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Monday, February 23, 2015

Radio Shack Going out of Business 02 23 2015

Radio Shack Going out of Business 02 23 2015

I think some of that might be due to their website being hacked so the search function didn't work right while customers were using it.

The Imperialist Luddites don't like technology.  But not only that they don't like people to have knowledge of it; they would rather all that just be made in China for us.

It the War of 1812 the Imperialist Luddites I am talking about attacked the United States and burnt down the White House!

They never liked us and as druids they worshipped the monkey likely because they had miscegenated genes?

The WHITE HOUSE, THE CAPITAL BUILDINGS THEY ARE ALL WHITE?  Were we making a statement about the English?  Something we didn't like about them?

The United States made a statement with that WHITE HOUSE!!!  The English hated that statement and burnt it!  The English are the ones who brought the slaves here, helped the slave owning south in the Civil War too!  They beat them and also raped them.

And does the black man blackmail the Jew to get ahead in life in the United States for that very same reason?  As in, "Look I know where you are getting your ideas from because I hear and see it too in my minds eye.  Now I want in to.  You understand me?"

Seems very odd to me that at a time when the NSA computers can search every scrap of info out there that electronic technology available to the do it yourselfer is going out of business!  It is shaping up to be a very controlled world.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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