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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What is even more depressing that the news are the reporters mal-interpretations and opinions of it 02 11 2015

What is even more depressing than the news is the reporters mal-interpretations and opinions of it!

And look at how the tree paper in Milwaukee makes all its money?  By receiving advertising revenues from alcohol companies and alcohol based events!  Alcohol is a depressant!  So indeed they will never hire anyone who isn't consistent with being a depressant!

Then they want to talk about jobs?  Ruin American communities with alcohol based genetic freaks and then talk about jobs?

Do you know that they only way that they survive and prosper is by fueling the public fire in helplessness!  Now you would think that after awhile of righteous writing that people would get on board and the problems wouldn't keep popping up!  But they do because the people who create them need to fuel their lives with that fire it creates!  And like I said you would think that real men and women would step up and assert themselves but again it isn't happening!  What should be happening is that the people creating the problems should be demoted and fired.

And what did I hear yesterday that more teens now smoke electronic cigarettes than regular ones.
That an Alderman from Sheboygan sexually molested three boys.
That some government official is pushing to have some product, and the news won't tell you right away at 6 pm they want to taunt you and keep you up well past ten thirty watching them! So we have an inclination of who likes to keep us up with voices don't we!  Same taunting mode isn't it!  And like I said the problems keep getting worse because of them!

And how does one take a two week media break?  You can't! You will be walking into the kitchen and someone will have the television on high and you will here someone belting out a new problem, they created!  You go to a restaurant and if you are not likely to become sick from it you will have to look up and see that odd news there too!  And the problems are indeed created by diversity!  But more to the point is the diversity and propensity of intelligence that is sublevel that to man!  What are you doing here?

One might say that a tree based paper that promotes alcohol will eventually go out of business for lack of revenues because of fetal alcohol spectrum mental retardation; and I include Dyslexia and Attention Deficit Disorder in it!  But they don't go out of business because the alcohol revenues keep them going!  Got to foster that jug head world!  For if they learned how to read they would not like what you wrote in your tree based paper!  And that is how I feel about you!  So in effect it is in the best interest of an alcohol sponsored newspaper if the citizens don't know how to read and here is the better part; comprehend issues like real men do!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
Originally published on 02 11 2015:

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