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Monday, February 9, 2015

The 21st Amendment to the Constitution is Invalid 02 09 2015

The 21st Amendment to the Constitution is Invalid 02 09 2015

Why? Because article 5 of the Constitution states that to amend the Constitution the amendment has to be VALID in terms of its INTENT AND PURPOSE!

FDR's son secured the rights to sell hard liquor in the United States in conjunction with his father repealing prohibition!  That is a family wealth motive to repeal the Prohibition!  Hence the 21st Amendment that repealed Prohibition was not Valid in terms of its INTENT AND PURPOSE!

A person with an alcohol addiction amending the Constitution because of that is not a Valid Intent and Purpose!


You cannot tell me that the criminal minded becoming violent because they were not allowed to drink is a Valid Intent and Purpose!

You can't tell me that consumption of alcohol makes real PEOPLE happy!

And remember FDR's family money came from the Opiate trade with China!

And FDR had family connections with the bootlegging Kennedy family.  Granted later in U.S. history, JFK was Irish and wonderful!  But again who killed him, the Italian Mafia in Conjunction with Communist Potato alcohol head Russia!

So Gun control in order to protect your alcohol business is not legal!

But look at it and compare it to the profit of the heroin business today!!!  6.4 pounds of it have value of $585,000 dollars!

And where is it coming from?  It is already illegal isn't it! It is illegal and nothing is being done constructively to stop its life and death toll!

Our Constitution was written to protect us from drug criminals whether it be English Wiccans poisoning colonists, bootleggers ruining American lives, Opiate and heroin drug dealers making fortunes by creating human misery!  "The devil hates the truth!"

FDR's own brother I believe it was scolded him because he broke the Constitution.

Another reason we have gun control is because of the attempted assassination of FDR.  If you add up all the pain and misery the legacy he created by breaking our law created...well you already know what I want to say and what I believe! 

Our Government should have provided all school abiding citizens with full auto weapons at that time and stated with extreme prejudice, "Get that filth out of here!"

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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