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Monday, February 9, 2015

The Year 1990 Again 02 09 2015

The Year 1990 Again 02 09 2015

Look at what happened after 1990!  But what preceded it in 1988????

The first Fiber Optic Transatlantic Cable to England and France went under the ocean floor!

I have made a list of events that transpired around and after 1990!  And it is substantial in terms of the impact on history!

Had that fiber optic communications cable not went into the ocean between the United Kingdom and the United States would we have had the mortgage crisis circa ~ 2007 caused by fraudulent rigging of the London Interbank Offer Interest Rate?  No!  Why not?  Because basing mortgages on a foreign interest rate requires a very fast communication line to make it work better!

How would severing that communication line create internet speed parity to all residents in the United States?  Anyone else see it?

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