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Friday, February 13, 2015

Mayor Tom Barrets Choo Choo Train 02 13 2015

Mayor Tom Barrets Choo Choo Train 02 13 2015

If he is going to tear up Milwaukee streets then he better avail himself of the torn up street opportunity in order to fix the sewer system so all those Tea Party crappers waste does not flow directly into lake Michigan!

Now that is how men think!  I am going to be tearing up streets!  Why don't I avail myself of the opportunity to upgrade the cities plumbing system.  In a manner that provides for cleaner water.  So that children swimming won't get sick and die.  So that Milwaukee doesn't look like a hillbilly hick town with a feces brown stain in the water at the beach.  So that fish like Perch can actually live in it again!

I can guarantee you that Mr. Choo Choo train could never conceive of such a plan or manage the development of it!

Want to know what will happen?  They will get all that trolly street dug up at about which time a torrential rain will come and likely erode some of those office towers and wiccan apartment structures to toppling!  It will be the leaning tower of Pisa city.

So when you have a faction of blue collar workers who do not have factories to go to and behave at, who married high maintenance women then you have to open the city tap and create projects that are detrimental to the city so that he can still afford his emotionally disturbed wife?

Don't attempt to conquer Prostitution and drug use and the cities alcoholism first Barrett.  Instead destroy another foundation.

And one wonders if there are not going to be pension shenanigans in this one too, like I believe happened with Walker firing teachers!  Fire bus drivers and tell them they wouldn't make good trolly drivers because it is a different skill set?  And then either slash their pensions or have that money managed by the spaghetti monster who will squander it?

So you successfully recall a guy like Tom Barrett or Scott Walker and who do you get in their place?  Another version that is exactly like them but looks different on the outside!

I have a lot more to say about this but I have already written it and published most of it here a long time ago in this online newspaper.

As long as their is being alcohol sold in the city of Milwaukee you are just paving over the problems and just wasting money and the environment!

No instead of a clean energy city Barrett let the bill go through where the Utility could fine a homeowner that produced their own electricity through solar panels!

Where I come from we call that a Black Fitzwilliams jug head!

You know what you should be forced to do on weekend nights?  Sit home and read a book!  Have your father read a book to your family!  He would be to ashamed to do so wouldn't he!  So who are the real cowards in our world today?  Not who Sheba wants to label them as being!  I bet many black men could take control of their families if they forced that insolent woman to listen to them reading a book to her!

"The Voyage of the Cauldron Skipper" is a good one!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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