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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Organ Transplant Petititon Draft 02 26 2015

Organ Transplant Petition Draft 02 26 2015

I believe that those who drink alcohol should not be allowed to have a liver organ transplant and I also believe those who smoke tobacco should not be allowed to have a lung transplant.

But we still need to keep that medical technology valid and going; as I will explain next.

Lets say you sell, produce or give me a product that causes internal organ failure and I need a liver transplant; in fairness should not that liver come from you? And if not from you then a family member; who is healthy. Does it make sense that you should not be allowed to profit from making people ill? And what should the extended remedy to me be when

A. Now lets say that you give me a product that makes me mentally disabled so that I cannot work at my true means, should not my compensation be your entire assets and you disallowed from being in that business again?

B. Now lets say that you sell me a product to treat the illness in “A” above; should not the same exact provisions in “A” also apply.

Now lets say that certain people have marked organ donor on their drivers license and somehow the ignition switch is remotely activated to shut down the car and steer it to a catastrophic accident. I actually believe there are people that bad and worse in the world. However you want to medicate me for that fearful belief? When just this morning I read a woman was kidnapped in California and held prisoner for two months and gang raped while prisoner? Don't you ever call someone paranoid again! And you with your unconstitutional gun control in any form. It that female had not had to jump through all your loops to get one or perhaps be denied one because you said she was mentally ill? Our Constitution was created to protect human beings from you! You label us mentally ill while letting 11 million illegal Mexican immigrants in this country to do something like that? And they did indeed have Mexican surnames.

Now lets say you have been a major owner of a soft drink company and my child develops diabetes? Oh I don't know; maybe an organ transplant of your child's pancreas would cure it?

Now what if you fraudulently made people mentally ill and profited from it in a great many ways. Should you not be medically sterilized and pulling a plow on a farm?

Now lets say you stole my intellectual property as soon as I thought of it and became extremely wealthy from it perhaps you are a different race entirely that should only have bread and water?

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2015

Originally published on 02 26 2015 at:

This petition to start:

Also 1. one where an individual never pays a Lincoln cent to file a patent.

  1. Perhaps the middle class in England should never have to pay any yearly toll to a Queen.
  2. Also something about what to do when the Constitution is blatantly violated by Federal Laws.
  3. And something about participating in child porn being due process evidence.
  4. And perhaps Presidential Authorized Death Warrants for certain “extreme” crimes; Oh I don't know, like participating in and promoting torture?
  5. And I also want to ban life insurance from being sold to Foster Parents or Adoptive parents because I see a trend in abusing them to the point where they might be suicidal and the parent has a high Tea Party (plot) likelihood of cashing in on the Policy

Someone who worked for the city newspaper told me that there was a period of 30 years or more in recent history when the paper (including television and media) did not want to report gun deaths and violence in the city.  Why didn't they want to do this?  Because when they don't report it it helps foster Unconstitutional gun control doesn't it!  As in don't you read the newspapers you have nothing to worry about!  It is paranoid of you to think bad people exist.  The internet news sights have changed all that hasn't it.  A girl being kidnapped and gang raped happening in California could have just as easily happened in Milwaukee.  A young woman reads that story and becomes frightened, the fear builds and she goes to the doctor and is diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.  A young woman is raped by an NFL player in a house party and the trauma causes mental illness too.  What am I getting at?  Gun control feeds the psychiatric industry and drug company profits!

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