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Friday, February 6, 2015

Scott Walker is a master of the art of War in Imperialism 02 06 2015

Scott Walker is a master of the art of War in Imperialism 02 06 2015

He attacks and then retreats.  The purpose of which is to flush out the strongest opponents of his ideas for targeted individual destruction through attrition, firing, machination, etc.

It is really a lesser form of Divine Right!  Instead of him standing by everything he does he attempts to say that his actions or the results of his policies were not intentional and then he backs off.  Why? So that he can strengthen his case by weakening the initial opposition.

And to be fair I like some of the intent of the changes to the mission statement but the most glaring of them was to eliminate "Truth."  And his comments on developing a workforce go hand in hand with his desire to create Iron Ore mines in Wisconsin?  Who he wants to work at them is another question.  Some of us would say that he is best suited for mine working and should leave the careers that require intellect to those who have it.  But it is really a sad commentary on the Wisconsin workforce pool isn't it!  Developing work skills?  What does it really mean?  What does it really equate to?  Training the mentally retarded to do work at their true level.  I have no problem with the mentally retarded working at their true level!  What I have a problem with is when the best and brightest of us have our normal human minds tapped for the benefit of them!  And that is why he wanted to eliminate the word truth from the mission statement.

In terms of UW Research creating jobs over the last 10 years that is absolutely false.  Those are jobs that do not sustain the creation of jobs or the creation of viable working candidates!  Create another brewery that will create the mentally retarded?  Create a genetically engineered grain that will indeed eliminate jobs and one day likely expose us to genocidal famine.  Again creating technology jobs that will create environmental waste likely to cause a whole new generation of mentally retarded.  A man can easily project where paying someone money they don't deserve and aren't really earning leads to with regard to our future!

Some of his ideas are good accept for single fatal flaws that they contain!  This one with regard to truth and the value of an education!  What we have is him and his cadre projecting their own personal circumstance into the policy rather than that of a higher standard!  We also see a lot of that in the Supreme Court!

When I see items like that pop up in public policy I have to ask what common low denominator is influencing these people?  Look at every decision of every President since Kennedy and analyze the direction of the negative effect it has and you will get an idea of what I am writing about.  It is as if someone is part of their thinking and they are not aware of it!

Perhaps this I indeed how it works.  They hear the thoughts of one demonized individual who is labeled schizophrenic.  When they stop hearing those thoughts or get a break from them then that bad consciousness that they believe to be themselves but is neither themselves or the demonized individual feels like a reward in their personal conscious.  At which time that policy comes into being!  But what does it really amount to?  Schemes that preserve the great wealth of the mentally defective.  So we have a universal type listening mind that influences the leader of that tribe when they are done listening?  For all we know Walkers ideas come from an Indian hag with no teeth.

The purpose of a higher University system should be considered to be creating a morally intelligent class?  Creating a class that always looks out for the peoples needs.  Creating a class that produces academic and literary merit.

We have not seen the trickle down effect of proposed intelligence from the University System!  If we did all measures needed to raise education standards being met would have been taken!  Including eliminating products that cause delayed mental development!  And also strict punishment to those who betray the education system and victimize normal children.

What we really got from the education system is a cadre of the wealthy that thought it was cute to make as much money as possible by producing goods in foreign countries!  It is really a mess to clean up because we have raised their technological standard to the point whereby those countries who do not believe in human rights pose a military threat to the United States.

And look at the academic faculty of the University system!  They are all foreigners!  Even the English here pose a threat to our Constitution!  And Walker is right they do not teach what will lead to job creation!  Instead they teach what will not help you in the work force.  And when you get into the work force the first thing that will happen is that you will get hit over the head by the beast because you are not one of them!

So the intent of his changes to the mission statement need to be addressed with a broader array of measures!

Here are some of them!

You will love this next one!  It's extent should also be broadened to include those who were hazed in the work force.

Do you know what my intent is?  To put all of those who do not have their own minds in the same class of people; the mentally defective wealthy and poor together!  The ruling class to be those who hear voices against their will and have a family lineage of it.  This being evidence of the highest human class because the high demand for their minds is evidence of it!  One should never have to compete to use their own mind!!!!!!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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