going to find DNA of Neanderthals in the exact same places in brain structures and function in all pedophiles and the same goes for drug dealers and pimps!  Why?  These seem to be anti species type activities to me!  Resentment of homo  sapiens species type crimes!  As well as creating the mental affliction of schizophrenia is!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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