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Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Reality of our Education Problem 02 08 2015

The Reality of our Education Problem 02 08 2015

The only way you are going to solve our education problem and its bankrupting cost to our Freedom is through euthenization of those who can't be educated, behave or sit still and listen!

They should never be created as an opportunity to sell a new drug to!

Now that is the reality!  Those who are making a large buck off of it will tell you something completely different and refute that!  So you can see where the motivation comes from; money!

How easy is it to teach the mentally defective?  You don't have to show any results at all do you!  Just shrug your shoulders and say that you did the best you could!  If you really loved working with them then you shouldn't be paid to do so!  You can be housed with them and eat with them.  By the way that is communism so you will have to leave the United States!

And the younger Ritalin generation seems to love the idea of Communism in the United States?  Or at least that is what they were propagandized to believe at the University of Wisconsin System.  Do you really want to know what that Asian man thinks of white Americans and what he would do if given full opportunity?

A man once told me that a lot of soldiers in Viet Nam were emasculated!  For the illiterate or dyslexic that means swords and knives were used to hack off their penises and sometimes testicles!

White America that is what it means to you!  Also I believe that all sexual victimizers of children in the United States should receive mandatory death penalty sentencing!  To me that means reversing the spread of communism and monotheism.  If you want to know what monotheism think of many mentally defective people needing one mind to be dependent to.  If you want to know what polytheism means think of the plural list of great men who signed the Declaration of Independence!

And therefore when you see that phrase "God and Country"  think of God as meaning plural and mutually exclusive.  By the way the Puritans who founded the United States believed themselves to be Godly!  They also went to great means to nullify people prone to thriving by demonically possessing them!

When I see the cut's to the University of Wisconsin System equate exactly to 13 percent I get a little sense of relief in the symbolism of that number!  What it is that needs to be excised!

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