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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

What is a hangover? 02 10 2015 On guilty thoughts, free speech and fear updated

What is a hangover? 02 10 2015

It is really a recovery from alcohol poisoning isn't it!

That is how I see it! That is my belief about it!

And you know what? That is how it should be taught in every school in the United States and world for that matter!

Why can't we call things as they really are?

Are you an alcoholic that wants to quit? Perhaps you should think of it in exactly that manner!

Add up all the times you poisoned yourself and had a hangover!

Poisoning yourself isn't a good idea is it! Poisoning yourself can end your life can't it! In fact if you poison yourself you can expect your life to end quickly! So you tell yourself that is something you would never do! But in effect that is exactly what you do anyway! Repeated poisoning of yourself ruining your health and longevity.

So think of all the bad hangovers and everyone of them you have had! Can you remember that any of those moments made your life a happy experience? No! It was about like hell wasn't it! You have the will power to save yourself from hell! You can do it!

Just add up all those times and think of it as poisoning yourself! You want to enjoy life don't you? Of course you do! And for some reason that is why you drink! What does it amount to? False laughter? Look at how Dean Martin glamourized the happy experience of drinking? I doubt he was really happy though, it was masking pain wasn't it! It was more of a happy show! Do you ever see how that is? It is like the person who drinks is putting on a “show of happiness” when they aren't really happy at all! The truth is that if you were happy you would not want to drink! You wouldn't need to! The truth is that drinking doesn't really make you happy! You get in that scene long enough and what will you realize? Everyone who you saw drinking was attempting to put on a bigger show of happiness!

And some people drink because they are otherwise self conscious in a social situation. Let me tell you this, I don't know anything about you! I don't know your life history at all! If there is unhappiness in your life you are trying to hide with drinking, I would never know what it was! If there was nervousness you were trying to hide with drinking I would see that you had to hide it with drinking and would have liked you much better if you were really your true self!

To me a hangover I really a recovery from alcohol poisoning! I for the life of me don't know why or how it could be a crime in any manner shape or form to write or speak ones belief system no matter what it was! Even if you boldly say someone should be killed! And then you get pinned for a wrongful death lawsuit? If someone had said Adolf Hitler should be killed and he was, would there have been a wrongful death suit? I believe it is a hero who say's things like that! When it is your belief why should you be forced to hide it; no matter what it is! That I why we have freedom of speech! They never wanted us to have to hold back on anything! I have found that it is unhealthy if you have to hold back on your belief system, internalize it, that eats a person up! And indeed perhaps that is why some people drink!

And I hear voices! About one percent of us do! Do you know what that means to me? Somebody is dishing it out! And what is my conclusion? It should never matter what I say! You should be able to take it just as I have to! Want to change the paradigm and stop talking to people like me? Okay all well and good! I can still say and think whatever I want about you and I should never have to feel shame for my belief system! What happens when we feel shame for our belief system? Depression! That is one thing that happens! Some of us know when our belief system is proven wrong and we adapt! That is something else that happens and we are glad when it does because we have learned something! But what about those who are hard pressed to change their belief system at all! What happens to them? What happens when somebody finally gives them a dose of straight talk? Something they never had before in their life? Well it can be a terminal experience for them! So again what is the solution? That no one should ever have fear to express their beliefs! Why? It saves lives and causes repenting and reform! And of course there are those whose belief system makes no sense at all! And they cannot seem to argue based on rationality. It is kind of like if you are walking on a path and don't look where you are going you fall on your head at some point? Don't know what to do about them. But I will continue writing anyway! Aha! But what is the point here? Those are the most vulnerable people in terms of you finally telling them off aren't they! But again it isn't your fault. Has more to do with how they were raised. And you were not their father! You weren't!!!!

The truth is that things like that are not your fault! And what happens when you bring people like that into your life? They are a liability to you aren't they! Why? Because they cannot integrate new ideas into their base of knowledge. When they cannot learn it means that when a new situation arises they are helpless!

