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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Foreign Policy on War should not be a sea sawing 02 03 2015

The Foreign Policy on War should not be a sea sawing 02 03 2015

If it takes us that long to decide it means that War is being sold to us!  That means an orchestrated buildup to genocide of honest Americans?

"The media will go back and forth should we send ground troops.  Should we send ground troops?"

What am I getting at?  The cause of the United States going to war should be definite with a defined enemy to kill in a defined region!  If that enemy hides in a country then we don't trade with that country!

ISIS?  So you don't like corruption in the world and you think you will fight for ISIS?  They will torture you to death because they have the same exact animal mind as all the above; because you are protesting it!  Anyone who propagandized ISIS as an enemy of the U.S. is really creating targeted victims of genocide of brave Americans!  The beast of a female likes nothing more than putting the above (this is an excerpt from another article not typed) brave .....illegible...if you believe in the United States they want to send you into a death trap!

What happened was the World Trade Center was downed and then ever after that everyone we don't like is being equated to those that did that!  And one of the buildings, the CIA building was actually raised at that same time!  A lot of records were destroyed in that New York CIA building!  It can only happen if the CIA knew of the attack or was a party to it!  And what did we learn about the CIA torturing?  Isn't it very odd that the CIA validates all their intelligence gathering ability and that CIA building was demolished in what had to be a coordinated effort with the planes flying into the World Trade center?  So if the CIA building went down do you ever hear of CIA employees that died in it?  No!  Our Founding Fathers warned us about people like this!

Let me ask you this!  A foreign country knows where ships are maneuvering outside of your coast gearing up to attack your nation and they do not tell your country?  Your country is then attacked.  Are not both of those countries your enemy?

In simple terms.  Someone you believed was your friend knew someone was waiting to beat you up somewhere and they didn't tell you and you were beat up.  That really isn't your friend is it!  How did that friend know without being participant to it?  One might ask?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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