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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Dateline tonight Seth and Caldwell 02 07 2015 updated update two Wait a minute law enforcement was in on this one!

Dateline tonight Seth and Caldwell Case 02 07 2015

I would have liked to seen Seth turn and ask Mr. Caldwell, "Why did you raise a whore?"

This episode seemed to give Mr. Caldwell all the praise in the world.  What would Mr. Caldwell do if when he was young his wife had had an affair and likely became pregnant with that persons child?  Would he have been driven to a violent act of insanity?

No doubt Seth was a bad person!  Tormenting a neighbor!!!  You can't be worse filth than that so in the end he did get what he deserved.  And perhaps his wife did indeed cheat on him because he was a rat!

It looked to me like it was something that occurred way down south!  Because they all appeared to be white trash, drinking and then not understanding why they have the problems that they do.  But it occurred in Iowa!  Which to me should be North of all that hillbilly culture!

But what should young women learn from this?  If you cheat on your husband you might be putting yourself in danger!  Now everyone thinks oh it is okay.  And it should be accepted if I do!  But some people think of it differently; they consider themselves making lifelong commitments based on true love!

If she hadn't loved him then she should have divorced him before starting that relationship!  But again what is this spoiled white trash believe?  I want to sample this one first and sample that one first!  It didn't turn out good and this kids should have known better!

Again, it takes two to tango!  This episode played her father as being a better father than he was!

But then again I suppose I should think girls will do what girls will do and it can't be explained?

I would expect a higher standard of behavior and conduct in this country than all the trash we see!

If her father was such a great man why did she allow her to marry him?  Again often a father is just happy that his daughter has found someone?  When indeed it might be better for the family right away if he tells that man just what he see's about him that he doesn't like; in every single marriage in the United States!  The father of the daughter should be required to tell that groom what he doesn't like about him!  And it can't be cute either!

I want to make one final point!  Perhaps if a woman isn't married and becomes pregnant the baby should mandatorily be aborted!  Never heard that anywhere before!  It has to do with the higher likelihood that kid will become like one or all of the above!

Everyone wants to say that the mentally ill are dangerous?  What did this case prove without a shadow of a doubt?  That those who torment them are the most dangerous people in our society today!  Keep that in mind with regard to the company you keep!

None of the above people in that case should have ever been allowed to take one sip of alcohol!

I want to ask the question would Seth' s and should Seth's sentencing have been any different if he just said, "When I found out she was having an affair I just snapped?"  And aha!  I have to wonder if Seth's bad behavior was a transference of the games his wife was playing on him as she was having an affair? 

Now I have been in that bar scene culture.  And women in it act like cold hearted emotionless whores!  What would have happened if Seth went to Mr. Caldwell and said your daughter is having an affair with someone.  "You take her whore ass back!  I don't want to have any lawsuits whatsoever from her or you!  I am not paying one iota to her to help her raise that child which I cannot ascertain is mine?  You understand me!  You have brought great shame to me!"

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Wait a minute law enforcement was in on this one from the beginning!  That is why they did not look at the cell phone evidence and ignored it!  They knew what it was going to say already and wanted it not to be presented into evidence in order to avoid a department wide scandal!

Now if that is true should not Seth's conviction be overturned?  Why?  Because Law Enforcement did not want viable evidence related to Seth's motive to be admitted in court?  And I do believe they know who is zooming and knew who was zooming who!  That is one police force, court and prison staff that needs to be summarily fired!

I will go one step further on the women in law enforcement issue!  Everyone wants to believe, "Oh they give a woman's perspective to law enforcement?"  I don't agree with that anymore although I initially did!  These are banshee whore women!  They are more likely to be complacent with corruption on the Police force than to fight it!  They would likely go for a roll in the hay with whomever!  They are not the stay home and bake apple pie women of the past they are the I want to play softball mean dike proclivity type!  Or more to the point they are the women who would keep tabs on how many of the football team players she slept with?  What am I getting at?  By the time you are 18 and a female you are expected to mature into being a lady and not one of these above whatever it is?  A corn fat faced, dull minded argumentative and emotionally disturbed whore!  You ever wonder where the sick mean kid's in grade school come from?  Wonder no longer!  For some reason this type of woman has a big problem that she wants, needs, to believe that she is everything a man can be!  God, please help us; she can't, never can be and never will be!  And the male role models that she had in her life are sorely lacking!


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