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Monday, February 9, 2015

Can you blame a drug user for killing their own baby? 02 09 2015

Can you blame a drug user for killing their own baby?  02 09 2015

We already know they won't be able to take care of it and raise it themselves.  But if they kill an extension of themselves does that in-justify their own life being in some way too?

And do you actually believe you can reform someone like that whose brain chemistry has likely been permanently altered?

But more importantly if it killed that sacred extension of its life self how would it regard your children?

Does it kill its baby for lack of opportunity to work and feed it?

Does it kill its baby because it is a mentally defective birth defective baby from drug use?

What burden does it put on a parent to expect them to raise a mentally defective child born from alcohol abuse?  Our Government should have prevented it from happening shouldn't it have! And that was indeed Prohibition!

Isn't that God Awful!  "Hah hah, you drank my beer Barron beer!  Now you have a defective baby!  You have to raise it!"  People ought to be given a legal way to abort a family shame like that post birth!  Perhaps all it would take would be  medical sign off.

Do I have the Bible on my side?  You bet I do!  That is the start of it, God told Abraham to Kill that newly born son!  The God of the Bible believes in Abortion!  For Bible/Christ based religions to teach and propagandize just the opposite of that is religious fraud!

One might also say, this is my baby, society will not let be afford to keep it.  It does not and never will belong to someone else!  It is not theirs and they have no right to it!  I have the right to abort it post birth for that very reason.  And then let the mayor, who is in control of concurring poverty mandatorily sign off on the death of it!  "I will not let my baby undergo the pain of starving to death?"

There is fantasy thinking that substitutes for authority and then there is reality.

I have to wonder if some of our laws have been written in England!  We just found out that surveillance of U.S. citizens was controlled via England and through the NSA!  A Governor hires a law firm and the idea for the bill is popped over to England and the text for it sent back to the U.S. law firm?  Not much different that Scott Walkers idol Ronald Reagan consulting for every policy idea a fortune teller who attended Vassar University is it! He was as dumb as if he had Alzheimer's immediately upon taking office wasn't he!

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