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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Guised Stadium Financing Propaganda on the Radio 02 08 2015

Guised Stadium Financing Propaganda on the Radio 02 08 2015

So I am listening to the Radio Show hosts talk about Stadium financing for a new Milwaukee Arena. When a man with a low monotone voice calls in and appears to be dominating the conversation. And it always seems to be the same one that does this. Or some voice modulation iteration of him.

And he begs the issue what about a $5 user tax to stadium goers every time they go there to see a game.

Being a Finance and Accounting major from UW Milwaukee I can already tell that sometimes Corporate Deferred financing really means General Citizen taxpayer financing! As when the big three automakers lent money to the buyers of cars to purchase them and then they went bankrupt and the taxpayer footed the bill. Who made out like bandits in that scenario? The limited liability corporate managers who allotted themselves high salaries for making poor decisions! Who ended up paying for the autoworkers pensions? The general taxpayer. But the management again made wealthy high salaries! Anyone remember when the price of a Corvette spiked from $7,000 to where that price spiked at about $80,000 today? The marginal cost over a Oldsmobile didn't used to be that great.

But anyhow the pair of heckles and jeckles on the radio couldn't seem to find a reason why that stadium user tax was a bad idea. The reason is simple if the team falters and no one attends then where is the user fee to support the construction of that stadium? There isn't any and the taxpayer foots the bill while management and athletes and radio commentators continue to loot the system!

You know where you can put that stadium? Right straight in the middle of Africa! And you can ship every academic failure of the Wisconsin right there with it! That would be all they need to make them happy; plus a little weed like African momma's used to feed their babies to calm them down. It causes mental retardation don't you know! The word retard means to delay the development of. And pot causes that worse than alcohol in the young and adolescent brain. But who cares if all you have to do in life is play a game you learned in kindergarten while honest Americans pay to make you wealthy doing it! And the children of any who would object to you doing so are doped with pot or killed with a lethal dose of heroin in genocide to maintain monotheism for the mentally retarded!

And after we do that and no one in the United States hears voices anymore I guess we figured out the cause of it didn't we!

What do we do with all the mentally retarded people from the spectrum of fetal alcohol syndrome FDR asked? And the black church stepped right up with their tired and true solution! Black people figured it out a long time ago! If you kill someone you are dependent minded to then you become as dumb as the day you were born. But if you zombify them you can steal their mind for the rest of their lives! And their walking brain dead corpse serves as a reminder to you of the ideas of their advanced thinking and belief system! So that solved the problem of beer Barron wealth preservation around the time of WWII in the United States! By the way it is called psychiatry. What has it also lead to deferred and unrecognized environmental liabilities by corporate management! …...Don't worry, we know who you are!

I have to laugh at the proposal of “The players will play from their salary!” That sounds like another one that is prone to falling straight through! Why it is so funny is because something inside me that hears a quarterbacks voice sound like a general cretin tells me that he can't really afford a multimillion dollar stadium.

BTW, does the word origin of Cretin come from the island of Crete? How come they don't teach the really meaning and significance of that in history classes? Because they are too busy rewriting history by telling you that the health insurance industry is really the brave moment in U.S. History called the Tea Party?

But as you listen to that junk radio see if you can notice the contrast between voices, opinions and emotional responses. It needs to go, in favor of all music. Sure we could have talk radio but it would have to exclude cretins in order to benefit the health and welfare of the American people as the Constitution guaranties?

Now if the a professional sports team left the state wouldn't that make a great retrofit homeless shelter?

They didn't really care about the people when they built that one did they!  In spite of the names of philanthropists being glamorized, when you sat with your knees scrunched in those seats after twenty minutes you got up and felt like blood clots had formed in your legs!  Seriously how many people went home and had a heart attack or stroke in the next two weeks after going to a game; from a dislodged blood clot?

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