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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Walkers Visit to England What is a Monarchy and Evolution 02 12 2015

Walkers Visit to England What is a Monarchy and Evolution 02 12 2015

What is a monarchy?  It is based on blood lines isn't it!  And those blood lines are supposed to be superior leadership, strength, morality, manliness and intelligence?

But what does that bloodline philosophy of leadership encompass?  What is it really?  IT IS EUGENICS!

But look at Prince Charles ears and his dolted speaking and how can you say that is what Royalty is?

A kid with ears like that in public or private school would likely get the cr@p beaten out of him as a freak!

I will apologize to the Israel Prime Minister in advance.

So (Great Britain's, United Kingdom, England whatever they call themselves, to me it is really  leadership is just England today) is based on bloodline Eugenics!  From my memory of History someone contested that!  He had his own theory of Eugenics too!  Israel has its own Eugenic drive too, doesn't it!  Yes they do!

So they ask Walker if he believes in Evolution and he say's he punts on the issue.  Now those of us who know how to spot a liar know that if he didn't he would have said no right away!

The Bible teaches PURE EVOLUTION based with initial Creationism!  The Garden of Eden being a metaphor for an ancient Jewish city where the undesirables were evicted.

God telling Abraham to kill his son?  That is pure Eugenics!  God believes in Eugenics. 

But what is Evolution?  What does it really amount to?  It amounts to some people weeding out those who pose a criminal threat to humanity and our future?

A lot of Walkers constituents are the wealthy who had children born with mental retardation!  We know that from Cathy McMorris Rogers comments that the Republican Party was the pro Down's Syndrome Party!  Good Lord I am laughing my a.o.  I wonder what those English think of that!!!!  It isn't the same as your U.S. Republican Party does!

Anyone see the question should England remain part of Europe?  Do you expect to undercut the land of the Island and drag it to the United States with boats? 

That monarchy is really wealth preservation!

The initial kings might have had the mentality and royalty to rule.  But one generation of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome children in that family completely ruins the bloodline!  And they know that!  That is why they are proposing the three parent model!  And whose eggs do they want?  Good old natural mothers in the United States!  They will pay you in pounds!

But what are marriages based on dowry?  They are really communism!  And what is communism?  Very simple put it means that neither adult can be a responsible parent!

So Putin and Merkel didn't get along.  Putin has 9 love palaces!  And if you ever look at a website with Russian women on it to date, they all have the same look!  Coldness from personal trauma?  Like they had to serve as a Prostitute for a mandatory number of years.  And Adolf Hitler kidnapped Aryan women from around Europe.  Where did they end up?  Very simply East Germany became part of Russia!  They aren't blonde haired anymore they are dark haired with magog like eyes!  And it was a Jewish Psychiatrist named Forester who demonically possessed the then blind Adolf Hitler using a technique where he was very mean to him, calling him a sniveling spoiled brat.  I articulated how this is done somewhat in a post on Facebook yesterday; demonic possession through meanness!  And was that Mustard gas from a Koch brothers chemical plant?

What am I getting at?  Royalty is supposed to have its own conscience and human reason and our world leadership today doesn't!

How do we know they know it isn't Royal Blood?  Because if it were true they would not be proposing the three parent model for the wealthy!  That is the only people who could afford to go to all the trouble.  And why do you need the three parent model?  Because those drinking royal lineages over their contaminated and bastardized their human blood lines!  And now they want to do the same in the United States!  It is like a whore not being able to deny her son isn't as good! 

So that is what the reporters are getting at when the question Walker on Evolution!

There is indeed some passage in the Bible that states to the effect of all the whores sons want to be transformed to be like the man/god?

So in terms of evolution?  What really is a God?  It is a man whose lineage was not contaminated.  And that lineage initially became what it was because those villages evicted the undesirables!

But somewhere in that English history, those Druids of the monkey worshiping religion contaminated themselves through miscegenation?  Then they invaded Ireland!  The song about Carlow where my ancestors are from tells about spilling the blood of black Fitzwilliam's head!  We have a whole lot of white people in the United States who have Black Fitzwilliam's heads!  So you are not going to find the answer you are searching for in the United States!  You won't find it elsewhere!

