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Friday, February 6, 2015

The Label on Alcohol and Tobacco should read 02 06 2015

The Label on Alcohol and Tobacco should read to include this phrase 02 06 2015

Use of birth defect producing or mind altering substances will void ANY insurance policy benefits and also void any common legal defense for ALL acts of personal negligence.

What happens when a Government Institution mandates that an individual be put on a drug whereby once on that drug their decision making process is known to be impaired?

Every one of those mass shooters had that in common!

In effect it means that Government institution was participant in their crimes and jointly liable!  And there can be no slave master provision either that states a persons actions must be controlled by another under what is termed medical supervision because that amounts to slavery which is unconstitutional!

Those who would deem that supervision is needed are indeed the ones that might be culpable to needing personal supervision in life!  It follows the motive of, "I want to watch you so that I know how to live and profit!"  That amounts to an admission of being mentally defective doesn't it!  Admission; Jesus used the phase, "You bear false witness against yourself!"  It is indicative of the root of the crime here?

The same bold lettering should be included on all narcotics sold by pharmacies!
Any contractual proceeds due to you may become null and void.

If I dope your food with LSD and you go on a violent spree am I not the one more guilty of that crime than you?  This is why I want the death penalty to all drug dealers!  I also want a legal term called strict product liability for alcohol and other substances that fall into the above category!  Strict liability can be thought of as this analogy.  I produce a product that is really a land mine in a wrapping present box.  Once the ribbon is pulled the person who pulled it dies!  There can be no argument that the person who PRODUCED that product caused that death!  Somehow we have had a disconnect from the concept of Strict Product Liability from where it belongs and attempted application of it to where it doesn't belong!

It means that if someone ingested a product labeled for human consumption (goes in the mouth) that caused a birth defect of mental retardation and you produced that product that you bear the cost to society that you created; whatever it may be!

The cost of the devils profits should not weigh on the shoulders of a man!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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