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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Problem with Scott Walker is that he is a Tavern League Child 02 10 2015

The Problem with Scott Walker is that he is a Tavern League Child 02 10 2015

ALL churches are really “Light” Taverns!

Hence forth, they propagandize alcohol based mental retardation in the most dangerous and subtle form!

Every single priest, female rabbi or reverend or whatever nomenclature they use; is a queer tavern league child!

Keep that in mind as you see Scott Walker whose father was a Lutheran minister propagandized for President.

Scott Walker tells how he cut taxes three times! That means more money for the gay hobo hat they pass around in Church's doesn't it! If you go to business school you will learn that when a business cannot innovate and reinvest in the business, then the wisest thing that they can do is to give it back to the owners in the form of dividends. Scott Walker wasn't hired as Governor to be not smart enough to reinvest in Wisconsin! In business that is a sign of stale management!

As the son of a Lutheran Minister what did Scott Walker learn? To cater to the needs of the wealthy doners! Also, if they hold church events and invest a little of the money contributed to the church in a party then they are likely to receive more money in the hobo hat. And that is exactly the way that politics has worked for Scott Walker! He was a born and raised natural at it!

The church temps small children and teenagers to drink alcohol! What do we know from the Bible? Without a doubt it is the Devil that tempts the sons of man! But how does the Church tempt small children to drink alcohol? By holding that chalice of wine high above their heads during communion and looking around like you can't have any! Also by saying the occult indoctrination words exactly akin to, “Unless you drink of this symbolic blood of the Jew Jesus Christ, you are not one of us!” The white wafers of communion are a metaphor for his flesh. Flesh, skin, what is the difference to a German American Beer Barron Nazi making lampshades from it? (Scathing aren't I!)

Not even the Pope, who adopted the ALIAS of Francis, knows that his true purpose is to sustain monotheism by fostering a kingdom of the mentally retarded from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.
Not only that they propagandize that being a man (True one father figure patriarch for all: means communism) means graduating to wear a long dress! You can't get much more queer than that!

Do you know what it feels like to be at a Republican Convention or to watch a gay parade, or read a propagandized newspaper article? It is all the same to me! It is like they are carrying signs that read, “I am a Tavern League Child and proud of it!”

But one more point about the Priest wearing the long dress. What is the queer propagandizing? Not only to be a patriarch father figure that you drink alcohol from a gold chalice but that when they get you in private in one of those dark rooms in the big church order to be a man...the dress comes off?

Perhaps they wear dresses because if you watched them walk in long pants you would readily see that they saunter like women? It is a rarity but if you ever see one walking in mans pants you will notice it right away and laugh! That queerness comes from a birth defect related to alcohol! And it is species regressive.

Every Church is a “Light” tavern; and initially they were used to forcibly convert the Jews of Israel into becoming heathen minded. As well as create a economic empire that was Greek and Roman Wine based. The problem with retards is that they loathe normal human beings that therefore have great human potential!

Now the Founding Fathers of the United States loathed the Kings Religion Church of England, read Scott Walker, more than anything else in the world! Our Country was formed by people who could not stand the mentally retarded and queers! So we have come full circle and are facing the worldwide end of freedom!

Copyright 2015 Thomas Paul Murphy

Originally published on 02 10 2015 at:

If you like this article be sure to read my article with the subject matter, “The 21st Amendment is Invalid!”

Also as you read the newly owned Milwaukee “tree” based paper you will notice that they are printing veiled threats to freedom of speech and propagandizing what amounts to Kings Laws as well as Scott Walker! They play their part just as every Church is a light Tavern.  But don't give my writing a ounce of credit, instead be happy that you are invited to a Scott Walker Convention!  Drink and ask a woman to dance!  And when some mongrel comes running up to you and head butts you. (It actually happened!) Well you wont have the mental capacity anymore to be a tree based newspaper writer?  You have been heathenized just like what you supported to continue to happen to the American Public.  And where was your Hero Scott Walker to prevent you from being violently attacked?  Where was he to say that patron of my religion has had enough alcohol!  It never happens!  Though I will be the one to step in right now and tell you I have had enough of your fetal alcohol syndrome based mentally retarded children!

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