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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Bottle of Heroin analog pills contains its own fatal concluding dose doesn't it

A Bottle of Heroin analog pills contains its own fatal concluding dose doesn't it

So the answer isn't that only one pill a day is dispensed from the pharmacy to the patient!  That is highly unrealistic.

And the devils advocate wants to baboon mouth me and say one could down a whole bottle of aspirin it is the exact same thing.  No!  No! No! Aspirin is not a mind altering narcotic!

So the answer is that it is to be taken off the back shelf's of prescription based pharmacies.

Wait a minute!  Not only was the groundwork for pharmacy franchise expansion laid forth via prohibition allowing alcohol to only be attained through prescription but also look what else from the Organized Crime FDR legacy was created?  Morphine and opiates found a market in WWI and WWII for shrapnel and gun wounds!  And that market was then established in the pharmacy chains in the United States that expanded during Prohibition because alcohol was only available by prescription!

How many Doctors would ever prescribe you a bottle of Whiskey today?  I can tell you that if they did they should lose their license to practice medicine! 

And this relates to an article I read in the tree based newspaper this morning.

But the bottle of painkillers has its own fatal dose if it is all taken at once!  And once one starts taking what are the odds that at some point they will avail themselves of that option?  I don't know what the odds are but they are certainly greater than ZERO!

When are the most common times I have been given pain killers?  After surgery but mainly dental work!  So how do you address this problem in the world?  You have to bring down the sugar level we are consuming by any means necessary!  And it doesn't just affect the teeth does it!  It also leads then to diabetes.  And then that creates more pain.  Whereby pain killers are prescribed.

That is the way I see it.

And I live my life in a responsible manner.  By the time you reach the passage of manhood stage should you not know how to do most things safely so that you do not cause personal injury to yourself and others?  And what would be wrong with posing that standard on the entire world public in a New World Order?

And the problem with experimenting with alcohol is that it is very hard to stop using it.  Unless you have forsaken it completely you are an alcoholic!  Why?  Because of the dependency of the drug drawing you back to it!  One would think that after one God forsaken hangover a person would have had enough!  But it doesn't work that way!  It is one of the most addictive and destructive substances known to man!  And the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere through the medical label of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  I can't tell much difference between a kid with dyslexia and one with attention deficit disorder!  They are both mental retardation!  The word retard means to delay the development of!

So what happens when consumes a substance that causes mental retardation?  Well goodness me is it any wonder that a retard eventually took its own life?  We cannot as a human civilization shrug our shoulders as if we don't know what really causes these things!  And we cannot falsely attribute blame for them where it NEVER belongs!  One might make the case that only a retard would kill themselves.  And alcohol is a depressant.  And if you don't agree that oxygen deprivation to brain cells is akin to a state of mental retardation; then I should have never written one word on this keyboard!   So the theme of this article is gateway drugs leading to mental retardation and then what might be called "negligent death of self" from mental retardation?  Now some busy bodies on Facebook have characterized me as being completely delusional.  I really don't care if you agree with them!  You can follow whatever path you want to in life. 

Thomas Paul Murphy
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