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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Question What would the Native Americans done to Queers 02 11 2015

Apparently the males homosexuals were called Two Spirits and they were NOT considered to be MEN!

I myself are of one  spirit!  But apparently I hear voices because there are those that do not like their own spirit!  So indeed it would appear that the two spirit people make us hear voices to solidify some identity within themselves?  They have their own spirit whatever and however feeble it might be and that spirit in which they glean from normal human beings?

Never really saw a cowboys and Indians movie with an Indian male dressed in Indian women clothing and knew that is what it meant!  Now that could be something a boy needs to know!

You live in an area where there are homosexual Indians wearing dresses with a proclivity towards homosexuality activity, it isn't like we have big signs on our chests that tell the word how old we are every day,....that is something a boy should know to have in a keeps his wits about him collection!

And good God for that very reason every homosexual that walks the earth should be readily identifiable as such!  And I don't care what you think about it!

"Who were you all alone in the sweat lodge for so long today with young man."  "Oh it was Two spirits."

You mislabel homo-concern with homo-phobia and we all end up sexually molested!

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