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Sunday, February 8, 2015

You know what I think of Black People and Their WEED 02 08 2015

You know what I think of Black (also white) People and Their WEED 02 08 2015

If you say that word WEED too many times you have indeed made the revelation to the American public that you want to be farm field workers who will clear food based farm fields of weeds not meant to be growing there.

And we can give you all the WEED you want if it makes you happy at the end of a day of working in the farm field; of course you will have to be castrated and uniced because no person in their right mind would ever trust someone on a psychoactive drug!  And we don't need anymore drug babies do we.  We are not that bad!  We would not intentionally raise a population of people that could only amount to be field workers; at best!

What am I saying?  You need to get off the drugs!  And I mean all of them including alcohol and tobacco!

And you could have an economy whereby you safely make products in clean and friendly factories not managed by those with a defective serotonin regulation gene!

Full Disclosure: I can't stand white trash whether it is wealthy or poor!  And I measure that by poor social behavior, meanness and apparent mental defect.  Also a good indication is a complete disregard for the healthy future of humanity!

The day might come when you ask your Tory drug dealer for weed a van comes and picks you up and you end up working on a farm or plantation.  Every drug dealer is a Tory to me!

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