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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Free Mason Symbol Gestalt 02 22 2015

Free Mason Symbol Gestalt 02 22 2015

This looks like the gestalt of a woman's legs (likely a prostitute wearing garters) straddling that of a carpenter lying on his back.

So really the Free Masons are about what is the name for the sexual position where the man is on the bottom?  It is submissive isn't it!   It also empowers women.  I suppose that is okay if you are the type of guy that also likes to perform cunnilingus and go off to War for the will of a Queen (whose brain size is 10% less than men for that matter.) But that isn't the symbolism that is being measured in the Free Mason Symbol.

See pictures:

This one has the female above symbolism better graphically created.

So that is what is behind women leadership in the United States?  I take issue with that in terms of War, Lesbians, whores as well as indeed the way that there brains are wired differently than men.  And we do indeed see the problems this has created worldwide!  She would keep a mentally retarded son out of dominance of it while he would not; the story of Abraham?

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