And we do not attempt to express our belief system with irrational and mean insults. In other words when is your belief system based on emotion? When is your belief system based on well guarded emotions? Again you should base your belief system on knowledge and what has been proven true to you! When you lie to yourself you only hurt yourself! Aha! Can lying to oneself indeed be a form of learning disability! Aha! Perhaps that is a key to reforming some learning disabilities! Can you spot where the person is lying to themselves? Very hard to do! But if you know the material you are teaching well enough you might be able to have insight into how to integrate it into any persons normal belief system! What if a persons belief system is I don't need to learn that, I don't need to learn anything!!! Perhaps then you need to show them Christmas past, Christmas present and Christmas future! What am I getting at? Explain how learning that could save their lives! Now the other day I came up with a good idea about that related to algebra but I can't remember what it was! But if you are a teacher do you think in this manner? As you live your life apart from teaching do you say to yourself, Aha I would not have known that or been able to figure it out if I didn't learn algebra? And there is nothing obsessive compulsive about thinking in that manner! Some closed minded people might insult you out of jealousy for it! But if they do, are you going to reach for the bottle?

There are plenty of people who are not going to like you in life! And they are going to be mean to you out of pure jealousy! That isn't an excuse to being mean to yourself though in return! Aha! When someone is mean to you and you are then mean to yourself in return that is demonic possession isn't it!

By definition a demon would stare at humans in jealousy?

To me a hangover I really a recovery from alcohol poisoning!

They don't teach it like that! And it is considered taboo to think and write like I do!

Do you know what writing is to me? It is like I am talking to myself! And I like that! Are you afraid to talk to yourself, meaning to be true to yourself with what your beliefs are? Have you ever stopped to consider what the source of that fear was? Was there someone in church, a man wearing a long dress who was propagandizing alcohol, did he make you say in unison, “I have sinned in my thoughts.” I just hate what that means and what it implies! It seems to be a direct Contradiction to free speech! It is one level worse than a critic of your right to free speech, it is a critic of your right to free thinking! Some people would like to say, “You better take medicine!” Why do they say it? Because they can't handle my belief system! And didn't I explain why above? I articulated a few different personality types consistent with that notion! And that is why we have free speech! Perhaps it is the best example of only the strong (minded) survive? But in today’s day and age we are more proponents of the weak minded surviving and prospering? And you better not offend one or you will be a victim of their violence and aggression! The year is Two Thousand and Fifteen! But when you hold back in those instances the person already knew what you were going to say? So you don't have to feel any cognitive dissonance for it! Had you had said something you might have saved them in the future but also you would have gotten immediately beat up for it, so indeed they are the cause of their own past present ad future problems. Don't feel to bad about it when it happens. You were not put on earth to be a victim so that mentally defective could all be saved! That is a bunch of religious mumbo jumbo by a guy with a queer voice wearing a long dress!

We are all supposed to think like men and not slip into fugues like how dogs look when they are taking a cr@p!

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2015

Originally published on 02 10 2015 at:

Anyone else question the absurdity of a man holding a golden chalice of wine wearing a long skirt and tell you that you have sinned in your thoughts?

You saying that Adolf Hitler should be killed is far different than you ordering Adolf Hitler to be killed.  To express your belief system is a suggestion?  Should expressing your belief system ever be considered even a suggestion?  Do you see who this is catering to?  Who this is attempting to protect?  The weak minded from committing crimes by blaming you for them!  Do you see what this is getting at?  You expressing your belief to some people is the exact same to them as if you ordered them to act in accordance with that belief!  It is a lessening of the standard of  personal responsibility isn't it!  Now what if you just thought Adolf Hitler should be killed and then the next day Adolf Hitler is killed?  Then you go to mass and that priest declares that you have sinned in your thoughts.  Wait a minute are we not thinking human beings?  Thinking involves imagining various outcomes using your own mind!  That is what thinking is, using your OWN mind!  But lets suspend disbelief and say hypothetically that there were those who did not have their own mind and were dependent upon yours, if that is not what is suggested by the false teachings of religion.  The problem then isn't with you, it is with them not being what they are supposed to be!  Should you ever have to cower in fear of the goliath?  Would you serve the Goliath?  Would you stand up in front of a crowd and preach Goliathism's? :)  Would you want to be like Goliath?  If Goliath beat you would you acquiesce to him and his goliath will?  What if you declared that Goliath should be killed!  The town Sherif would immediately crank up his connection to television broadcasting and say that you can't do that and that is why so and so went to jail and you will to!  So better not ever say that you believe the Goliath should be killed!  And today you better not say it about the leader of a foreign country either!  Because it means you are a terrorist!  Even though they don't have our high standard of freedom of speech!  You keep your mouth shut about what you think of the goliath!  You hear me good!  You keep your mouth shut about what you think of the goliath!

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