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Friday, February 27, 2015

The NO Bayonet Hunting Law 02 27 2015

The NO Bayonet Hunting Law 02 27 2015

In this article I will discuss the no bayonet hunting rule and also classification of a knife having a certain blade length as a deadly weapon.

There used to be a law in the Hunting Regulations that stated you could not hunt with a bayonet.  And perhaps it is still there, I haven't looked.  But you should look.  Could a bayonet help prevent you from being mauled by a deer?  Yes!

How many people are mauled by a deer every year?

It is very interesting that very important statistics like that are not easily found via an internet search by such engines like google.

Lets also add in the forest elements of mauled by a moose, bear, wolf and wild dog and wild boar.

Now I am not going to collate those statistics right now.  I don't have to, I know it is at least one person every year.

Our Founding Fathers would be rolling over in their graves in torment if they knew their were weapons laws!  That is why it is in the Constitution that there can not by ANY "ARMS" laws.

When that deer is mauling you or that wolf is chewing off your leg you are not going to be able to appeal to its human emotion to stop from doing it because it doesn't have any!  Very methodically it will render and traumatize you until you are dead.  Piercing lungs and lacerating neck arteries. 

But lets forget about hunting and state that you just are going for a walk in the forest and don't even have one of those guns that jams easily; the one that they don't even want you to have one of those of.  You can't carry that long bladed knife as a bayonet is because it is classified as a deadly weapon?  You bet it is a deadly weapon!  That is why I bought it! Should be your answer.

Now how many people are raped by a negro or Pollack every year?  That number is far greater isn't it.

Now you likely think that I am being anti-Semitic when I use the term woman raped by a Pollack.  But I know of at least one case that happened in the Catholic grade school I attended in Whitefish Bay Wisconsin. So scale that up that statisctic and it is a concern.

No guns in allowed on the street if you live in a school zone?  Are you trying to tell me that the drug dealers operating in that school zone can have them and terrorize your neighborhood and house but you the law abiding person better not bear that arm?  I don't know how George Bush or Ronald Reagan ever became President.  They did not put forth the laws of men they put forth the laws of Queens.  And they are unconstitutional.  By the way you see Scott Walker pointing his finger and moving his arm up and down a lot.  What is the gestalt of that?  It is a scolding motion isn't it!  His idol was Ronald Reagan.  And Reagan is stated to have had every decision he made while in office made by a female fortune teller who attended Vassar University.  What is that Ivy league network anyway?  It is like a British satanic infiltration of the United States.  Graduate from High School go to an Ivy League college and the professor their is a British transplant who is actually learning how to teach by listening to your own mind study; because you have the gene for creative genius whereas he/she has the druid monkey gene.  They burnt our White House down in the War of 1812 for Christ Sakes!

Now where do these no weapons laws come from?  I will speculate that the English woman doesn't have the pro human gene.  I will also state that many are big legged and odd ant ugly faced.  So indeed their only option for passing on those genes is if we have legalized alcohol and men can willfully rape without facing capital punishment.  Yes I do believe some women are raped and become pregnant because this odd and ugly women wills it to happen.

To have a deadly weapon to protect yourself from being mauled by a wild animal is about as civilized as you can be!  Now a candy mouthed lesbian might object to you killing a dog that snaps a babies neck in less than a second.  Even though she wants to be able to adopt a baby as a right.  Animals rights end when that animal attacks a human.  But what does these odd people know about themselves that they project unto the rest of us?  They don't have the pro human creative genius gene do they!   So therefore in some sense we are their enemy to be leveled down so that we are never a competitive threat?

In quick summary arms laws are both ridiculous and unconstitutional.  And a law abiding U.S. Citizen should never have any legal fear of having them or bearing them!  So indeed I am going to create a petition that states all Gun control and weapons laws are Unconstitutional and therefore illegal.

Perhaps the reason we have those laws is because they want it to be a dual society but without themselves being on the lesser end?

Okay so I was reading about the muslins that took over Europe and ruled for about 700 years from 700 ad to `1500 ad about the time Columbus set sail.  It stated that they built houses for themselves when before that the Germanic peoples left over from the failed Roman Empire just lived in open single room barns.  Ever see inside a Germans house how the wall are all bare and there is little furniture?  What am I getting at?  Why do you live in a big open barn like structure.  So that your spook eyes can always see what is going on!  Because you don't trust  your family members with the kids in isolated rooms?  And indeed England was founded by the Roman Empire.  But more importantly what do we have with Homeland Security?  Through exterior wall surveillance technology.  Ger is the Hebrew word for strange, so therefore German would equate to strange man.  And we had all this Homeland Security by one of the strangest in American history, George Bush.  It amounts to Unconstitutional search and seizure.  The strange men have to see in your house to so that they know what is going on in there?  That oddness does not belong in the United States.  It should not even be a part of humanity.  So somewhere along the lines a parent drank alcohol and the children became mentally retarded and that is the strange man family lineage?  And quite of few of those European Asian African peoples living in the United States today are very strange!  So the question becomes what should we really do about the dunce who sits in the corner of school wearing the pointy hat that can't learn?  Should we allow them to accumulate money and wealth so that they can see what is going inside you American home?  Again our Founding Fathers never wanted us to have to put up with freaks like that!

Part of the Constitution also states that what is one law in one state has to be the same law in another state.  But the Constitution is the Supreme law which can not be violated by any of them.

So the petition will read that To strike down all Gun Control and Arms laws Federal or otherwise as being Unconstitutional per the simple reading of the Second Amendment.

Text of it.
"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

Either that felon is reformed and can exit prison and given his gun back or he should be executed.  But what about adjudicating someone mentally ill and taking their gun away because of it?  No!  You can't do that either.  But let me articulate a point here that the Federalists who arose from the Druid religion (monkey worshipping?) don't want you to know.  The pro human gene that is responsible for the apex of human evolution--creative genius is the exact same one that people labeled schizophrenic in medical fraud have!

Sign the petition here.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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