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Sunday, February 1, 2015

New England Patriots 28 Seattle Seahawks 24 Superbowl Sunday 02 01 2015

New England Patriots 28 Seattle Seahawks 24 Superbowl Sunday 02 01 2015

They brought up the issue of the air being let out of the footballs. So there wasn't a responsible person on the entire team that recognized that and told the coach to tell the referee? What kind of responsibility is that? It I like should we put gas in the car for the trip or wait until we run out of gas to consider it an issue? Or here is another analogy. You are at a grocery store and on your list is white bread. You look at your cart and see that there is no white bread in it. It is on the shelf right in front of you. You don't put it in the cart. Then you get home and blame the whole thing on someone else?


Watching the first quarter I came to the conclusion that the two best teams in the league were in the Superbowl.

Watching Wilson's passes flow through the air was BEAUTIFUL! Perfect spirals, just the right timing to the receiver! Some of them seemed to defy aerodynamics, rising quickly straight out and then dropping quickly rather than the common lofting parabola!

Don't have much to say about the game. The gal on the half time show had American Class! She was refreshing, blue eye's dark hair and a perfect figure. I couldn't figure out what the costumes the black singing girls were wearing were supposed to mean. Settled on just declaring they were space suits.

Didn't like the commercial with “Bridge's” tuning the bowl and humming what appeared to be a mean homonym; but perhaps I am interpreting that the opposite of it should be. Good God Britney Spears is still Gorgeous!


Tom Brady looked like the kid who wouldn't behave in the classroom as he sat on the sidelines as they were loosing! Do we really need to see all the “looks?” Remember this is entertainment and not a military conflict where the bravest Americans are getting their legs blown off by munitions derived from what countries Corporate wealth activity? And good God we are even hearing Scott Walker weigh in on Syria, saying we should send ground troops there. He doesn't have the same “intel” the President does.


But Brady hung his head after awhile of the looks. He was fun to watch as quarterback too! I recognized the bobbing on his double feet boxing stance! And watching those passes connect was great!

The Running back Lynch was amazing; breaking more tackles...!

Wilson scrambled in the pocket and waited for everyone on the defense to act like they had played the play to the common required which time Wilson ran for many yards! I just like to see that when the defense gives up and the quarterbacks perseverance brings good yards!


I was leaning to wanting the Seahawks to win. But I made a contrast between the price of those superbowl tickets and the large amount of homeless youths in the Pacific Northwest. In terms of the Patriot name, the past two decades of foreign policy don't seem to lend it the credibility it deserves. So I wanted the Seahawks to win and the Patriots to lose. But Brady had some resilience and seemed to be able to control his attitude so I rooted for them a little bit too. Don't really care who wins.

I haven't watched these players play much before. They looked very professional and mostly like good men; didn't see much foul play that should never find its way into billion dollar professional sports.

And honest to God with two minutes left in the fourth quarter I watched the receiver Brady passed to shuffle his feet in double manner like a boxer or indeed the Kangaroo on the Commercial during the game.

Thought I would watch the full game to see who yells in the camera something psychotic like was the case in the last Superbowl.

And the spirit of my writing is highly influenced by the spirit that is with me at the time I am writing it? What player's woman was talking to me I sometimes wonder!

They say Wilson was not as big a quaterback as the others! Who was the last one like that Doug Fluty or something like that! Wilson threw that ball better than I have seen any quaterback throw one in my life and that is why I wanted them to win! That is what Professionalism is supposed to mean in all regards!

The Patriots seemed to rely on a running game a lot and I don't believe in that!


First time I used the snowblower this season. Added a little octane additive to the tank and some stabilized outboard motor gas and it started right up! The good old Toro 521. I read an article in the newspaper... how a company had made a new outdoor power engine that doesn't need an oil change for 12 years because the oil is cleaner because of a better air intake filter. And immediately I thought rather than me having to junk mine some year, if you are truly an environmental steward you would create a retrofit kit for every single one of those that you sold.


The Kearse catch; unbelievable, thought they had the game right there.

Unnecessary roughness number 55 the arm coming down like hatchet????


“I am just blessed, I can't explain it right now,” one Patriot player said after the game. Why should a player have to be required to say anything more than that! That is REAL! That is indeed the proper emotion at a time like that! But we have the media always want to interject into the nature of things like that!

Since the Patriots won I want to share with you a petition I created in regard to all this. But perhaps I need to think of this in terms of New England's original Tea Party driving out the British and creating our Independence through the Revolutionary War and not all the current Tea Party Finance/Insurance Industry driving their hooks into our freedom; as the Declaration of Independence said we are not going to put with!

The spoiled kids know who is deserving of the attention and that is why some of us hear voices.


So this morning I am reading that rabbit hunting season doesn't end for about a month from now. Then a big gust of wind came by and blew over all four of my garbage cans and the large blue recycling container. I watch as an empty can of soup is blown 40 feet down the driveway and lands in hole in the snow. I say hey look, I was just reading about rabbit hunting and then an empty can of soup from the garbage can blown by the wind fell in a hole in the snow. It was very hard to see and someone didn't believe it so immediately I got out my camera took a picture of it and showed it to her.

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