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Sunday, February 1, 2015

How much water is used to produce ethanol (Diatribe) 02 01 2015

How much water is used to produce ethanol?

According to that website 1000 gallons per one gallon of ethanol.  How much does a gallon of water cost on your water utility bill in Wisconsin?  About 5 cents a gallon per what I have been told.  Excuse me but doesn't that equate to $50 in Water costs alone for a gallon of ethanol gasoline?  Does that make you sick? 

They made oil barons out of the Farmers that were not bankrupt?  Anyone else worried about a food shortage machination?

While we are at it how much water was used to produce grain subsidies to foreign countries whereby populations that do not believe in the Human Rights of the United States Constitution were allowed to balloon?

What is the point? Had we managed water better we would not have a Wisconsin Statewide health advisory on eating fish?

How much water was used to produce swine and beef that made fat bellied and fat headed Americans with sloth intelligence that do not debate like men but instead curse like hags? And all the runoff from that waste polluted our lakes and rivers!

The water on the shore of Lake Michigan is brown from the sewers flowing straight to it! Do you know what the policy has to be? Let it accumulate and then wait until there is a large rainfall to legally flush it into Lake Michigan based on your allotted number of times a year you are allowed to do that!

And what is the water in Lake Michigan? It is both Toxic and Sterile at the same time! Real men would have never allowed that to happen.

I don't know how deep the Craw Fish River (?) is in Wisconsin today, but most Rivers here are very shallow and the bottoms are filled with muck and silt. But I heard a story that the Crawfish River (?) in Wisconsin used to be 40 feet deep and you could see clear to the bottom!

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