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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Do Unions Keep better qualified and skilled and better moraled people out of jobs? Are Unions really anti-democratic form of monopolized labor.?

Do Unions Keep better qualified and skilled and better morale people out of jobs?  Are Unions really anti-democratic form of monopolized labor.?

So workers balk about anticompetitive practices of foreign nations but Unions are by far the most anticompetitive aspect that there is and hence they cause more anticompetitive activity?

Some old drunk keeps his job on a machine press while a clean son just out of high school or college can't get a job because a Union prevents the drunk from being fired.

Not only do they prevent the drunk from being fired, but also the whore and the inept management.

Did Unions prevent our jobs from being outsourced to foreign countries and foreign labor!  No!  What does that mean?  That the Union boss was either inept or paid off.  And are the Union bosses well to do?  Yes!

Do people that believe in unions really believe that the best man for the job shouldn't get the job?

And I do understand how it is, once you get a job you expect that if you do it properly that you should not have to fear losing it to someone else.  You were there first.  I agree with that.  But just because you were first does that mean you are best?  And if those who are not best keep employment doesn't that give rise to foreign competition in a vicious circle.

First and foremost I believe that if a man works 40 hours a week that it amounts to a living wage where he can raise a family of at least 2 children.

And I also believe that a lot of laws concerning mortgages are unfair and corrupt.  And I believe that food should be healthy.  But do you know how those who don't agree with me would argue. "I don't want to be healthy."  Well you just said something there concerning your fate in this country didn't you.  "I don't want to be healthy."  Isn't that the words of the most spoiled brat ever! How old are you?

We need to weed out and level the salaries of management and ownership and that can easily be done because the limited liability structure of Corporations is Unconstitutional.  Also we can gut the whole financial system as being satanically corrupt and a siphon on the American Economy and that can be done by legal means too!

I also believe that a worker should never be subjected to chemicals that would cause their children to be born birth defective.  I can hear the spoiled brat talking to me already, "Don't tell me what I can't do with my body."  Again I am telling you that neither I nor any other citizen of this country should have to put up with the mean and birth defective mentally retarded.  That is the opposite of equality!    It is creating inequality to profit from inequality to your advantage! 

First and foremost the swine piss has to leave.  But after that if you don't sober up what would the recourse of civilization be?  You get rid of the swine piss and eventually you won't have any more difficult retard to deal with.

No "health care" worker should ever be able to spend one Lincoln penny on swine piss.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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