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Monday, February 9, 2015

The Fostering and Building up of Monopolies through Commercial Television 02 09 2015

The Fostering and Building up of Monopolies through Commercial Television 02 09 2015

As I watched a television commercial for a long storied hamburger franchise I realized that small restaurants go out of business because they can't compete with those advertising dollars!

We have Presidents and Governors that t small business but the reality is that small businesses can't compete with monopolizing commercial television dollars!

The common argument would be that the company is the biggest because it is the best but we all know that isn't true!

So what do we do about tools that create and foster illegal monopolies?  I guess I don't care when it is a good monopoly that keeps prices down for consumers and sells healthy products to keep the people going like that big box department store does.

But monopolies are controlling our economy far more than they should be!

Commercial free and all free reception of all television?  Would that address the problem?  Yes!

But what happens when a monopoly amasses wealth and uses it for what clearly amounts to criminal activity?  Somehow it needs to either be broken or perhaps a better phrase would be converted to general citizen ownership without consideration for current owners.  In other words, taken away from the current owners!

And what happens when one controls our national energy policy through veiled manipulation and U.S. soldiers lose their lives in middle east wars?


Off topic.  FDR's family wealth came from the opiate trade with China.  I believe his brother was President near WWI; but FDR was during WWII.  What (other) economic interest did FDR have in War?  Morphine from opiate was giving to gun wound and shrapnel victims!  My father was a combat medic!  Also I heard that in Viet Nam United States soldiers all did heroin!  To me it is unconscionable that it would ever find its way onto a military base or barracks!

Are you trying to tell me that opiate trade somehow changed family ownership over the years?  I highly doubt it!

And look at the drug scandals going on at the Veterans Administration facilities?  That is drugs for profit too isn't it!

In business we learn that business men look at a pool of people as potential.  That really has no place in the United States in its current form!  We are not to be thought of that way or treated in that manner!  We had much higher standards than that!

So who owns those poppy fields in Europe, Afghanistan and Columbia?  Who are the legal trust beneficiaries of them?  Weigh that against how many people have died from overdose and to me something called "Due process" with regard to those families has been met!  Are you trying to tell me that the NSA, FBI, DEA and CIA doesn't know who the beneficiaries are with all their money and communications tracking technology?  I am not that dumb if you are!  I want that over and done with!  And sure tomorrow in the morning waste of trees I will likely read again pure goose shoe that someone decided that there is no such thing as addictive substances.  Can I tell you that after you have been given one your life will be ruined.  So if you don't believe in my words and want to play the contrary that is what you can look forward to.

I want a complete list of drugs that are opiate chemical structure derivatives.  Why?  Because I believe it makes them participants to American deaths for profit!  I want to look at those surnames and see what foreign countries they hailed from.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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