But can I tell you where it is?  That royal lineage is hidden in the people who hear voices!  Our brains are indeed different and better, uncontaminated!  That is where there is great demand for our thought processes!  And you didn't like us in history either!  You murdered us in Genocide!  You labeled us Prophets because we warned you about what not to do and then you killed us in Genocide!  Jezebel is said to kill 10,000 herself.  And good ole Abraham was at the head of the idea if you read the Gospel of Barnabas!

So everyone that is contaminated looks around and see that they are not as good!  And then they believe technology will find the answer for them.  The straight talk is really something different in terms of a solution; get out of the way of normal human beings!  Take all your birth defect alcohol and drugs and find a whole!

And I wanted to make a point about India Indians being miserable sons because their marriages were not based on natural selection but buying a lifelong whore for money!  We select women based on love and not what money can buy?  The miserable children that money bought!  Now what do they want to buy?  A third parent before they were ever born!  Can't get much more queer than that!

So what should happen when no one wants to marry a big ugly woman?  Should she be allowed to adopt the child of love of two people who were economically disenfranchised?  No!  Never!

The original garden of Eden, Gods or Lords, there is no difference.  Had to have been populated by those who were alcohol free Kosher!  They had to evolved and excluded those who were lesser!

The Garden of Eden implies a domain!  An area where people lived and ate from what they produced.  And those people were called Gods!

But what are all these fertility methods and ideas if not Eugenics!  Of course they are!  And who needs eugenics those who uses substances have defects and buy love.

There is strong evidence that homosexuality is caused by a defective serotonin regulation gene!
What is one of the greatest delusions is how a lesbian who doesn't love men wants to have a baby!  There is no other way for them to be made!  And what happens when you can't have a straight talk with someone because they are spoiled?  Well we might conclude that that spoiled behavior is caused by the defective serotonin regulation gene too!  What happens when you tell a spoiled person off?  When you give them a dose of reality?  They are often suicidal aren't they!  For some reason the birds and the bees talk wasn't meaningful to them?

I believe that the children should always be kept with the biological parents!  And the way that works is that the parents who can't have children are disempowered so that the poor don't lose theirs!  Do you see how the poor are the royal lineage today?  It is their third party egg the wealthy want in the three parent eugenics model!  This also means that marriages can't be based on money!  Isn't a horror that money allows someone to buy another persons child!  Because the persons with money were not normal or they could have had themselves.  So that is dirty Eugenics too isn't it!  The non normal with money buying normal children from the poor!  It really bothers me!  It always has and I am 48 years old!  It isn't fair to humanity!  And granted some of those children that are adopted were exposed to alcohol in the womb, so those don't make happy families either!

I do believe in segregation!  The Royal Earth line really being those who hear voices!  Normal human beings with prophetic thinking capability! And that is where creative ability comes from!  And creative ability is synonymous with the Biblical belief in creation!  Those with the defective hippocampus from alcohol don't have it!  And again they killed those who did in Genocide in Biblical history!  The result is what was called monotheism!  The rest are second class citizens!

But Scott Walker thinks he is pretty smart doesn't he!  He even has Rebecca Kleefisch as his lute Governor!  Scott, let me ask you how long a male king rules?  This breed of men likes female leadership!  You mark my word!  You take that women to the office with you as Vice President and someone she will become President and then Queen.  And I don't want to say that it might happen by you having an accident.  But for some reason we don't quite know it has been all Queens over there in the UK.  And they hold onto that power as much as they can for a great many years!  Why because women live longer than men.  And then they need to use someone else's egg in the three parent model.  What I am saying is it is tempting your life fate if you make her VP candidate with you!  But watch very carefully as this is how you will indeed be raised up into that power spot!  You will believe it is all for you when really they want a Queen as soon as they can get one!  Why?  That mentally retarded woman that talks to men and real women in their heads can't stand the thinking of men!  She wants to be spoiled and mean all her life and live without having accountable thinking; and that is called Divine Right!  It got its foothold from the unconstitutional title of nobility that is the equivalent of Corporate management!  And in turn they polluted and ruined their own genes with that undeservable (nw?)and unconstitutional power so that they needed an egg of a normal women in the three parent model!

There is never a more miserable son than that of a wealthy whore!  And when marriages are based on money what else can she truly be defined as!

Can't buy happiness!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
Originally published on 02 12 2015 at:

Why is undeservable not a word?  Because it can only be used to describe those who have something that they should not!  And they don't want that said about them!


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