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Sunday, February 8, 2015

One Pound Equals 453 Grams 02 08 2015

One Pound Equals 453 Grams 02 08 2015

As you read about drug dealers in your newspaper being caught they never give you the figures in pounds!  And that is irresponsible to the United States Republic!

In this mornings paper it stated that officers found 2,900 grams of heroin in a mans basement with a value of $585,000.

So lets do the conversion; but why is it important?  Because we are talking about very small packets easily hidden and transferred that are worth a lot of money!  Something to take notice of if you have children that have had a change of behavior?  You are not likely to find that poison if you searched their rooms and one dose of it can kill them!

2,900/453=  6.4 pounds!!!!  So then we divide $585,000/6.4=  $91,406.25 dollars per pound!

In contrast how much does gold cost per pound?  There are 16 ounces in a pound and an ounce of Gold currently costs= $1,234.00.  That means a pound of gold coins cost,  $19,744.00

The value of that 6.4 pounds of gold would only be $126,361.oo  as compared to $585,000.oo

Who makes money from that $585,000.oo besides that black man that has it in his basement in the poor side of town?  You can't tell me a lot of it doesn't flow into "graft".  Also an uneducated black man doesn't have the college degree level logistics knowledge to transport that into the United States; at least not initially.  So who are the drug kings and where do they live?  Shall we start with the legal representation people like him will avail themselves of?  Are they not really participants in the drug dealing when they are going to take a cut out  of the money from it in defense?  Am I the only one who reads it that way?  It doesn't look that way though and I am sure a defense attorney would have a cute response to it.  By the way a defense attorney lived two houses down on my block and was found dead of a heroin overdose.

All users of drugs should be disbarred and prevented from management level civil service including political appointments.  All drug dealers should get the death penalty!  I don't really care about a crying mother who raised monsters like this!

Does he foster prostitution with proceeds of it too?  Are little drug addicted black babies that can't learn created?

Also when they set up the metric system they made a confusing discrepancy as to volume versus weight didn't they!  Why is this important?  Does if facilitate a public misunderstanding as to drug dealing?  Yes!

And what do the very poor know?  They know that the ideas of the wealthy do not come from their own minds!  So indeed the people that foster the medical fraud of schizophrenia encourage more crime than anyone else in the history of the world!  All of that heroin will indeed be used to ruin young human potential!  So indeed we can say that human potential is a great threat to some people; now who would that be?  The mentally defective wealthy are the ones who have something to fear and resent!  In order to maintain the concept of monotheism the beast must destroy human potential.

You start executing people for drug dealing and it will end rather quickly.  So how can we easily do that?  Very simply how many deaths will that 6.4 pounds of heroin cause?  We can base that on common statistics of heroin deaths.   We can't say the person caused a death.  But we can just say to have a certain amount on hand as a dealer would is a crime with a mandatory sentencing of capital punishment!

Does that amount of money drum up business for defense attorneys?  Yes!  But as I mentioned above they don't all live to enjoy it!  I also believe that networked criminal element would dope your coffee with enough to kill you at a restaurant!  So indeed if any is found at a restaurant at all that owner as well as person he hired should face mandatory sentencing of the death penalty!

It is over 4 times more profitable than the gold rush!  Do you want a heroin drug user or mentally defective filth living in your neighborhood and ruining it?  So far that is what you have voted for!

You don't see it the way that I do because no one before has had the intelligence to present it to you in a manner consistent with the reality of it!

But bear in mind again 1 pound equals 453 grams and has a value of $91,406.oo dollars!  It doesn't bother the wealthy does it; it bothers me!  What do I know about mentally defective people?  What else can you say the voices that I hear originate from?  They don't come from my mind or my own brain.  Get it?

Very simply you tell that drug dealer, your family that profited from your drug dealing might also be facing death penalty charges, and you are for certain going to receive capital punishment, so tell us every single thing you know about where you got the drugs so a young black boy doesn't end up just like you did!

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