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Friday, February 13, 2015

I want to apologize to black people now 02 13 2015

I want to apologize to black people now 02 13 2015

I have been kind of hard to you in this blog.  I will attribute it to the voices with me interjecting and directing the writing that way.

I would like to say that I listen to black preachers on the radio and there is nothing as good as them out there!

There are good members of all races, creeds and religions!  Again that which talks to me wants to make it a reaction to the general and all as a distraction from the specific!  I do believe that those who hear voices are the worst victims of racism in all races together!  And I believe that those who perpetrate that racism hide behind readily apparent aspects of racism that can be identified by sight and not cognition!

I hope some of you understand this.

My intent is to make the world such that a little boy or girl can run and play and be one with the warm summer air without any odd threat that hides itself in races and uses racism as its shield!

So who is really promoting racism?  Me who would not write any of this which attempts to understand the affliction of why some of us hear voices..if I didn't hear voices, or that which is the origin of those voices and doesn't want you to know or believe it is!  That being the motive for promoting racism?  Make those who don't like you for what you do to them look as if they don't like all of your people in racism!  Being a bad person not consistent with any race and then when the finger is pointed at you saying it is done so because the person doing so is a racist!  When the real truth is that you antagonized them without cause and  not in defense of yourself.  So that behavior is really the establishment of tribalism!  Our Constitution protects with rights against those who would seek to establish tribalism in their defense or Confederacies!  You know what have you ever seen an attorney general state that an unconstitutional confederacy has been created?  It is about time that Constitutional power wields its authority and we have the Supreme Court of strong minded men in place to make it happen.  Not those who arrive drunk at a Presidential State of the Union Address and fall asleep!  Not those who make up the reason for their decisions after they have decided based on whimsical emotion!  That isn't what the United States is about!  We are much more serious than that!  Much more intelligent! And have much greater integrity!  We don't promote members to the highest court in the land who apparently got their legal knowledge from a séance that targeted a human being that was prior to that normal!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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